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Best Cat Harness

Some neighborhoods aren’t safe enough to allow your cat to roam freely, yet the idea of locking them inside all day and night can feel equally unloving. Many cats have too much energy and natural curiosity to enjoy an indoor only lifestyle. However, it is possible you can help them feel content about their time stuck peering at the great outdoors from behind a window by taking them for walks periodically on a harness. A suggestion like this might have seemed outlandish a few years ago, but thanks to Jackson Galaxy, host of the Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell, the practice is becoming much more common. There are many online sources to learn how to train your cat - most notably, Jackson Galaxy's or the ASPCA website - but before you can begin you will need a good harness. Look for one that has a leash attachment near the center of your feline’s back (not around their neck), is easy to adjust to a snug fit, and is made of soft yet sturdy material that won’t irritate the skin or fur. The best harnesses meet all three style requirements in addition to being easy to wash, made locally, and affordably priced.

Kitty Holster Cat Harness

The Kitty Holster Cat Harness is an award winning walking vest. It has received mentions from CBS Sunday Morning, the Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell, the New York Times, and was named 2011 Cat Harness of the Year by Catnip Magazine. The breathable cotton keeps your cat from getting too warm despite the fuller coverage and the wide velcro closures are sturdy, yet soft enough not to irritate the feline's skin like some buckles and clasps can do. It is completely washable and made in the U.S.A. It is priced in alignment with the highest quality harnesses but, when you consider its durability and ease of cleaning, you may feel it is more affordable than less expensive models which may need to be replaced more often. Although the price does not include a leash, it does include a booklet on how to train your cat to walk on one. It is available in four sizes and ten different colors and patterns. The Kitty Holster Cat Harness is the best due to its uniquely comfortable design which is consistently reported to be well received by felines.

Joy Katz Walking Jackets

Joy Katz Walking Jackets

Joy Katz Walking Jackets are handmade in the USA and specially designed for feline comfort. They have three layers of fabric, wide heavy duty velcro closures, and are double stitched to increase the strength and durability of the jacket. Two metal d-rings are situated at the center of your feline’s back in the ideal leash attachment position. They offer seventeen different printed fabric choices and seven sizes so you can be sure the jacket fits your cat’s size and style. The Joy Katz Walking Jacket is moderate to high priced, depending on what size you need, but durable and stylish enough to be well worth the cost.

MetPet's Cushioned Walking Jackets

MetPet's Cushioned Walking Jackets

The Cushion Sided Waking Jacket from MetPet was designed to keep feisty felines securely and comfortably fastened to a leash while out on a walk. It is made of a structured fabric which is covered by softer nylon layers on both sides. Firm nylon straps encircle your cat’s torso in multiple loops to hold the harness firmly in place. The d-ring where you attach the leash sits on the side of the cat’s neck, which is less than ideal, but may be appropriate for training a feisty feline not to pull. The Cushion Sided Walking Jacket from MetPet is moderately priced and available in two sizes and five colors.

Come With Me Kitty Harness

The Come With Me Kitty Harness is a traditional style harness which is available in three sizes, one of which should fit snugly on your feline. The nylon is soft enough for most cats and shouldn't take much longer to adjust to than a traditional cat collar. The metal rings and plastic clasps are extremely sturdy and help ensure your cat can't wiggle out of the harness if fitted correctly. The leash attachment is at the back to keep pressure off the more sensitive throat area. The Come With Me Kitty Harness is affordably priced and includes a special bungee leash which stretches an extra two feet for those times your cat wants to dart forward faster than you do.

Comfort Soft Adjustable Cat Harness

The Comfort Soft Adjustable Cat Harness is a unique design that's halfway between a walking vest and traditional strapped harness. Around the neck and along the chest sit wide strips of mesh that are extremely breathable and soft enough for all but the most sensitive skin. A more traditional nylon strap hooks the neck loop to the chest piece and allows size adjustments to ensure snug fit. A single metal ring sits slightly high on the back for ideal leash connection, but low enough that it shouldn't be uncomfortable unless your feline is constantly pulling forward. The Comfort Soft Adjustable Cat Harness is moderately priced, available in two sizes and four colors, and suitable for pairing with any standard leash.

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