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Best Ear Wax Remover

When ear wax becomes impacted in the ears, it can cause a number of problems ranging from difficulty hearing to a ringing and uncomfortable pressure in the ear canal. When ear wax doesn’t naturally come out on its own, most people reach for a cotton swab for relief. However, this can cause the ear wax to push even further into the canal and become difficult to extract. If this happens to you, you can use an in-home ear wax remover kit to loosen and remove the built-up wax from the ears. We’ve listed our recommendations for the best ear wax remover products available over the counter. Avoid the inconvenience and cost of a trip to the doctor by using any of the products listed below.

Debrox Earwax Removal Aid

This, in my opinion, is the absolute best ear wax remover kit on the market. It’s easy to use and gently softens and releases thick, hard ear wax from deep within the ear canal. For whatever reason, both of my children overproduced ear wax when they were younger, and it would build up in their ears very quickly. The wax would be too hard to come out on its own, and I would have to take them to the doctor to have it extracted. A friend told me about Debrox, and I was amazed at how well it worked.

This kit comes with medicated drops and a bulb syringe. Place a few drops in the ear and allow it to sit for several minutes. The drops loosen the wax, which makes it easier for it to come out. Then, you take the bulb syringe to gently push warm water into the ear. The ear wax loosens and comes out in the water. Extremely stubborn ear wax may require several rounds of drops, but it WILL come out eventually.

Jobar's Lighted Earwax Remover

Excessive ear wax production is an extremely common problem, especially in children. I found Jobar’s Lighted Earwax Remover to be a very helpful product that, when used regularly, helps keep ear wax at bay. Before I discovered this product, I used a combination of a flashlight and bobby pins to manually remove ear wax from my children’s ears. This proved to be very difficult, however, because although I was using a flashlight to see, it didn’t keep the ear canal well lit. Jobar’s Lighted Earwax Remover lights up the entire inner ear so you can see, completely unobstructed, while you work. It comes with three attachable tools that help to safely reach into the ear to remove ear wax, which can be used to clean the ears regularly and when the wax builds-up to an extreme.

Health Enterprises Ear Wax Removal Syringe

While I have found that the bulb syringe that comes with many ear wax remover kits are easy to use, many people find them difficult to aim directly at the ear wax. This can be especially true if you are attempting to irrigate the ear without assistance from another person. In this case, you may find the unique design of Heath Enterprises Ear Wax Removal Syringe to be the right choice for you. The syringe looks similar to an oversized ‘injection syringe’ that you’d see at a doctor’s office. With its slender tip, the syringe is designed to make it easier to point directly towards the back of the ear where ear wax builds-up and becomes impacted. With this direct stream of water, the water pushes the wax out of the ear for immediate relief. If the wax does not extract after the first application of water, simply repeat the process until it does. For best results, use warm water to fill the syringe and tilt your head when using.

Murine Earigate Kids

When you’re trying to remove ear wax from a child’s ears, it can be difficult for them to sit still long enough to allow ear drops to work effectively. Every time the child moves, the drops roll out of the ear and need to be reapplied, which can be frustrating for both parent and child. Murine Earigate for Kids is an ear wax remover that requires just one step. To use, simply point the tip of the product towards the ear and push the handle. Sea water is quickly extracted and the patented ‘reverse spray action’ pushes towards to build-up ear wax. This action causes the wax to loosen and easily extract from the ears. It rinses out of naturally, without causing pressure on the child’s sensitive ears.

Wally's Natural Products Herbal Beeswax Ear Candle

Ear Candling is becoming more and more popular as a natural method of removing ear wax and other debris that may be caught in the ear canal. When our soldiers return home from a deployment overseas, many of them return with sand in their ears after being exposed to the dry air in foreign countries. This sand can be extremely difficult to remove, and for many people, ear candling is the only way to effectively remove all the debris that has embedded in the ear canal. Some spas offer ear candling, but it can be an expensive service and more than one application may be required. With Wally’s Beeswax Ear Candles, though, you can remove ear wax (and other debris) for a fraction of the cost in the privacy of your own home.

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