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Best Dog Nail Clipper

When it comes to trimming your dog's nails there are many options available on the market. Each dog will have different preferences and fears associated with nail clipping, so be sure to try a clipper that will be the most comfortable for you and your pet. From typical clippers, to guillotine style to grinders we have scoured the options to bring you the best products available. The following list is comprised of the best brands, most sound materials and easiest to use clippers.

Millers Forge Quality Nail Clipper

Millers Forge is considered top of the line in the pet clipper market. These professional and high quality products are often used by veterinarians and groomers because of their ease of use and sound construction. Though Millers Forge offers many types of clippers, the plier-type is the easiest to use and is especially appropriate for medium to large breeds. Because these clippers are complete with a safety guard, it's much more difficult to cut too short and hit your pup's delicate quick.

Bamboo Dog Nail Clipper with Styptic and File

This all inclusive and easy to use clipper from Bamboo comes with the clipper, equipped with soft grip and an easy to use scissor grip, but it's the extras that make this one top the charts. Conveniently located in the handle you'll find styptic powder dispenser to quickly and effectively stop bleeds should you clip your dog's quick. These clippers also come with a nail file to ensure that your pets nails look as good as they feel.

JW Pet Company Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Clipper for Dogs

The standard and affordable GripSoft clipper from JW boasts soft and easy to grip handles, quality, heavy-duty metal and a built in nail guard. This no frills option is optimal for experienced nail trimmers as it'll make the job easy and quick. JW makes many quality grooming products and is a trusted brand with groomers, so when you simply need a high-quality clipper, the GripSoft is a great option.

Resco 727 Original Chrome Nail Trimmers

When you've got a more petite pup, then a guillotine style nail trimmer is generally the best choice. This style of trimmer requires the cut to be made from the underside of the nail. These are not for the novice as it's easier to hit the quick without proper placement, but if used properly, it'll give the cleanest cut. Resco has perfected the guillotine trimmer and their Vista line boasts ergonomic grips, colorful powder coating and a wide variety of sizes.

Oster Pet Nail Grinder

When you or your dog simply cannot handle the typical nail trimming methods there is a fool proof method that makes missing the mark virtually impossible. Oster's Nail Grinder is basically a nail file on steroids. This high powered option, though it makes it hard to go to short, is loud, so it's not appropriate for a nervous dog. But the high speed grinder will allow you to get your dog's nails shorter than you've ever accomplished before, especially due to the automatic cauterize functionality.

Nicole Cormier
Nicole is an animal lover and advocates for responsible pet ownership. Having worked in animal sheltering, behavior and as a longtime pet parent, Nicole is quite knowledgeable about the joys and struggles of choosing to be an animal companion. She enjoys the company of her figurative menagerie of a pitbull, two chihuahuas, two cats and several fish and turtles. There are so many essential items to be purchased as a pet parent, and Nicole will keep you in the loop on the best products to keep your furry companions safe and happy.
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