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Best Dog Treats

When you adore your furry canine companion, you will no doubt want to express your love by doling out treats during training, to reward good behavior or just because. There are thousands of treats on the market, but when you want your treat to not only taste delicious, but also pack a nutritious punch, the following are your best options. Our best dog treat list is comprised of treats that are made with top notch ingredients from trusted brands and different textures to appeal to any dog's palate and nutritional needs.

Blue Buffalo Blue Bones Natural Dental Chews

When you have a chewer on your hands, encourage this healthy habit with Blue Buffalo Blue Bones. These bones will not only help create better breath and cleaner teeth, but they are also packed full of healthy ingredients. Dog's love the taste of Blue Bones so much that they won't even know that you're also giving them additional vitamins and health conscious ingredients that will keep your dog healthier, no matter what age. Blue Bones are also free of soy, wheat and animal by-products making you confident that your dog is only eating the best.

Greenies Lite Dog Treats Teenie

These popular treats can be found almost anywhere dog food is sold, and they have been raved about by both veterinarians and dog companions alike. These low fat treats encourage health chewing, clean plaque and promote good breath, which is a win for everyone. These easy to digest treats are safe for daily consumption and the great taste is a favorite of many canines of all breeds and sizes. These easy to identify treats are also packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals, creating confidence in dog owners everywhere.

Blue Buffalo Bits Dog Treats

These chewy and bite size treats are made from top of the line ingredients as you've come to expect from Blue Buffalo. The small size and the chewy texture make these a great option for training, as they can be ingested easily. These meaty bites come in chicken and salmon flavor and are packed with real meat as well as added vitamins like A, C, and E to support immune health. Additional nutrients include Glucosamine & Chondroitin to support healthy joints and Taurine for a sound heart.

Wellness WellBar Dog Treats

When you and your dog prefer the traditional, baked, crunchy treat, then Wellness WellBars is a great choice. These bars come in a wide variety of flavors including, chicken & cheddar cheese, peanut butter & honey, lamb & apples, whitefish & sweet potatoes, and yogurt, apples & bananas. These bite sized treats are all free of wheat, corn, soy and artificial flavors and colors, ensuring that your pooch only ingests the best. Other benefits of these snacks are the added vitamins and minerals to help create a well-rounded diet.

Zuke's Hip Action Natural Dog Treats

When you want your dog's treat to do double duty as a hip and joint supplement, then Zukes Hip Action is the best choice. Using glucosomine, chondroitin, eggshell membrane and other antioxidants you'll feel good giving your pup this healthy and delicious treat. The all-natural ingredients coupled with the small size make these great for training and are fine if consumed in mass. Available in beef, chicken or peanut butter, these will appeal to even the pickiest pooches palate.

Nicole Cormier
Nicole is an animal lover and advocates for responsible pet ownership. Having worked in animal sheltering, behavior and as a longtime pet parent, Nicole is quite knowledgeable about the joys and struggles of choosing to be an animal companion. She enjoys the company of her figurative menagerie of a pitbull, two chihuahuas, two cats and several fish and turtles. There are so many essential items to be purchased as a pet parent, and Nicole will keep you in the loop on the best products to keep your furry companions safe and happy.
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