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Best Dog Vitamins

Not unlike humans, dogs can lose a ton of their food nutrients through the digestive process. To ensure your dog's good health and quality of life, consider a vitamin supplement to ensure that your furry friend has all the minerals and enzymes to ensure adequate muscle development, digestion, joint health and a beautiful skin and coat. Also not unlike human vitamins there are a wide variety of options from multivitamins to supplements that focus on individual issues like coat and joint health. The following list of vitamins were chosen because they are from trusted companies and highly rated supplements on the market.

Lifestage Select Premium Adult Dog Vitamins

As your dog ages he will have some nutritional requirements that he maybe didn't have in the past. A daily multivitamin will ensure that your aging pet will receive the required nutrients to remain active and healthy. Doctors Foster and Smith Lifestage Select® Premium Senior Dog Vitamins is chock full of Omega-3 fatty acids and vital antioxidants all packed into a bacon/liver flavored tablet. This vitamin is appropriate for all sizes as you can give one tablet per 25 pounds to ensure your dog gets everything he needs.

HardyPet Complete- Holistic Dog Vitamin

Originally created to assist in rehabilitating shelter dogs HardyPet Complete will give your dog everything she needs to be happy and healthy. Composed of natural compounds, amino acids and vitamins, this recipe is appropriate for dogs of all ages. This daily multivitamin supports heart, skin, and joint health while also aiding digestion and immune functions. Decrease vet bills and ensure your pups quality of life with a multivitamin to supplement a quality diet.

Only Natural Pet Super Daily Canine Multi-Vitamins

Only Natural Pet Super Daily Canine Multi-Vitamins

Even the youngest dogs can use a daily multivitamin to ensure a long and healthy life. No matter what age, activity level, or breed of dog you call your companion, Only Natural Pet Super Daily Canine Multivitamins are a great option. The chewable tablet is packed full of vitamins like A, C, D, and E as well as a B-Complex which includes all 11 essential B vitamins. Other benefits of this option are the digestive enzymes, linoleic acid, and many antioxidants. This sound supplement will ensure that your pet has all the nutrients needed for a long, happy life.

Nupro Custom Electrolyte Formula Dog Supplement

Not all vitamins are made for everyday use, but when your dog is a working dog, or especially active, sometimes you may require some additional electrolytes to ensure his performance is top notch. NUPRO Custom Electrolytes for Dogs was made to ensure that working dogs have enough nutrients to sustain and replenish in times of high stress or demanding endurance. This mixture is especially important if your dog is working outdoors in hot climates. Please note this is not for daily use, but instead a supplement to ensure your dog's system works properly.

Pet Naturals Hip & Joint Suppliment for Dogs

Whether your furry companion is aging or has arthritis you may need to consider a hip and joint supplement to support healthy joints. Pet Naturals' HIP & JOINT for Medium to Large Dogs is a highly advanced recipe that is chock full of glucosamine, MSM, and chondrotin sulfates to supplement and support joint health. This formula supports healthy tissues, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage to ensure that your dog can comfortably walk, run and jump for years to come.

Nicole Cormier
Nicole is an animal lover and advocates for responsible pet ownership. Having worked in animal sheltering, behavior and as a longtime pet parent, Nicole is quite knowledgeable about the joys and struggles of choosing to be an animal companion. She enjoys the company of her figurative menagerie of a pitbull, two chihuahuas, two cats and several fish and turtles. There are so many essential items to be purchased as a pet parent, and Nicole will keep you in the loop on the best products to keep your furry companions safe and happy.
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