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Best Car DVD Player

In-car entertainment has become necessary for long road trips and one solution is the flip-down DVD player, which can be relatively easily installed and seen by everyone in the back seats. Some flip-down DVD players offer the option of direct integration with your car's audio system, while virtually all of them support headphones for a more personal viewing experience.

Though prices may vary, all of these best flip-down DVD players have a good blend of features, including a screen large enough to be visible to all the occupants in the back; even better if the screen swivels or rotates to improve viewing angle. These best flip-down DVD players also have good connectivity, being compatible with multiple devices and able to play audio through the vehicle's speakers or otherwise. Finally, we've chosen options that are overall good value for the money, meaning relatively good reliability ratings, solid build quality, and picture quality for a consistent and pleasant in-car viewing experience.

Alpine 10.2" Monitor with Built-in DVD PKG-RSE3DVD

Although the price of the Alpine PKG-RSE3DVD is likely to deter many buyers, this flip-down overhead DVD player delivers quality and performance that is substantially better than most of its competition. The screen measures 10.2 inches, large enough to ensure everyone is included in the viewing experience. The screen does well even in bright daylight viewing, and the housing for the unit comes in black, gray, or tan to better match the interior of your vehicle.

The PKG-RSE3DVD is capable of playing DVDs and CDs, including burned discs and MP3 files. Two AUX inputs and a single AUX output allow the player to accept video input from Apple products or a game console, while audio options include two pairs of headphones. You can also use the built-in wireless FM transmitter to play audio through your vehicle's audio system. Finally, this easy to use flip-down DVD player includes a wireless remote so that parents can ensure they remain in control.

PYLE 9" Flip Down Monitor and DVD Player - PLRD92

The Pyle PLRD92 offers a 9-inch screen, good connectivity, and performance for the price. This flip-down DVD player offers higher quality and better reliability than many other similarly-priced models, while including the features that one would expect. This includes a wireless FM modulator to play music through your vehicle's audio system, and an IR transmitter to use with IR-compatible wireless headphones.

Two video inputs, one set of stereo audio inputs, and a video and stereo output allow for attaching another monitor or attaching a game console. The PLRD92 accepts DVDs and CDs, including burned discs, and has ports for SD cards and USB flash drives. An included remote control allows parents to feel confident that they will remain in control. Although not fancy, the PLRD92 offers good picture quality and overall quality for the price.

Tview 9" Flip Down Monitor with Built-in DVD Player, T90DVFD-GR

This flip-down DVD player from Tview might not be anything fancy, but it offers one of the lowest-priced options for those who want the use of memory cards, minus major quality or reliability issues. Despite not being a high end unit by any stretch of the imagination, the T90DVFD-GR offers a 9-inch screen with good picture quality for the price. While this particular model comes in gray, it can also be had in black or tan to better match the interior of your vehicle.

The screen swivels for better viewing angle, and the unit includes dome lights and built-in speakers. Connectivity is achieved through two audio inputs and two video inputs, as well as both a USB and SD card slot. A built-in IR transmitter allows for wireless headphone use with the appropriate IR-compatible headphones, while an FM transmitter allows for playing audio through your vehicle's sound system. Although the instructions that come with this flip-down DVD player are somewhat vague, once installed it’s easy to use.

Planet Audio Overhead DVD Player with Monitor, P10.1ES

The Planet Audio P10.1ES flip-down DVD player offers decent overall quality for the price. The P10.1ES features a 10.1-inch screen, large enough for everyone in the rear to be included, while the swivel bracket allows for adjusting the viewing angle. An IR transmitter and two headphone sets allow for private listening. For playing audio through your vehicle's speakers, an FM transmitter is also included.

The P10.1ES plays DVDs, CDs, and also accepts both USB flash drives and SD cards. This flip-down DVD player is simple to install, and can be had with a choice of a black, grey, or tan housing to best match your vehicle's interior. Although the P10.1ES is certainly not a high end product, it offers good overall performance and quality for the price.

XO Vision 9" Wide Screen Overhead Monitor with Built-in DVD Player, GX2148

The XO Vision GX2148 offers a budget-friendly option for those seeking a simple, connectivity-friendly flip-down DVD player for their car. This particular model has a 9-inch screen which can rotate, offers decent overall picture quality, and can also play from DVDs and CDs, including burned discs. It also has USB and SD card inputs, as well as an AV input for connecting devices such as a game console.

A built-in FM modulator allows you to play sound through your vehicle's speakers, while the included remote control provides easy control without having to reach the unit itself. Although some users have reported that the GX2148 can be a bit finicky in its performance but as with anything, the level of user satisfaction will depend on expectations. This flip-down DVD player is a budget-friendly option with good connectivity and decent picture quality, along with a one-year warranty should any problems arise.

Kenwood DDX790 eXcelon Double DIN 6.95" In-Dash DVD Receiver

Along with a 7" touchscreen and a motorized faceplate, the Kenwood Excelon DDX790 offers an attractive blend of performance and features. This stereo accepts media from DVDs, CDs, and USB devices, while playing MP3, WMA, and AAC sound formats. The built-in amplifier puts out 22 watts RMS through 4 channels, and basic sound controls allow you to ensure that the output is just how you want it. Built-in Bluetooth capability means you can talk handsfree and well as stream audio; with your iPhone 4S or 5, you can also use Siri's voice control through the stereo. Pandora internet radio control is available with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry; while a satellite radio tuner is not included, the stereo is compatible with SiriusXM should you choose to add a tuner at a later date. iPod control can be achieved with the purchase of an additional cable, and using an iPhone 4 or 4S, you can even stream Netflix to watch videos on the screen. There are plenty of connectivity options, with dual rear A/V inputs, a rear USB input, and a rear-view camera input, as well as an A/V output and 6-channel, 4-volt preamp outputs. The Kenwood Excelon DDX79 is an excellent choice for those seeking a solid all-around performer that will fill up a double-DIN slot.

