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Decoys have a long been an important part of waterfowl hunting and the range of choices available reflect this. Whether you are after ducks or geese you can get detailed, realistic decoys that can be introduced into the natural environment with confidence. Traditional models simply float on the water, but remote controlled decoys can simulate swimming motions for another level of realism. There are also types of decoys with wind-powered wings that simulate geese in flight. You can choose from different varieties such as drakes and hens so you can mix and match different ones depending on the situation.

Primos Jake Mobile Turkey Decoy

Primos has some of the more realistic turkey decoys around and the Jake Mobile is no exception. It is the right size to attract birds late in the season. Adding this decoy to your collection can help you maximize your haul. The Jake Mobile folds up and fits in your jacket or vest so it is easy to carry then set up when you need it. In addition to the decoy you get a silk fan, decoy stake and an instructional DVD.

Primos Swingin' Hen Decoy

The Primos Swingin' Hen Decoy has the same life-like realism of other Primos decoys. But it also has a head that moves in the breeze to give it another level of realism. The hen's relaxed feeding stance will help attract toms to your position. It folds up to fit in a pocket so carrying it around in the woods is easy. A stake is included that will keep the hen in place while you wait.

Carry Lite Bobbin Tail Tom HD Turkey Decoy

The basic technology of decoys has been pretty much the same for a while. However, Carry Lite's Bobbin Tail Tom HD uses the latest technology to produce a very realistic decoy. The moveable tail adds to the realism and will help attract curious turkeys to your position. It is designed to collapse for easy carrying and set up in the woods. The Bobbin Tail Tom comes with fan, carrying bag and stake.

Avian-X LCD Lookout Hen

Avian's Lookout Hen is a lifelike collapsible decoy with strong coloring and feather details for a realistic look. The natural posture provides a true body position to help attract more toms to your position. Dura-Rubber construction ensures it will hold up under heavy use for many seasons. It collapses for easy carry and storage. An olive carrying bag is included.

Gander Mountain Turkey Decoys, 3-Pak

Gander Mountain Turkey Decoys, 3-Pak

Gander Mountain offers a 3-pack of realistic turkey decoys. The set includes 1 jake and 2 hens so use them in different combinations depending on the specific circumstances. Each decoy can be posed in 4 different lifelike poses. The folding rubber design makes for quick set up when you are ready to use them. Each decoy comes with a stake so they will stay in place.

Swim'N Duck Remote Control Decoy

Swim'N Duck Remote Control Decoy

Swim'N Duck's remote control decoy is an elaborate piece of machinery. Not only does it have realistic looks, it offers a realistic swimming motion that is controlled from a hand-held control pad. With a 30 yard operational range you can operate the decoy and stay out of the way. It is quite a step up from passive decoys that just bob in the waves.

ReadHead Floating Duck Decoy/ Magnum Mallard

ReadHead Floating Duck Decoy/ Magnum Mallard

The traditional duck decoys by ReadHead are serious pieces of equipment constructed from taxidermy ducks. This gives them the most life like appearance possible. They have a weighted and removable saw tooth keel that gives them a more realistic swimming motion. The set includes 4 Drakes and 2 Hens.

Edge Air Lucky Duck Decoy

The Edge Air Lucky Duck Decoy is one of the style of decoys that simulates a duck in flight. Only a small breeze of around 5 mph is enough to set the wings in motion. The collapsible design and convenient mounting stake make using this decoy a breeze and the realistic duck pose will help attract curious ducks to your location.

Final Approach Hi-Def Floating Black Duck Decoys

Final Approach Hi-Def Floating Black Duck Decoys

The decoys in the Cherokee Sports Fusion series are elaborately painted and detailed for a very realistic look. The lightweight design can be carried easily into the woods and then inflated when you need it. You get 6 decoys per pack to arrange on the water in any number of ways for maximum effectiveness.

Quiver Decoy Duck Butt/ Drake

This unique design shows the duck diving under the water with its butt exposed. The closed cell foam construction offers durability for long life. There is a weighted keel and anchor attachment so you can secure it in place. This model requires 2 AA batteries.

Higdon Decoy Swimmer Goose

The Higdon Swimmer Goose is a realistic looking decoy that floats effortlessly on the water. It operates on a rotating schedule so it swims for 5 seconds and then rests for 10 seconds. The decoy comes with a 10 foot power cord and a rechargeable battery and charger. This type of swimmer goose can be added to your traditional goose decoys for added effectiveness on your hunts.

Bigfoot Full-Body Canada Goose Decoy

The realistic feather details stand out on Bigfoot's Full-Body Canada Goose decoy. Durable polyethylene construction means they will hold up to the elements and be with you for many seasons. The oversized stable leg and foot system keeps the upright decoys where you want them. The set includes 1 upright, one resting and 1 bull.

Higdon Standard Goose Half Shell

A Higdon Goose decoy measures 21" from breast to to tail and is 11" inches wide. When you combine the elements of intricate coloring and careful feather detailing it is no surprise the decoys are so life like. They come in a pack of 6, with 1 relaxed sentry, 2 preeners as well as 3 resting heads. A mix of different poses allows you to arrange the decoys in different ways to suit the conditions on your hunt. This flexibility is welcome because it allows you to adapt on the fly and maximize your chances of a successful hunt.

Greenhead Gear FFD Elite Canada Goose Decoy

The sculptures and detailing of Greenhead'sElite Canada Goose decoy are further enhanced by the electrostatic flocking process. This adds to the realistic look of FFD Elite decoys so they will blend right in on the water. The 6 pack of decoys come in a mix of poses for you to mix and match. They all have a trade marked RealMotion base and stake so they will stay in place when you position them in any number of different ways.

Greenhead Gear Power Flag Canada Goose

Greenhead Gear Power Flag Canada Goose

These decoys are offer a 2-D design instead of the more familiar 3-D decoy. It has a 46" angled wingspan for realistic manual flapping motion. The 150D DuraMax fabric made from fiberglass and aluminum frame is lightweight and durable. The Easy-Grip handle gives you a secure hold when the wings are flapping.

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