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Best Dog Training Collar

Just like humans, each dog is an individual, and not every training method is going to be effective on every canine. Training collars or e-collars can be a great resource is used properly on a dog that can handle this method of correction. There are many training collar options available, many with multiple settings, including shock, vibration and beep. Before you begin training your four-legged friend with an e-collar, please research proper use to ensure it's effective. Also, when you're shopping for an e-collar you will want to buy a quality one to avoid malfunction that could potentially harm your pup. The following list is constructed of the top e-collars available based on trusted brands and user ratings. All collars represented have been tested by dog training professionals, including hunters and birders.

Tri-Tronics Trashbreaker G3 EXP

Tri-Tronics, a Garmin company makes some of the best e-collars available, because they know hunting and sporting dogs. The Tri-Tronics Trashbreaker G3 EXP is a top-of-the-line e-collar that is appreciated by hunters and dog professionals alike. The entire system is waterproof, including the transmitter and receiver and can reach up to 2-miles in range. This collar provides six levels of stimulation as well as stainless steel contact points to minimize neck irritation. The collar comes with many accessories to ensure that you are well equipped to properly training your pooch, including a 2-year comprehensive warranty.

Garmin Delta Sport

The water resistant, easy to use e-collar, Garmin Delta Sport has 5 correction configurations including tone and vibration. The LCD screen helps decode patters to correction to ensure that it's more effective at breaking unwanted behavior. As a bonus, the Sport comes with a BarkLimiter to also correct unwanted barking by differentiating between unnecessary barking as well as other dog's noises. With one hand held device you can train up to three dogs by purchasing additional collars.

Garmin Delta Upland

Specially formulated for hunting, the Garmin Delta Upland is ideal for long range training, but can also work really well for the dog that doesn't respond well to shock. This e-collar and hand held remote uses tone and vibration correction, with 36 levels of stimulation to fit most needs. This collar also comes with the BarkLimiter functionality as well as Advanced Bark Correction Technology to also curb unwanted barking in addition to remote correction. For hunters, this trainer also has four hunt sounds including hawk scream and silent.

SportDog FieldTrainer 425

The mid-range e-collar, SportDog FieldTrainer 425 has a 500 yard range, which is perfect for most yards, even large ones. The DRYTEK waterproof functionality ensures your dog's safety, even in the rain or a shallow pond. This is considered an introductory collar, easy-to-use for you, and a wide variety of options of correction for your pup. With shock, tone and vibration, you can ensure that you can fit your dog's training needs.

Dogtra IQ Plus (Expandable)

For a small remote trainer that is very versatile and powerful, the Dogtra IQ Plus is the one to purchase. The waterproof, training collar comes with a battery charger, and 2 rapid charge batteries. The remote can be expanded to include two collars as well. This particular collar was created with smaller breeds in mind, making it one of the top rated small dog e-collars available.

Nicole Cormier
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