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Best Dog Brush

Proper and regular grooming is a vital part of dog ownership. If done right, your grooming regiment can be a pleasant bonding experience for you and your four-legged friend. One of the key elements is picking out the right brush for your pup's fur. If you have a short or smooth coated dog you're going to want a soft or medium bristle brush. For wiry coats a slicker brush works perfectly. For medium or long haired dogs the ideal choice is wire-pin, to navigate the long locks. For dog's with a thick undercoat or coarse outer coat the firm bristle or rake handles well. For delicate coats a rubber brush will ensure care for the tender fur and skin. The brushes on the following list were chosen because they are the most trusted brands and highest rated representing numerous styles of brush.

Safari Pin & Bristle Combo Dog Brush

This brush is perfect for a household with several breeds and coat styles and therefore, tops the charts. Versatility and quality are what embody the Safari Combo Brush as on one side is a wire-pin brush for long or thick coats and the medium bristle for the smooth coated pup. The dual use also works great for managing shedding then smoothing out the coat afterward. Coastal Products' Safari line is known for this durable and professional grooming products and this brush is a perfect example.

KONG Zoom Groom Brush

The rubber brush is perfect for dog's of all hair lengths as an additional grooming tool, and a great daily brush for a delicate coated pup like a yorkie. The KONG ZoomGroom is a great example of the rubber brush. KONG is known for it's durable rubber products and this brush is no different. These easy to use, and painless tools remove excess and unattached hair while stimulating oil production ensuring your dog looks healthy and clean.

Safari Bristle Brush for Dogs

For your short or smooth coated pup, think boxers or weimaraners, you're going to want a soft bristle brush to manage their fairly easy coat. A quick pass with this delicate brush will ensure your pup's fur stays debris free. Coastal Products Safari Bristle Brush is simple, affordable and trusted, making it a go to for many groomers and other pet care professionals. This wooden handled brush will last for a long time, ensuring that you don't have to buy the same product repeatedly.

Top Paw Slicker Dog Brush

Top Paw Slicker Dog Brush

For a wiry or long and thick coat like a terrier or golden retriever the slicker brush is perfect. The slicker has long wire prongs that allow it navigate even through the must unmanageable tangles. The Top Paw Slicker brush comes in small, medium and large to accommodate any breed and it's easy to grip handle ensures that the groomer is comfortable too. If your dog is known to get tangles this slicker brush will brush them smooth with ease, ensuring for a clean, happy pup.

JW Pet Undercoat Rake

When your dog has a thick undercoat like a husky or malamute, then an undercoat rake is an essential part of your grooming arsenal. The JW Pet Undercoat Rake gets the job done by loosening matts and removing dead hair. The grippy handle and quality teeth ensure that you'll never loose grip while you're wrestling with even the nastiest mats.

Nicole Cormier
Nicole is an animal lover and advocates for responsible pet ownership. Having worked in animal sheltering, behavior and as a longtime pet parent, Nicole is quite knowledgeable about the joys and struggles of choosing to be an animal companion. She enjoys the company of her figurative menagerie of a pitbull, two chihuahuas, two cats and several fish and turtles. There are so many essential items to be purchased as a pet parent, and Nicole will keep you in the loop on the best products to keep your furry companions safe and happy.
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