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Best Dog Bed

Big dogs can have big needs, and that includes a space where they can stretch out or curl up. And a space that's not your bed. Realizing that people have different ideas of how big a "big" dog is, we've decided that "big" dogs start at the size of a Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever, both of which have an average adult size of at least 55 pounds according to the breed standards set by the American Kennel Club.

We've looked for durable dog beds that are also easy to clean. Big dogs generally have more joint issues than smaller dogs, so we've also searched for dog beds with good support. Beware: some of these beds are so comfortable that your big fellow may find you sharing his bed!

Big Barker Headrest Edition Dog Bed

The Big Barker line of dog beds is specially made for big dogs, from Labs up to Great Danes and everything in between. Built with 7 inches of sturdy foam plus a 4-inch headrest option, the Big Barker beds come in three sizes and three neutral shades. The cover is easy to remove and maybe more important, is easy to put back on after machine washing. A waterproof liner is also available. These beds come with a 10 year warranty so even though these beds are pricey, they are well-worth the expense.

LL Bean Premium Dog Bed Set, Rectangular

L.L. Bean is well-known for its high-quality clothing and outdoors items, and its dog beds won't disappoint. These beds are designed with a supportive "nesting" area for your dog's comfort -- and these aren't even Bean's therapeutic beds! The mattress is covered with a tough shell and then another cover, helping to prevent your digging dog from ripping open the mattress when he settles in for a nap. Bean's sizing seems conservative; many reviewers say they would order a size "down" for their canine pal. Covers can be machine washed and dried. As with so many products from L.L. Bean, you can personalize this bed with your dog's name.

Orthopedic 55"X37" Memory Foam Denim Dog Pet Bed Pillow for Big Dog

Dogs who love to dig into their bed until it's just right will snuggle into this big pillow bed. Even a Mastiff can fit on the XXXL with room to spare and with the shredded memory foam filling he'll soon be dreaming of some special cuddle time with you. The bed comes with a washable cotton external cover. The internal cover has a waterproof side placed on top to protect the memory foam from spills and accidents. The opposite side of the internal cover is a breathable water resistant cover to allow air circulation. The website also offers cleaning tips for the cover AND for the memory foam to help you protect your investment and keep your dog healthy.

Big Dog Beds Furniture Gustavo Pet Sofa Bed

Big Dog Beds Furniture Gustavo Pet Sofa Bed

If you'd like your sofa all to yourself for once, Big Dog Beds offers an incredible array of doggy furniture for all sized dogs, and especially for BIG dogs. Want your dog's sofa to match yours? Send them a sample of your fabric and they will work with you to build a dog sofa that will blend seamlessly with your decor. The Gustavo Pet Sofa Bed is especially eye-catching with its sleek design and roomy bed. The bolsters add to the cozy feeling and your big dog will be snoozing successfully on his own sofa when he happily discovers that you upgraded to the memory foam pad.

The price of these beds can be daunting, but if it's in your budget, it may be worth the investment, not just for the fun look, but for your dog's comfort as well.

Mammoth Outdoor Dog Bed

Mammoth offers a big dog bed for dogs who like to enjoy some fresh air while they loll about. Made with the same 1200 denier nylon used for horse turnout blankets, this tough cover will stand up to rough weather and tougher dogs. Your dog will be happy watching you weed the flower beds from his comfy spot in the yard or just close his eyes and dream of chasing squirrels. Mammoth uses Velcro instead of zippers, removable cushions and also offers a memory foam pad upgrade. At 55-by-42 inches this bed will make your super-sized dog cozified wherever he goes.

DoggySnooze snoozeSofa Small

The DoggySnooze snoozeSofa is sleek and chic. The elevated bed keeps you dog away from drafts and the orthopedic mattress away from cold and damp floors. The aluminum alloy frame is chew resistant and your dog will enjoy that comfy and secure feeling with the cushiony bolsters on three sides. You can select the colors for the bed and the bolsters to match your decor. A dog bed this stylish would also look great in your office -- with your Muse asleep by your side.

Fantasy Furniture Cleopatra Chaise Lounge Dog Bed

Fantasy Furniture Cleopatra Chaise Lounge Dog Bed

Don't you just wish you could find a dog bed to match your leopard print chaise lounge? Fantasy Furniture has the answer with its Cleopatra Chaise in Leopard Print. Made with a sturdy wood frame and comfy foam padding for dogs up to 15 pounds, this charming bed will entice your Pharaoh queen with its elegance and luxurious look. The bed comes with an extra pillow, adding to that glorious feeling of sailing down the Nile on your private barge.

