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Best Deshedding Tool

No matter which breed of dog your have, whether they have a long or short coat, thick or fine fur, shedding is a problem for most dog companions. Luckily there are many deshedding options on the market tailored to different fur and coats, making finding the ideal one a challenge. From slickers to deshedders, to blades, or rakes, the choices are virtually limitless. The deshedding tools on the following list were selected because they are trusted brands and have high ratings.

FURminator deShedding Tool

When it comes to deshedders, Furminator knows their niche. This tool has become a pet owners best friend when dealing with unwanted fur, and it's affordable price and range of options doesn't hurt. Whether your pet has long or short fur there is a specific Furminator that will be ideal for you. Using patented technology to easily reach your dog's undercoat to remove unnecessary fur without hurting skin. Also boasting that regular use can reduce unwanted shedding by 90 percent. The easy to use Furjector allows the user to clean the tool with the touch of a button.

Safari Soft Slicker for Dogs

When you have a pup with shorter or finer hair, you don't need a deshedder with all the bells and whistles that other dog owners may require. Safari offers a cheap and efficient option, the Safari® Soft Slicker for Dogs. This wire bristled brush will remove extra hair while also massaging your pup's skin creating a more luxurious coat after prolonged use. The slicker brush also handles tangles and mats, making it more appropriate for easier fur, so as not to have to purchase multiple products.

Safari Shed Magic for Dogs

When dealing with a pup with several layers of fur or a longer, thicker coat, then you'll need a tougher deshedding tool. Safari® Shed Magic® for Dogs equipped with stainless steel blades and a comfortable grip handle can be used not only as a deshedding tool, but also is an expert dematting tool. Appropriate for dogs with medium to long fur this tool works at eliminating unnecessary hair and mats, even stubborn ones. Safari is known for its quality products so you'll be safe with whatever variation you select.

Oster Professional Pet Grooming Undercoat Rake

Oster makes high-quality professional grooming products and their response to eliminating shedding is equally durable as the tools that came before it. The aluminum construction and stainless steel blades make for easy use and simple cleaning. This tool comes in three sizes to cater to your dog's coat length and size. The Oster rake will easily remove the dead undercoat creating a sleek look and minimizing the need for constant vacuuming around your home.

Mars Double Wide Stainless Steel Coat King Pet Stripper with Wooden Handle

The very highly rated, standard deshedding stripper from Mars is a go-to no matter what breed of dog you have at home. Mars Original Stainless Steel Coat King Pet Stripper with Wooden Handle comes in a variety of sizes including 6-blade, 10-blade, 12-blade, 16-blade, 20-blade and 23-blade to cater to your pet's coat length and density. This steel stripper makes removing loose hair even in thick undercoats simple and the wood handle is easy to grip.

Nicole Cormier
Nicole is an animal lover and advocates for responsible pet ownership. Having worked in animal sheltering, behavior and as a longtime pet parent, Nicole is quite knowledgeable about the joys and struggles of choosing to be an animal companion. She enjoys the company of her figurative menagerie of a pitbull, two chihuahuas, two cats and several fish and turtles. There are so many essential items to be purchased as a pet parent, and Nicole will keep you in the loop on the best products to keep your furry companions safe and happy.
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