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Best Cordless Phone

Smartphones and Skype phones have become increasingly popular as of late, which means fewer consumers are using landlines to communicate. This has led many electronics manufacturers to re-think the cordless phone. Designed for portability and convenience, cordless phones were once at the cutting edge of technology; but in this highly advanced world of newer and smaller devices, the cordless phone has gone through some changes to keep up. The basics are still there; consisting of a base station that broadcasts calls and charges a wireless receiver, but these units now offer similar call quality and features of many smartphones. There are also multiple receiver versions where you can keep two or four cordless devices at various areas of the house for convenient pickup of a call and intercom availability between handsets.

When you're looking for a cordless phone, there are a number of things to look for when you're doing your research. Check out the various features of the phone; starting with talk times, Caller ID, speakerphone, conference, and intercom capability. Many of the latest units can expand the number of handsets per line all the way up to ten or twelve, even if you originally purchase the unit with only one, two, or four handsets at the outset. Some more advanced models have Bluetooth capability to attach headsets or sync cell phones to the phone for communication purposes and to transfer contacts between a mobile device and your cordless phone. Most cordless phones are pretty self-explanatory to use; but consider the interface and all of the extra buttons you'll need to push, especially if the base has a built-in answering system. Many of them do now, as well as integrated recording functions to record conversations with varying storage length times on both.

We've done much of the research for you already and found a myriad of options for your cordless phone needs. Peruse our lists below for some of the best models available at the moment.

Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cellular Convergence Solution with 4 Handsets

Panasonic has upgraded their popular KX-7644M cordless phone system with the KX-TGE274S. The average talk time duration on a single battery charge for each handset is about 10 hours, with features aplenty such as conferencing, speakerphone, a headset jack and Caller ID that goes one step further than many other systems. Not only can you set it to block calls of unwanted numbers but the KX-TGE274S has Talking Caller ID on both the handset and the base, announcing the number in a clear, easy to understand vocal thus saving you a trip to physically grab the phone and see the number calling. There's also a link-to-cell feature that works with every Bluetooth capable handset. Not only is every device on the system compatible with the wireless headset but you can use the signal to link your handset to your cell phone in mid-call. So if your smartphone battery is dying, no need to hang up and call back; just link the handset to your mobile and keep talking.

Large keypads with bright LCD screens that can accommodate full size lettering, as well as the system's ability to expand from four to six handsets are just a few more reasons why we love this cordless system. Did we mention one of the best ideas anyone has ever come up with, for any product ever -- Panasonic has added a Key Detector feature on this phone system. Attach the Detector unit to your keychain and the next time you can't locate your keys, just use any of the handsets to set off a signal that will make the unit beep out loud to help you track them down. The system even lets you program four different Detectors and you can assign names to each so you know which keys you're signaling.

VTech 3 Handset Connect to Cell™ Answering System

VTech 3 Handset Connect to Cell™ Answering System

VTech's cordless phone system offers Bluetooth link to cell capability so you can make and receive calls through your cell or the landline simultaneously. Unlike the Uniden, the VTech lets you link up to four cell phones instead of only two; and you can connect up to 12 handsets to one base. There are only seven hours of talk time available on the DS6421-3, which is slightly below average, and each handset is equipped with a speakerphone, caller ID and conferencing capacities. The system has a digital answering machine with up to 14 minutes of record time with included time and date stamp so you know who called when. Each handset also works with the intercom system of the VTech so you can communicate between handsets, but not from base to base.

Motorola L404 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

You may know Motorola from their cellular wireless products but they also make a darn good cordless phone for residential or business use. Their L404 has an excellent 12 hours of talk time on a single charge, making it one of the longest lasting phone options on the list. The unit also has an integrated answering machine that can be accessed from any of the handsets. Caller ID is also included and you can store 30 names and numbers into memory and you can store up to nine numbers on speed dial. There are no conferencing or call transfer features on the L404 nor are there any Bluetooth or external headset capabilities either. But the layout on the handsets is clean and simple to understand and for the price, about $60, you're getting a good basic cordless system when all you need is a couple of phones to make calls from.

