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Best Dog Crate

When you decide to kennel train your dog, wire crates are a great option for dogs who like to see their surroundings, for proper ventilation and for easy folding for travel and storage. There are several options for crates including multiple doors, size options, and materials. This wire crate list was comprised of trusted brands, diverse styles and positive ratings to make choosing the best kennel for your dog easy while providing your pup with a safe new place to call home.

Midwest Life Stages ACE Single Door Folding Dog Crate

When you're looking for a crate that will be your dog's home from puppy to full grown adult, there is a no frills option that will work for any breed. Midwest Life Stages comes in a variety of sizes to fit pups from three pounds to 110 pounds, and the divider panel will help with potty training, allowing you to make the crate just large enough to avoid elimination in the kennel. Also the MAXLock Door System will ensure that your dog remains safely in the kennel when you're not home.

Doctors Foster and Smith Elite Classic 3 Door Dog Crate

Doctors Foster and Smith Elite Classic 3 Door Dog Crate

When easy access is on your must have list for a wire crate, then Doctors Foster and Smith Elite Classic 3 Door Dog Crate is a terrific buy. With a front, back and top door it makes it easy to get your dog in or out no matter where it's located. This is a great option for more fearful pups, or dogs that may not be able to enter the crate on their own. Constructed of quality materials and reinforced to ensure no collapsing or rattling, you'll feel confident that your dog is safe and sound.

Midwest iCrate Single-Door Home Training and Travel Series

When portability and price are important to you, the Midwest iCrate is a smart choice. Because of its plastic pan and compact construction it's far easier to carry than its metal counterparts. The lower price also makes this particular kennel a great option. Whether you simply have a lower budget or need an additional crate just for travel, you won't have to sacrifice quality or break the bank when buying the iCrate. The iCrate also comes with a free divider panel to assist in quick housebreaking.

CMP Mini Fold Dog Crate

CMP Mini Fold Dog Crate

Whether your travel a lot or simply need to save space in your home, the Central Metal Products Mini Fold Crate is the best bet. When folded the Mini Fold is no bigger than the largest side (which depends on the size you purchase) and only three inches thick. The quality material and powder coated finish make it just as high quality as other crates, simply catering to those that need the comfort of portability or storage.

Petmate 2-door Elite Retreat Wire Kennel for Dogs

When you're looking for a versatile wire crate that allows for ease of positioning as well as assistance with potty training, then the Petmate 2 Door Elite Retreat is your kennel. With both side and front doors you will have options on where to place it in your home, to ease in and out access. This crate also comes with an adjustable divider to assist in housebreaking when your dog is young, ensuring that your pup can't eliminate in one area and sleep in the other. This crate also comes with rubber feet on the bottom to protect your flooring.

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