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Best Dog House

The Great Outdoors is filled with scents, sights and sounds that dogs find irresistible. Why not let your dog get his fill of all this fun while lounging in the safety and comfort of a dog house? We've looked for plastic dog houses that are warm in winter and cool in summer and that offer options like doors, heaters, fans or other ventilation. Plastic dog houses are all easy to clean — at least on the outside — so we've looked for dog houses that are easy to clean on the inside as well. We've also looked for dog houses that are easy to assemble so you can spend more time playing with your dog than building his house.

ASL Solutions Dog Palace

ASL Solutions offers their Dog Palace that will keep your dog snug as a bug on even the coldest days. With up to 4 inches of foam insulation, this sturdy dog house also keeps the heat out on hot days. The peek-a-boo door allows your dog to keep an eye on the comings and goings of neighborhood squirrels while staying cozy. The door might be a bit of a challenge for dogs to learn it's well worth the challenge — and a few treats to tempt her inside. Other options include a heating pad for those wintry days and a solar-powered fan to pull the hot air on those dog days of summer.

Petmate Indigo Dog House

The Petmate Indigo Dog House offers an easy to clean all-weather dog house for dogs of all sizes. Made with an insulating foam, it keeps your canine pal warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. The igloo shape has a vent at the top to keep air moving on those hot days and the offset entryway helps to keep the rain and wind away. The Indigo is made with an antimicrobial to reduce bacterial growth and reduce staining from mildew and mold. Options include specially-shaped dog beds and a dog door to ensure that your dog stays snug and dry.

Suncast DH250 Dog House

The Suncast dog house offers a lightweight dog house that's easy to put together and to take apart when you want to clean it or move it. The crowned floor and channel around the inside edge help to keep water or other liquids away from your princess while she enjoys her nap. This cute dog house comes with a door to keep the wind and rain out, but reviewers note that the dog house offers little insulation so unless you can provide some good insulation this might not be the best choice for colder climates.

Eagle One Luxury Small Dog House

Eagle One Luxury Small Dog House

Here's the dog house for the dog who loves the outdoors. Your dog will appreciate not only being cozy in winter and cool in summer, but he'll also bask on his private sundeck where he can be king of all he surveys. It's made with recycled plastic and has a raised floor to keep out the wet and the cold. Owners appreciate the hinged roof that makes cleaning easy. It's available in several colors and can be personalized with your dog's name. This dog house is not for the faint of heart; it's heavy and expensive but made to last.

Pet Zone Tuff-n-Rugged Dog House

The Pet Zone Tuff-n-Rugged Dog House uses double-walled construction to insulate this dog house from summer heat and winter cold. It's raised off the ground to keep your doggy pal away from the cold and wet ground and the optional dog door will keep out the wind. Dogs up to 125 pounds will enjoy some quality snooze time, especially if you add a comfy pad. Easy assembly without tools and easy cleaning make this a great choice for busy dog owners, allowing you more time for feeding your best friend tasty treats.

Wood Chuck's All Natural Cedar Dog Duplex House for Small Dogs

Wood Chuck's All Natural Cedar Dog Duplex House for Small Dogs

Your pack of smaller dogs will be the envy of their peers in Wood Chuck's All Natural Cedar Dog Duplex Dog House for Small Dogs. Constructed of Western red cedar, it is naturally insulated from cold and heat and is also naturally insect and decay resistant. Raised interior floors keep the pack away from the cold ground. Optional insulation for colder climates is concealed in the sides and the roof and away from inquisitive noses. Other options like heaters, air conditioners and a raised foundation increase your dogs' comfort on cold or hot days. These dog houses may be pricey, but they are made to last.

Climate Master Plus Large Dog House

For dogs up to 100 pounds the Climate Master Plus Large Dog House offers an insulated dog house that gives your big boy plenty of room to stretch out for a snooze in cool comfort on a hot day or cozied up on a cold one. It's easy to put together and the removable roof makes cleaning easy. Another plus is the PlexiDor all-weather acrylic dog door that adds another layer of thermal protection. Even better, the door's clear panels and sturdy construction allow your dog to monitor the gate so he's ready to greet you at a run.

