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Best Cat Repellent

Cats can become a nuisance when digging in gardens, sandboxes and chasing birds away from feeders, among other activities. The cat can't be blamed, it is only doing what comes naturally, but unless this activity is curtailed, damage to your garden, health concerns about droppings in your sandbox and culling of the local bird population may occur.

The most humane way to stop these activities is by the use of a cat repellent. This is a harmless, yet effective. means to deter a cat from doing what a cat does. A repellent essentially chases the cat away and teaches it that your yard or property is off limits for its behavior. By using any of the listed repellents, in no case will the cat be harmed.

This list takes into account a variety of different types of cat repellents, with the most effective one making it to the top of the list. Price will be no object here, because effectiveness does not have a price, but there will be a bang for the buck product that gives the most effectiveness at the best cost.

Contech Electronics CRO101 Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler

The most effective deterrent for any cat is a spray of water, and that's exactly what happens when the Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler is used. Place this device into the ground using the included stake, attach it to an outdoor hose faucet, turn it on and let the motion activated sensor do the work. When a cat triggers the sensor, a sharp blast of water sprays the cat. This motion activated sprinkler will cover up to 1000 square feet, and any cat within that radius will get sprayed, depending on the water pressure in your water system. There is no finer and more effective cat deterrent than this one, but just remember to turn it off before you go outside, or you will be in for a wet surprise!

Yard Sentinel Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest & Animal Repellent

For a hi-tech solution to problem cats, try the Yard Sentinel Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest & Animal Repellent. This unit emits pulses of ultrasonic sound that can be heard during coverage of up to 5000 square feet. There are several different settings, like continuous, motion sensor activation or a sweep mode, that will fit the needs of your property. It runs either on an AC adapter, a vehicle 12 volt socket or it can be battery powered for places that have no readily available electricity, and for the utmost in convenience, the battery will continue to work the device if the AC power goes out.

Messina Wildlife CA-U-016 Cat Stopper

For the best in an organic spray, get Messina Wildlife CA-U-016 Cat Stopper. This formula sprays on vegetables, shrubs, dirt, sand and anywhere else a cat may be partial to. Its totally organic ingredients make it safe to use in virtually any situation, and it is resistant to rain washing it off. It stops a cat from spraying, leaving droppings, scratching and bedding down. It dries clear in about 20 minutes, and works by small, taste and feel. It will not stain clothing or other materials, and this is the best bang for the buck product here.

Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent

To target specific areas where cats congregate, use Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent. This repellent works by altering the scent of any specific area that it is sprayed on. For example, if sand doesn't smell like sand, a cat will not use it as a litter box. Biodegradable and earth friendly, it can be sprayed on plants, trees, gardens or anywhere a cat may want to use or reside in. Although resistant to rain, reapplication should be done weekly for maximum effectiveness. Always check on small pieces of woodwork or material to make sure it doesn't stain before application, but it is non-toxic for both plants and animals and it is easy to use.

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