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Best Cat Brush

Whether your cat has short or long hair, they can benefit from regular brushing. A good comb or brush will remove dirt, grease, and dead skin cells which feline grooming cannot reach in addition to simulating blood circulation and reducing the possibility of hairballs. As cats age, they aren't able to clean themselves as well as they once did and need your assistance. Introducing them to the regimen at a young age can make it easier to assist them with their grooming habits later on. Long haired cats can develop matted hair and other issues easily if not brushed regularly. Choosing the right brush and starting the habit while your cat is still a kitten will make the act a bonding experience akin to a mother brushing her child's hair. The cat brushes on this list were chosen because they feel soft on your pet's skin yet be strong enough to remove dead hair and dirt from the undercoat.

FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats

The FURminator comes in four sizes, large and small for both short and long haired cats, and effectively removes the dead undercoat hiding underneath your feline's fur. Although it is not a razor, it is a bit rough for some cats and it removes enough hair that you might not believe there isn't a knife beneath the bristles. The manufacturer claims that the FURminator eliminates up to 90 percent of shedding with just one brushing session per week and guarantees it will reduce shedding better than any other brush or comb. It also comes with the patented FURejector button which helps you remove hair from the brush easily. The FURminator is the best cat brush on the market because it is specially designed to keep long-haired cats' fur smooth, sleek, and clean, yet soft enough for medium and short-haired cats who cannot properly groom themselves.

JW Pet Company GripSoft Wood Cat Double Sided Brush

The GripSoft Double Sided Wood Brush doubles the chance your cat will enjoy the grooming experience by including both soft and pin bristles. The sturdier side of the brush is used to remove mats, tangles, and dead hair nestled underneath the surface of your feline's coat while the soft bristles are designed for gentle daily grooming. The ergonomically designed, non-slip handle sits comfortably in the pet owner's hands throughout the brushing session. The GripSoft Double Sided Wood Brush will help keep your feline's coat looking beautiful while reducing hairballs and shedding and is suitable for all breeds.

Love Glove Grooming Mitt for Cats

The Love Glove is a mitten covered with brush bristles which remove dirt, dust and dead hair from your cat as you pet them. It can be purchased with either rubber or metal tips to fit your grooming needs and is also an effective way to remove cat hair from furniture and carpets. The lightweight neoprene glove contours to your cat's body the same way your hand does when petting which makes the grooming experience more comfortable. Although it claims to be great for both long and short-haired cats, the bristles are likely not as effective as a sturdier brush for removing mats and tangles from long-haired cats. It is also unfortunate that the glove only comes in a right-handed version, making it difficult for left-handed people to enjoy.

Ultimate Touch Gentle Slicker Cats

The Ultimate Touch Gentle Slicker for cats is a popular wire brush. It is designed to remove dead hair, dirt, and grease without irritating your cat with overly sturdy bristles. The brush has a professional non-slip grip handle which is comfortable to hold. It's wide, square surface can brush your entire cat in a few strokes and is recommended for cats with sensitive skin and delicate coats. The Ultimate Touch Gentle Slicker is guaranteed to last for 3 years.

Doctors Foster and Smith Matbreaker Mat Removing Tools for Cats

The Matbreaker is ideal for long-haired cats who are plagued with matting. Its stainless steel blades remove mats and tangles without shortening the length of your cat's coat. These snarls in your feline's fur can pull against their skin causing discomfort far worse than regular thorough brushing. The Matbreaker can easily work through smaller mats before they grow larger than the size of your thumb and require a trip to a professional groomer. The comfort grip cushions the pet owner's hands during use and the design is suitable for either left or right-handed brushing.

Rachel Hoyt
Since birth, I have been drawn to animals' innocent curiosity and sought to befriend every creature which crosses my path, whether domesticated or wild. I have had pets my entire life (cats, dogs, fish, turtles, and a gerbil) and have sought to learn everything I could about all of my friends' unusual pets (snakes, rabbits, birds, ferrets, salamanders, and more). Lying chest to chest with a purring feline is a therapy I can't live without. Staring at the active yet peaceful flow of a fish tank is one of my favorite ways to clear my head. Talking to birds which stare me down or sing me a song is a childish habit I have no desire to lose. I believe in giving pets a life equally lavish to our own, including a comfortable home, nutritious diet, proper grooming, and a bit of fun.
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