Pioneer AppRadio 3 SPH-DA210 In-Dash iPhone and Android Compatible Car Receiver

At first glance, it's definitely the giant 7-inch screen that stands out about the double-DIN-sized Pioneer SPH-DA210 AppRadio 3. This screen allows you to experience select apps such as Pandora Internet Radio in your car in a new way, displaying them on the capacitive touchscreen so you can use the receiver much like you would your smartphone. You can even pop a DVD in and watch and movie if you'll be sitting in the car without moving for a while. To make sure everything works seamlessly, you'll need to purchase a connection kit made specifically for your smartphone model (iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, and some Android phones are supported). The cables included in the kit connect to the rear-panel USB input, where you'll also find a rear-view camera input. The AppRadio 3 also has an external GPS antenna included for boosting signal while using GPS apps. Once connected, you can use the AppRadio 3 to do anything from setting reminders and changing songs using Siri through your stereo's built-in microphone (if you have an iPhone, of course), to using MirrorLink for in-dash control to access map services with some Android phones. Bluetooth pairing is easy, and allows you to talk handsfree, stream audio, and access your phone book from the touchscreen. Of course, you can't forget about the actual sound quality of the Pioneer SPH-DA210 AppRadio 3. A built-in amplifier puts out 14 watts RMS over 4 channels (50 watt peak), and although the 4-channel, 2-volt preamp outputs don't leave a huge amount of room for expansion, performance is excellent on its own.

Clarion NZ503 DVD Multimedia Receiver with Built-In Navigation

If you're looking for a big screen without needing a double-DIN opening, the single-DIN Clarion NZ503 is an excellent choice. This stereo also offers built-in navigation that includes maps of the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The NZ503 can play both DVDs and CDs, as well as use data on a USB device, allowing you plenty of flexibility. The built-in amplifier puts out 19 watts RMS over its 4 channels, and basic sound controls allow you to tailor the sound output. The built-in Bluetooth feature allows for handsfree talking and audio streaming, and the NZ503 is also compatible with an optional HD Radio tuner and SiriusXM tuner. iPod control is possible with the optional adapter, and Pandora internet radio control can be achieved when an iPhone is connected via USB. The NZ503 includes a dual-zone mode that allows you to hook up a screen in the back for movies while you listen to music in the front. In terms of connectivity and expandability, you get a rear USB input, rear composite A/V input, rear-view camera input, front aux input, a rear A/V output, and 6-channel, 4-volt preamp outputs. With plenty of performance and features, including the built-in navigation, the Clarion NZ503 is a great choice for those looking to have a big screen without using up a lot of space.

Pioneer AVHX8500BHS Double-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver With Bluetooth And HD Radio

Pioneer's AVH-X8500BHS offers plenty of performance and features to fit a double-DIN opening, with its detachable 7" touchscreen and motorized faceplate. The built-in amplifier puts out 14 watts RMS through 4 channels, and a plethora of sound output controls allow you to fine-tune your system to how you like it. This stereo also includes support for HD Radio and SiriusXM satellite radio, expanding your choices for high quality sound. Bluetooth capability allows for handsfree talking and wireless streaming, and the AVH-X8500BHS also offers Pandora internet radio control with both iPhone and Android devices. With the purchase of additional cables, AppRadio mode allows for launching and controlling compatible apps from the stereo itself. Taking full advantage of the larger double-DIN space, the AVH-X8500BHS also accepts CDs, DVDs, SD cards, and USB devices for both video and audio. The inputs and outputs also provide plenty of streaming, with rear A/V inputs, dual rear USB ports, a rear-view camera input, an HDMI input for AppRadio mode, video outputs, and 6-channel, 4-volt preamp outputs. The dual-zone A/V means that you can play a movie in the back while playing your music up front, making trips with kids much easier. With plenty of features and performance, the Pioneer AVH-X8500BHS is a top choice if you're looking for a double-DIN stereo that takes full advantage of the extra available space.

JVC Regular KW-NSX1 Car DVD Player

JVC Regular KW-NSX1 Car DVD Player

The JVC KW-NSX1 offers an outstanding combination of features, performance, and connectivity for a very reasonable price. Its 6.1" touchscreen fits in double-DIN openings, and variable color illumination ensures you'll be able to customize the appearance to match your car's interior. The built-in amp puts out 20 watts RMS through 4 channels while basic sound controls allow you to tailor the sound to your tastes. The KW-NSX1 accepts media from DVDs, CDs, and USB devices. This stereo offers iPhone integration, allowing for control of music - including Pandora internet radio, navigation, and select other apps. MirrorLink provides integration with other popular smartphone models. As to be expected, there is also Bluetooth compatibility, allowing you to make handsfree calls and stream audio in your car. At the rear, you'll find a USB input, A/V inputs, and rear-view camera input, while at the front there is an aux input. The 5-channel, 4-volt preamp outputs provide the possibility of expanding your system if desired. Overall, the JVC KW-NSX1 is a great choice for those looking for a reasonably priced car stereo that plays DVDs while also doing everything else well.

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