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Best Coin Sorter

Did you know the average person accumulates roughly $600 in loose change a year? With that much coin, you're going to want a good coin sorter and these units range in price based on sort speeds, coin capacity and denominations accepted. Some will take one dollar coins, while others only handle the main four which are quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.

If your pants pockets are jingling every day, give our list of best coin sorters a look. These picks have been chosen based upon the following criteria including their hopper capacity, bin and wrapper capacity, the coin denominations accepted, their ease of use, and price.

Royal Sovereign CO-1000

The first of two Royal Sovereign coin sorters on our list handles quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies with total control. Capable of sorting 240 mixed coins per minute, the delineated tubes offer one row of wrappers to accept up to 360 coins in full. There's a wide mouth opening that can handle 300 coins at once, so you can freely pour that jar of loose change into the entry hopper and the sorter will organize them quick.

The CO-1000's anti-jam internal sorting mechanism prevents coins from being stuck and there's even a catch-all tray for those coins that miss the tubes completely; just pull them out, drop them back in. There's also a removable cover to clean the internals or retrieve any errant coins that the unit doesn't accept, like one dollar coins or Canadian currency. Best of all, this unit is priced for any budget, retailing for around $50.

Cassida C200 Coin Sorter

Cassida's C200 automatically distinguishes between coin denominations and sorts them into bins of 900 coin capacity at a rate of 300 coins per minute. Simply dump all your coins into the high capacity hopper up top (able to accommodate up to 2000 coins at once), and hit the start button. Choose between three modes including counting, adding, or batching and the machine does the rest.

The large LED will give you a coin or dollar amount and provide detailed reports of the grand total of your entire collection or for each denomination counted. Wrapping is easy as well; just swap out the bins for wrappers and you're good to go.

Royal Sovereign Sort & Save Manual Coin Sorter

Equipped with a hopper that can take 200 coins at a time, you'll have no trouble getting a lot of change counted and sorted at any given time with this unit. The QS-1 is operated via hand crank so just pour your coins inside, turn the crank and watch as your pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters are counted. Change is sorted into a single row of tubes that can also handle pre-formed wrappers if you want to bankroll your coins for use later.

The QS-1's precise internal sorting mechanism ensures accurate and complete sorting of your money so your count won't be off later on. The unit is lightweight and easy to store when not in use, weighing less than three pounds for simple portability, and the crank can be unscrewed and removed to save space when you're putting it away.

Accuwrapper Motorized Coin Sorter

Magnif's AccuWrapper coin bank uses a faster sorting mechanism to recognize and volumetrically count and stack all coins, from penny to one dollar coin; however, the hopper can only handle about twenty or so coins at one time. While the hopper can only count a limited number of coins at once, the sort speed of about 200 coins per minute is quite respectable. There's also a spill-over tray for those coins that topple out of the bins when they're full.

Once you're done, pull out the tray and you've got all of that spare change sorted for a bank run or simple storage in your home or office. The bins can be left as is or you can slip wrappers inside for rolling and storing. While this isn’t a heavy-duty sorter intended for commercial use, you probably don't own and operate a bank meaning this pick should fit most individuals just fine.

Cassida Coin Counter (C900)

Cassida makes the list with the C900, a beefed up model that improves on just about every facet of the C200. But that doesn't necessarily mean this sorter is better than that one, it's all dependent upon what you're looking for your sorter to do. The C900 is best-suited for heavy-duty use as it can handle up to 1800 coins at one time with a sorting speed of 600 coins per minute.

The unit offers a wealth of operating modes including count, batch, add, and it can provide reports for the totals of all your coins or just a single denomination. Best of all, the C900 takes almost any type of coins,  counting all denomination of U.S. coin currency and the system can be set to count foreign coins as well.

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