Panasonic Link2Cell KX-TG7874S Cordless Phone - 1.90 GHz - DECT 6.0 - Silver

The KX-7874S has 10 hours of talk time on a single charge and much like the previous Panasonic on our list, this too has the link-to-cell capability as well as the talking Caller ID, call block (of up to 250 numbers) and Bluetooth headset adaptability. Now if that wasn't enough, the KX-7874S also has a few other special add-ons like a USB port to charge your cell phone, a text message alert to let you know you've received a text on your smartphone while you're talking on the cordless handset, enhanced noise reduction to reduce background noise on the other end of the line while boosting your voice on your end. Unlike the KX-7644M, this model has an answering system which can also forward messages to any assigned line when you're not home. This model is also expandable from four to six handsets as needed.

Gigaset C300A-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

Not only the best looking cordless phone on the list, but it's superior to all of the others in functionality as well. The sleek design, a customizable, full color 1.7-inch display and ergonomic keypad set the Gigaset C300A apart from the rest at first glance. Pick it up and you'll discover so much more to love about it. The phone has 20 hours of talk time on a single charge, the highest you'll find on the market at the moment. It's headset capable and equipped with ECO DECT technology for sharp call clarity and less energy consumption. The phone also has caller ID and can block unwanted calls that you assign.

The C300A also comes with an internal phonebook that can store up to 250 numbers and, get ready for this... a text messaging feature for up to 160 characters per time. That's right– your cordless landline phone can now send texts. There's also an answering machine that can be accessed from the base station or the handset, with notifications alerting you to any waiting messages. This feature is capable of 25 minutes of record time for incoming messages and you can also record active call conversations. For even more convenience, the C300-A can be expanded up to four handsets on one base.

AT&T TL92271 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

The TL92271 from AT&T is a reliable and functional cordless phone that will prove handy in any residence or small business setting. This is a two handset unit that can expand to 12 handsets if need be on just one base station. Each handset has seven hours of talk time on a single charge, which is on the low end of the spectrum for cordless choices in the marketplace. There are a good many features available on every unit including speakerphone, handset to handset intercom, and conferencing capabilities as well as a Caller ID feature that announces the name of the caller out loud. There are no headset jacks, but there is Bluetooth so you can hook up a wireless headset or link your cell phone to the handset if you prefer. There is also an answering system which can record and store up to 14 minutes of messages.

Motorola L702CBT DECT 6.0 with Bluetooth

The L702CBT can handle up to three dedicated handsets on one line. You also get a corded handset attached to the main base, which features a digital answering system capable of 15 minutes of recorded message time. DECT technology makes sure all your calls come in with crystal clarity and without outside line interference, and it works with your cordless handsets and cell phones. You can link up to four different cell phones on the main base so you can make and receive calls from cell or landline phones simultaneously. The handsets have an impressive 12 hours of talk time and standby battery life of one full week without a charge. Motorola has equipped this model with most basic features such as three-way conferencing, call screening, call intercept, and a display with full caller ID information for every incoming call. There's even a phonebook capable of storing up to 200 numbers and the ID can store up to 28.

Uniden DECT1363-2 Cordless Phone

Equipped with standard DECT technology, the 1363-2 works on a digital 1.9 GHz frequency for excellent call quality that won't interfere with other wireless devices in your home. Similar to the Panasonic unit on our list, this also has an Eco-Mode for reduced power consumption at a maximum seven hour talk time on a single charge. There is no answering system on this Uniden model, but there is one-touch access for landlines that are subscribed to a service provider's voice mail feature. Handsets come with Caller ID and Call Waiting with a 30 number memory as well as storage for 30 names and numbers in an internal phonebook. The handsets have bright backlit LCD displays that are easy to read and come with trilingual menus. They're also pretty lightweight at 2 lbs. each.

