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Best Caulk Gun

A caulking gun is a useful tool to keep around the home. It’s used to fill in gaps, holes, cracks and make other similar repairs. It works by fitting the gun with a tube of caulking and then using the gun to dispense it. The gun allows you to control how much caulking is dispensed and do so more accurately. While there are several different types of caulking guns available such as pneumatic, electric or manual, I will be focusing on manual guns for the purposes of this list. They’re the type you’re most likely to use unless you’re a serious professional. That means every gun below has a large, squeezable trigger and a plunger rod that you have to manually operate yourself. Plus, by focusing on manual caulking guns, the price you have to pay for one will be significantly lower. Furthermore, each of the caulking guns I have listed below work with various, if not most, caulking and sealant tubes on the market. That ensures that you’re not stuck with a gun that only works with one brand of caulking, which is a pain and can be expensive. Finally, every gun I’ve listed below has a 10 ounce or 1/10 cartridge capacity. This again, further ensures that you never have to worry about not being able to find a caulking cartridge compatible with your gun.

Tajima CNV-100LT 1 / 10-Gallon Convoy Lite Feather Weight Caulk Gun

The Tajima Convoy™ Lite Ultra-Light Caulk Gun is the best caulking gun available because for one, it’s super light. This cuts back on hand fatigue, which is good if you plan on using your caulking good for long projects. I also like that the barrel comes off via a quick twist. This makes cartridge changes faster, which saves you time on the job. It also has a ladder hook and eyelet that allows you to place your gun on a safety strap when not in use. This makes the tool easier and safer to use because it frees up your hands without you having to go back down your ladder.

Newborn Brothers 930-GTD Gator Trigger Drip-Free Hex Rod Caulk Gun

The Newborn Brothers Model 930-GTD Gator Triggeris another great caulking gun to buy because for one, it has a comfort grip. This makes the gun easier to use because the hand fatigue that comes from prolonged periods of use is reduced, which I mentioned above. It also comes with a seal puncture tool/spout cutter, which makes jobs easier because you don’t have to use a knife to open your caulking cartridge. Furthermore, this gun is really long lasting because it has a welded backcap. This makes it a heavy-duty tool. Finally, this gun is on this list because it has a ladder hook, which is great to have for reasons I mentioned above.

Red Devil 3986 Skeleton Caulking Gun

I have included the Red Devil Skeleton Caulking Gun on this list because for starters, it features heavy-duty uni-rail construction. This gun is very strong and thus long lasting, making it a great gun to choose if you want a tool that will lasts a long time. It also has a quick release lever. This makes ejecting your caulking cartridge faster, which saves you time while you’re working. Finally, I love that this gun is a distinctive, red color. This makes it highly visible, which is good if you plan on working in a variety of light conditions.

Dripless C100 Round Rod Consumer Grade Caulk Gun

The Dripless Round Rod Consumer Grade Caulk Gun, 10-Ounce Cartridge is worthy of being on this list because for one, Dripless has been making top quality caulking guns for years and they know what they’re doing. This gun features their dripless design that quickly stops the flow of caulking as soon as you let go of the trigger. Like a few of the other guns on this list, it has a ladder hook as well, which is good for reasons I touched on above. Finally, the best thing about this caulking gun is the fact that it comes with a year warranty. That makes it a great investment because you don’t have to worry about your gun’s quality.

Stanley Hand Tools 28-230 - Hex Rod Caulk Gun

Stanley Hand Tools 28-230 - Hex Rod Caulk Gun

The Stanley Hand Tools 28-230 - Hex Rod Caulk Gun is the final caulking gun on this list because it features an easy, side loading cartridge design. This makes it faster and more simple to load your caulking tubes, which saves time. It also features a thumb release, which makes unloading your cartridges more convenient. Again, this saves you time on the job. The final reason I am including this gun on this list is because it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Like I mentioned with the Dripless caulking gun, that makes this gun a great investment because if anything ever happens to your gun, you’re covered.

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