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Best Chain Saw Sharpener

Traditionally, sharpening a chainsaw is long and tedious. It involves using a sharpening file and moving from tooth to tooth. It’s a great skill to have because it makes your chainsaw razor sharp, but only those with years of experience are able to have the patience to pull off such a task. If you’re not an expert technician at sharpening by hand, you could potentially ruin your saw. To successfully sharpen your chainsaw, you need to get the pitch and depth right on every single tooth. If you don’t do this, it makes your saw unsafe to use because it could possibly pull to the left or right during use, may become dull far too quickly or even not cut at all. Thankfully, there are a wealth of more modernized devices that help everyone get that razor sharp chain sharpening without the expert skill that comes from using a file. These devices save you tons of time, and most importantly, money (unless you don't mind paying someone to do it for you). First off, every chainsaw sharpener I have included below are not manual in some way, shape or form (whether you plug it in, use a battery, or otherwise). This is to ensure that every chain you sharpen gets done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Furthermore, price is a big issue when it comes to buying chainsaw sharpeners. There are models out there can be bought for upwards of $500. For fewer than $50, you can get a very long lasting, top quality chainsaw sharpener that doesn't break the bank. So, for the sake of this list, every sharpener can be bought for fewer than $50.

Oregon 541223 PowerSharp Starter Kit

The Oregon 541223 PowerSharp Starter Kit For 18-Inch Craftsman, Homelite, Poulan, And Poulan Pro Chain Saws is the top chainsaw sharpener because it works super quick, sharpening chains in as little as three seconds. This makes it convenient to use because of the extremely little amount of time it takes to use (making it perfect for professionals). Furthermore, it comes with everything you need to sharpen perfectly: a chain, bar mount sharpener, sharpening stone and a guide bar. I also like this sharpener because the only power you need to make it work is the power of the actual chainsaw itself. You just mount the sharpener to the end of the blade, turn the chainsaw on and press the treaded foot against a hard surface. The spinning action of the chainsaw sharpens it for you! Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty. You cannot get better.

Chicago Electric Power Tools Electric Chain Saw Sharpener

The Chicago Electric Power Tools Electric Chain Saw Sharpener (a Harbor Freight brand) is one of the top sharpeners because it’s easy to use thanks to its ability to be mounted on a bench, wall or vise. This makes it a lot safer to use because it increases the sharpener’s stability. It also has a side safety guard, which contributes to how safe the tool is to use as well. Furthermore, this sharpener has a 4200 RPM grinding speed, which means it can sharpen your chainsaw quite quickly. Finally, it comes with a 90 day warranty. It’s not the longest, but some warranty is better than no warranty.

Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

The Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener is another great sharpener to consider because like the Chicago Electric Power Tools sharpener before it, it can be mounted upon a bench, wall or vise. Furthermore, this sharpener is very versatile because it can be adjusted to fit most chain designs. This makes it a great tool to buy if you’re a professional that might work with a variety if different chains. Also like the Chicago Electric sharpener, it has a speed of 4200 RPM, which is good for reasons I explained above. I also love how convenient this is to use because it can be plugged into a standard 120 volt outlet. It even comes with a warranty.

Dremel 1453 Chain Saw Sharpening Attachment

The Dremel 1453 Chain Saw Sharpening Attachment is one of my favorite chainsaw sharpeners I have come across because for one, it’s convenient! Odds are if you use tools on a frequent basis, you have a Dremel. It’s also highly convenient because it comes with three sharpening stones. This increases the amount of chains you’ll be able to work on. Dremels are also rechargeable, which means they operate on a battery. This means that you can use the sharpener while on the field in the middle of a job. Plus, this sharpener is way easy to use because it’s handheld and weighs only three ounces. That makes this sharpener great for anyone.

Oregon 30846 12-Volt Sure Sharp Chain Saw Sharpener

The Oregon 30846 12-Volt Sure Sharp Chain Saw Sharpener is the final chainsaw sharpener on this list because like the Dremel attachment sharpener, it operates via a battery (in this case 12 volt), which means you can use it on the field, in the middle of a job. Furthermore, I love the fact that this sharpener comes with a quick adjusting sharpening guide. This gives you the ability to get uniformly ground cutters, which saves you money in the long run. It also come with two sharpening stones, which like I mentioned above, increases the number of chains you can sharpen.

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