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Best Dip Station

A dip bar is a fairly specific type of exercise equipment, but if you have the room, they’re an excellent addition to a home gym. Though their primary function is for triceps dips many of these machines can be used for other exercises like hanging pull ups, angled pushups, duck unders, and more. These best dips stations were chosen as the best because of their impressive weight capacity, exceptional stability and comfortable hand placement, as well compact designs to help save space.

Dip Bar Fitness Station by Ultimate Body Press

This dip station debuts a new look for 2015 and boasts a light weight frame that breaks down for easy storage or travel. The unique design gives it ultimate stability while offering comfortable functionality for users up to 6’5” and 350 pounds. Not only does the bar itself offer a wide range of exercises, it also lets you attach straps for even more expansive exercise options. The foam covered handles feel comfortable but also keep your hands from getting slippery during your workout. This dip station is everything that you could ask for, down to the fact that its compact size won’t take up unnecessary space in your gym.

Perform Better Lebert Equalizer

The Equalizer has been around for what seems like forever and is still one of the best on the market due to its solid construction and capability to fulfill multiple functions in your exercise routine. The two part system is ultra lightweight so it can be carried basically anywhere as well as being incredibly versatile for use in literally hundreds of exercises. The thickness of the tubing is perfect for most hand sizes and the small foam handles are perfect for maintaining grip without compromising function or style. The two pieces may look smaller, but the wide base offers plenty of support up to 400 pounds. The two piece system is also super easy to store away in a closet when you aren’t using it and the fact that the equalizer comes in a variety of colors is just (sugar-free) icing on the cake.

EFS E-Series V-Dip Station

EFS E-Series V-Dip Station

This heavy duty dip station would look just as good in your home gym as it would at your favorite fitness center. It is a little more expensive than other dip stations, but that is because of its heavy duty frame that can hold more weight than you could ever throw at it; just to be sure, the E-series V-Dip station has pre-drilled holes perfect for mounting it to the ground. At 100 pounds this station is unfortunately not a very portable model, but it’s the price you pay for a dip station that will grow with you.

The V-shaped design isn't just for looks either as it has been specially designed to accommodate users of different sizes as well as opens up opportunities for adding variety to your exercise routine. This station doesn’t come with foam padded grips which may be a drawback for some, but its powder coating offers enough grip without being uncomfortable as well as resisting sweat-related corrosion. This dip station also comes in a variety of colors to best suit your individual style or the colors of your gym or school.

Body Solid Dip Station - GDIP59

This dip station provides you with thick metal tubing and wide base which gives it a high amount of stability without needing to be bolted to the floor. Along with its great stability, this exercise device can sustain more weight than you could throw at it while still remaining a portable unit. The handles have a slight “V” shape which offers a comfortable grip for most shoulder widths and the station is tall enough to accommodate people well over six feet as long as you use a cross ankle position. The rubber grips extend over the entire handle to ensure a proper grip no matter where it’s held and the total body powder coating prevents exercise-related wear and tear. This dip station doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but is sturdy and reliable enough for those dedicated to building up their upper body.

Black Mountain Products Heavy Duty Dip Station

Black Mountain products are some of my favorites because of the quality and care put into every piece of their exercise equipment. This dip stand is no exception as it’s lightweight and portable yet can still sustain up to 3000 pounds. The only downside to this particular dip station is it has rather small handle area, but it’s slightly made up for by the entire handle being covered in soft foam for a comfortable grip every time. The wide base with rubber grips offers great stability with zero rocking or swaying which is impressive for a dip station of this stature. Its high weight capacity makes it perfect to perform many exercises, the only hindrance being the limited space between the bars.

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