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Best Concrete Mixer

A concrete mixer is a tool used to combine cement, an aggregate and water in a rotating drum to form concrete. While there are many different types of concrete mixers available, I will be focusing on smaller, more portable versions (as opposed to vehicle or trailer mounted ones). This is so my choices can appeal to a larger audience of people. Perhaps you’re a professional in need of a solid mixer for a job site. Or, maybe you’re a DIYer looking to build something in your backyard. Either way, all of the mixers on this list will be perfect for you.

Since all of the concrete mixers I am including on this list are supposed to be portable, they must all easily move about any job site with relative ease at the hands of one person. This means every mixer has a set of wheels and weighs less than 250 pounds.

To make any and all jobs as easy as possible, each of the mixers I have included has an electric motor. This makes them more convenient to use. You don’t have worry about running out of gas.

Additionally, you want a concrete mixer that can hold a lot of concrete. So, each of the mixers I have listed has an empty drum capacity of at least 3 cubic feet. This ensures that you can hold a large weight of concrete (in my experience, 3 cubic feet of empty space can hold around 150 pounds of concrete).

Finally, all of the mixers I have listed below come with a warranty to make your purchase as easy as possible.

IMER 1126608 Minuteman II Portable 5CF w/ Tripod Stand Electric Multi-Mixer

The 1126608 Imer USA Minuteman Portable Concrete Mixer is the best concrete mixer because it can mix up to 275 pounds of concrete, which is an extremely high amount. Also, it can mix that high amount in only four minutes. This makes the mixer more convenient to use, which makes it a great choice for professionals. Additionally, the mixer can be broken down into three components. That makes it exceptionally portable and easily able to load into nearly any truck. Another really cool thing about this mixer is that if purchased, the company offers free shipping. That’s a small, but very awesome feature because it saves you money.

Buffalo Tools CME35 3.5 Cu. Ft. Electric Cement Mixer

The Buffalo Tools CME35 3.5 Cu. Ft. Electric Cement Mixer is one of the top cement mixers available because for one, the opening to the barrel is nearly two feet across. That makes it very easy to pour cement and aggregate into the barrel without spilling anything. Additionally, this is an extremely light concrete mixer at only 96 pounds. That all but guarantees anyone can move it around with ease. I also love that the barrel in this mixer is made of double insulted steel. That makes it very strong and long lasting, which is great if you want a tool that will last a lifetime.

Northern Industrial Portable Electric Cement Mixer 4.1 Cubic Ft., Model# CM305A

The Northern Industrial Portable Electric Cement Mixer — 4.1 Cubic Ft., Model# CM305A is one of the best cement mixers because it has a high speed at 30 drum revolutions per minute. Jobs get done quicker because it takes less time than other comparable tools to mix. I also like the fact that the mixer has a nearly 300 pound weight capacity. That means you can hold a lot more concrete than other mixers. Additionally, I like the fact that this mixer has pneumatic (air filled) tires. They are a lot easier to push around in dirt and grass, in my opinion, than solid plastic tires.

Kushlan 350DD Direct Drive Cement Mixer

I have included the Kushlan 350DD 3.5 cu. ft., Direct Drive Cement Mixer, 3/4 HP 120V Motor on this list because it features a polyethylene barrel. This makes it resistant to dents, cracks and rust. It also makes it very easy to clean. This is great if you want a very stable, long lasting mixer because the barrel is strong. The frame of the mixer is sturdy as well because it’s made from heavy gauge steel. Another factor I love is that it has polyurethane tires, which are impervious to flats (pneumatic tires may be easier to push, but are prone to flats). Finally, the handles that are used to push the mixer around are retracting. That makes it a lot easier to store the tool, which is good if your garage is limited on space.

Central-Machinery 3-1/2 Cubic Ft. Cement Mixer 67536

Central-Machinery 3-1/2 Cubic Ft. Cement Mixer 67536

The Central-Machinery 3-1/2 Cubic Ft. Cement Mixer is the final mixer on this list because to begin with, it’s way cheap without sacrificing quality, which is always good on your wallet. If you want a great value on your mixer, this is the tool for you. It also is extremely fast with a speed of 36 RPMs. A higher barrel speed is a good thing to have for reasons I mentioned above. Finally, I love that the mixer is constructed from solid steel. That makes it a very sturdy tool, meaning it will last for many years.

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