Panasonic KX-TG1062M Metallic Gray Cordless Phone

The KX-TG1062M comes with three phones – two cordless with satellite recharging stations and one corded that's attached to the main base of the system. The two cordless handsets can be expanded to six if need be, and each one has a talk time of 12 hours on one charge. The handsets are also equipped with most of the standard features you'd expect including Caller ID, Call Blocking, speakerphone, headset jacks, speed dial, intercom, three-way conferencing, among many others. The main base of the system holds the digital answering machine, capable of 18 minutes of recording time. You'll find five speed dial buttons on the base for easy dialing and there's a speakerphone here as well. The easy handset locator will help track down on any missing units. Best of all, you can get this easy to use cordless phone system for about $60 at most retailers. Pretty impressive price for all of these simple features and Panasonic quality.

Siemens Gigaset SL785

The SL785 has so much going for it that there was no question it was taking the top spot on the list. First off, it has the longest talk time of any cordless phone on the market with a whopping 15 hours of battery life on a single charge and takes a mere six hours to recharge. Siemens' exclusive ECO DECT technology varies range and transmitting power of the base in an effort to reduce energy consumption and keep calls crystal clear. The handset unit has a headset jack and is Bluetooth capable for a wireless headset in order to make calls or sync and send contact information with a cellular smartphone. There's also a speakerphone built into the handset and not the base, which some consumers may find frustrating as you will not be able to use it as an intercom. But the SL785 does offer the capability of multiple handset units and each one can be silenced exclusively or set for wake up alarms. The phone also has Caller ID and Conferencing features as well as a built-in digital answering machine.

Uniden WXI3077 Waterproof Cordless Phone

The WXI3077, equipped with a bright yellow waterproof cabinet, is designed to float in case you drop it into water. So if you want a cordless phone that you can use out at the pool or in the tub, then the Uniden is a perfect choice. The handset is waterproof rated JIS7, which means it can be submerged beneath three feet of water for up to a half hour without the unit suffering any damage. DECT 6.0 technology ensures every call is crystal clear and free of outside signal interference from wireless networks or household appliances. You don't have to worry about interlopers eavesdropping on the line either.

Uniden's cordless handset offers a whopping twelve hours of talk time and a week of standby time on a full battery, and the charging base can accommodate up to six additional handsets. The WXI3077 is equipped with all of the standard features: speakerphone, caller ID, call waiting, backlit keys and display, and even a press-to-talk button so you can communicate between handsets. No more yelling across the house to tell your kids to come downstairs for dinner.

VTech DS6151 Cordless Phone

The only V-Tech product to make our list may not even be considered the best of their products by some consumers. The DS6151 only has about seven hours of talk time on a single charge and it isn't Bluetooth capable. But what this model does offer is a staggering 12 handsets to be used on just one phone jack. What's great about this is the wide-range of intercom and conferencing abilities of the unit. Handsets can communicate with one another as well as handsets to base, so it's an ideal choice for small businesses or homes with many bedrooms. The other features on the DS6151 are pretty standard: Caller ID, Call Waiting, digital answering machine, backlit keypad and large number keypads on both the handset and base. It's also got a pretty good price tag, retailing for around $60 at most stores.

AT&T CL84102 Cordless Phone

Whether you prefer cordless mobility or the old-school, corded connection of your telephone handset; the CL84102 has you covered. Compatible for up to 12 cordless handsets, the system uses DECT 6.0 technology, so the calls are clear and won't have any interference from other wireless devices nearby. Both the corded and cordless handsets offer adjustable sound equalization to tweak the bass and treble just how you like it. The features on this phone are varied but offer most of the common conveniences such as Caller ID, push-to-talk communication between handsets and conferencing for up to four handsets on one call. The system also boasts a 50 name and number phonebook directory, last 10 number redial and compatibility with AT&T headsets. Speakerphone options are available in the cordless handset and the base, while a digital answering machine with 14 minutes of message time comes standard on this model.

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