Pet Squeak Bird Dog House

Your dog will be dreaming of flying with the Blue Jays when he's snoozing in his Pet Squeak Bird Dog House. Made with fir, the raised floor keeps your dog high and dry while the wood is naturally insect-resistant. These dog houses are easy to assemble and will add some style to your yard. While the natural wood is nice to look at, you can paint it to fit your dog's personal style. This dog house is not insulated so it's better suited for milder climates.

Comfy Dog Cottage

Comfy Dog Cottage

Your dog will enjoy watching you do yard work from his Comfy Dog Cottage made by Backyard Products. All cedar construction keeps bugs and decay at a distance and the plastic feet ensure that the floor is off wet or cold ground. The front door panel keeps dog bedding inside where it belongs and the hinged roof allows for easy cleaning. Although cedar provides natural insulating qualities, this handsome dog house may be best suited for climates without temperature extremes.

Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin

For dogs who like to be on top of the neighborhood gossip the Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin is the dog house for them. Now offered in different colors, the slightly sloped roof allows your dog to enjoy the view from the top while also catching a few rays. The sloped roof has the added advantage of letting rain run off. The offset doorway provides a quiet and private place for your best girl to settle in for a nap out of the way of wind or rain. The raised floor and water-resistant plastic feet keep your dog off the wet and cold ground and an optional insulation kit will make this log cabin even cozier. And easy assembly means you'll have more time to play tug or go for a stroll around the neighborhood.

DenHaus TownHaus Hideaway Dog House with Nightstand End Table

Your large dog will enjoy the coziness of the TownHaus wood dog house from DenHaus and you will enjoy its beautiful, sleek design and brass hardware. This dog house will easily fit into your living room or bedroom as an end table and not scream "dog house!" It's easy to assemble without tools and easy to clean with mild soap and water. The removable gate will enhance your dog's sense of security, or maybe just keep him from wandering over to the chip bowl while you're paying for the pizza delivery.

Pei Pod Dog House

Pei Pod Dog House

Small dogs with a modern outlook will be right at home in the Pei Pod dog house. Both the egg-shaped pod and the bedding are made with recyclable materials. The pod is durable and will withstand some chewing. It cleans up with soap and water and you can just toss the bedding into the washing machine. This egg-shaped dog house will brighten up any room, and the bright look in your dog's eyes will be the best reward of all.

Pet Haven Indoor Folding Pet House

For little dogs (and people) on the go, the Pet Haven Indoor Folding Pet House is a must-have. This dog house is packed with great features: easy to assemble, it also folds up into its own carrying case for a quick getaway to the beach or lake. It comes complete with a memory foam bed and comfy terry cover. If you're planning on staying in one place for a while, you can also store toys or other odd-and-ends in the attic! The faux leather surface is easy to clean and you can toss the terry cover into the wash.

Room With A View Dog House

What dog wouldn't like this nifty duplex? The "Room with a View" dog house is made with Chinese cedar which is naturally resistant to rot and repels insects and can be used indoors or outside. This dog house assembles in about 20 minutes, leaving you plenty of time to head out to the dog park. Your best girl will come home to a comfy retreat "downstairs," and if you set the dog house by a window and she can head up to the deck for some sun or to keep watch on interloping squirrels.

Best Friends by Sheri 2-in-1 House and Sofa Bed

Dogs who are looking for a warm and quiet spot after a busy day will be snugged in tight with this charming and affordable 2-in-1 House and Sofa Bed. This fun dog house converts from a cozy den to a sofa simply by pressing on the roof, letting your dog enjoy some fresh air while lounging the afternoon away. It's completely machine washable, including the removable cushion. And what dog wouldn't feel special in a zebra or leopard print dog house?

Joanne Dekker
I am a lifelong pet owner with a current pet load of two dogs and three cats. I've also owned horses, birds and fish. I've been a volunteer at a local animal shelter since 2004, primarily as a dog walker, including working with abused and neglected dogs that have come from puppy mills or seizures. I have enjoyed the opportunity of working with all kinds of companion animals, and have received training in animal behaviors. I believe in using positive reinforcement when working with animals and have taken all my dogs to obedience training and/or agility classes. I am the author of "Planning for Pets: Trusts, Leash Laws and More," and have spoken on the subject of pet trusts as part of a "Silver Whiskers, Golden Bonds" presentation with veterinarian colleagues.
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