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Best Ear Protection For Shooting

This is our list for the best ear protection for shooting for both indoor ranges as well as outside in nature. The best type of protection lowers the harmful decibels while increasing the normal sounds of the surroundings, such as conservation and tweeting of birds. Secondly, the style of headphone and price range vary greatly, so it's a matter of personal choice. To make it on this list, each model had to offer the best protection for hearing in a headset model. The price had to be affordable, and the quality had to be good. Protecting our hearing is essential for the well being of everyone who shoots a gun, no matter if its hunting or for personal protection.

Peltor Tactical 6 Stereo Long Ear Muffs

Peltor's Tactical 6 Stereo Long Ear protects you from sounds over 82 decibels. However, it allows you to hear normal sounds, like conversations. The adjustable volume control for each ear cup allows you to adapt to the particular conditions at the shooting range. It has stereo microphones that improves sound localization. These ear muffs will give you 200 hours of use on 4 AAA batteries.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Noise Amplification Earmuffs

When you are at the range, you want to protect your hearing, but you also want to be aware of your surroundings. Howard Leight's earmuffs with noise amplification allow you to do both. Directional microphones allow you to hear normal sounds better, but potentially harmful sounds are electronically suppressed. The earmuffs automatically go back to being passive whens noise reaches 82 decibels. A fine combination of protection and enhancement that will increase your enjoyment at the range.

Browning Buckmark Hearing Protection

With a noise reduction rating of 31 decibels Browning's Buckmark gives you reliable ear protection. Potentially dangerous sounds on the firing range or the job site are effectively suppressed. This allows you to concentrate on what you need to do. The low profile design and soft padded foam ear cups means they are comfortable to wear for extended periods. The padded headband folds up for convenient storage.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Leightning L3 Shooting Earmuff

The Leightning L3 earmuffs feature a steel-wire construction for extra strength and durability. These earmuffs will stand up to heavy use on the firing range and continue to offer reliable protection. The padded foam headband and ear cushions makes them as comfortable as they are strong. With the patented Air Flow Control technology attenuation is maximized across frequencies. This gives you more consistent noise reduction you can count on.

Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Muffs

Low profile ear muffs are a good choice for many shooters because they are less likely to interfere with your firearms or compromise a shooting position. The lightweight design also means they are comfortable to wear for long shooting sessions. Caldwell's E-Max Low Profile ear muffs are this kind of ear protection. The 23 decibel rating will protect you from potentially harmful noises and will automatically shut off at 85 decibels. A microphone in each ear muff amplifies normal ambient sounds so you can still hear what you need to hear at the range.

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