Big Barker Mini - 4" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Recognizing that little dogs also need extra comfort and support as they grow older, Big Barker re-engineered its Big Dog beds and came up with the Big Barker Mini for smaller canine companions. Scaled down to 4 inches of sturdy orthopedic foam with a 2.5-inch headrest, the Big Barker Mini beds are handmade in the United States. The removable and washable covers come in three neutral shades. With a 10 year guarantee that the foam won't flatten out, get this bed now and let your youngster enjoy it for years!

Cozy Cave Dog Bed

When your tiny terror is tuckered out after a tough day, the Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed is just the place for her to replay all the fun. These beds are perfect for dogs who like to burrow. They can snuggle under the raised hood or sleep on top on a warmer day. The covers come in many colors and are machine washable. And you can let your dog know just how special she is by personalizing the bed with her name. Who knows, she may even sleep in her own Snoozer Cozy Cave instead of under the covers with you!

Enchanted Home Pet Ultra Plush Storage Bed

Form and function combine in this attractive chaise lounge from Enchanted Home Pet. These beds come with the SNOOzZzONE™ Pet Comfort System that allows you to select just the right cushion for your princess. There's a self-warming reflective cushion for cold days and a gel pad that not only cushions your dog but keeps her cooler on hot days. For extra support you can choose a memory foam pad. And here's the bonus - these little beds have built-in storage for toys! This bed is for dogs up to 10 pounds, perfect for the littlest of man's best friends!

DoggySnooze snoozeLounge Dog Bed

If cool, modern and stylish is your dog's signature look, then the DoggySnooze snoozeLounge is the way to go. The sturdy, elevated frame keeps the bed and your dog off a cold, dirty or wet floor. The memory foam pad insert provides comfort for your older fellow and the optional bolsters offer additional comfort as well as that cozy, curled up feeling dogs love. Pad covers are removable and washable and some are suited for outdoor use so your dog can soak up some sun in extra comfort! These beds come in different sizes and colors and should accommodate all but the largest dogs.

Big Barker Crate Pad Dog Bed

Big Barker offers a line of orthopedic dog beds and crate pads for dogs of all sizes. Their Big Dog beds are specially designed for the needs of big dogs (Lab sized and bigger), with top quality orthopedic foam (support foam and comfort foam) to ease the joints of your canine pal. Realizing that many dogs enjoy some private crate time, we've chosen the Big Barker Crate Pad as a Best Pick. With 2 inches of support foam topped by another 2 inches of comfort foam that won't flatten over time, these crate pads are waterproof and tough enough to withstand some natural nesting and digging.

Super Orthopedic Lounge Dog Bed

There's 7 inches of cushion for your best pal with the Super Orthopedic Lounge Bed from Snoozer Pet Products. The washable cover is also waterproof — a real bonus for older dogs who often have continence issues along with creaky joints. Many reviewers state that these beds don't mash down, even under the weight of 100 pound plus dogs. The Extra Large is 36-by-54 inches so there's plenty of room for you to snuggle in to whisper sweet nothings to your favorite girl.

K&H Ortho Thermo Dog Bed

No one likes to get into a cold bed on a cold night and neither do our dogs! The K&H Ortho Thermo Bed is the answer for dogs who need a little something extra, even if it's not that chilly. These beds are made with two foam layers to provide support and comfort while a removable heating element makes the bed extra cozy; perfect for our loyal friends. The plush cover is removable and washable. This bed is intended for indoor use but can also be used on a covered porch. No more cold beds!

Natura Latex and Wool Pet Bed

If you'd like an eco-conscious bed for your dog, the Natura Granulated Latex & Wool Pet Bed is a great option. The sustainably-harvested latex filling and wool cover work naturally to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. The washable wool cover not only wicks away moisture, but also promotes air flow to for coolness on a hot day and of course, wool helps keep your fellow warm on a colder day. Let your precious pup sleep the day away counting sheep on this warm and woolly bed.

Joanne Dekker
I am a lifelong pet owner with a current pet load of two dogs and three cats. I've also owned horses, birds and fish. I've been a volunteer at a local animal shelter since 2004, primarily as a dog walker, including working with abused and neglected dogs that have come from puppy mills or seizures. I have enjoyed the opportunity of working with all kinds of companion animals, and have received training in animal behaviors. I believe in using positive reinforcement when working with animals and have taken all my dogs to obedience training and/or agility classes. I am the author of "Planning for Pets: Trusts, Leash Laws and More," and have spoken on the subject of pet trusts as part of a "Silver Whiskers, Golden Bonds" presentation with veterinarian colleagues.
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