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Best Knife Sharpener

Whether you own a set of high-quality knives or a discount set you picked up for cheap, chances are that your knives are probably due for a sharpening. Sharpening your knives regularly cuts down on the amount of time it takes to prep your food. It also keeps your fingers safer because you don't have to apply as much pressure when you're cutting. Remember: a sharp knife is a safe knife.

There are two main types of knife sharpeners — electric and manual. Electric knife sharpeners work much faster but they do cost a lot more than their manual counterparts. In terms of ease of use, these two types of sharpeners are about the same.

Before you buy a sharpener, take a look at the type of knives you own because not all sharpeners are appropriate for all types of knives. European style blades are sharpened at a different angle than Asian style blades. If you try to sharpen a knife at the wrong angle, you can seriously damage the blade. Serrated knives must also be sharpened with sharpeners that are specially designed to accommodate them.

Wusthof 4-Stage Knife Sharpener

Wusthof, one of the leading names in knives, has created a sharpener that they trust with their state of the art blades. Thanks to a handy switch that changes the angle that the sharpener holds the knife, it can be used with either European or Asian style blades, which sets it apart from the competition. This device also sharpens in two stages. The first stage uses carbide blades that are strong enough to put a sharp edge on even the dullest knives. The second stage uses ceramic wheels to hone the edge until it’s razor sharp. An ergonomic handle also keeps your hand safely out of the way while you hold the sharpener in place.

Zwilling Twin Select Knife Sharpener

Zwilling Twin Select Knife Sharpener

The Zwilling Twin Select Knife Sharpener sharpens knives quickly and easily. It utilizes two stage sharpening, with steel wheels that grind knife blades to the proper angle and ceramic wheels that polish up the blade to make it razor sharp. Incredibly easy to use, all you have to do to re-hone your knives to factory standards is pull them through the slots on the top of the sharpener. Non-slip feet keep this device in place while you use it, making it safe as well as effective. The simple to use design is ideal for creating a clean, incredibly sharp edge on any European style knife.

Accusharp Knife Sharpner 001

If you’re looking for a knife sharpener that is incredibly easy to use as well as easy on your wallet, the AccuSharp Knife Sharpener fits the bill. This device can be used on all types of knives: straight edge, serrated, European, Asian, and even axes and scissors. It makes use of a single stone made of diamond honed tungsten carbide that can put a sharp edge on knives in just a few seconds. It’s also incredibly safe to use, as it features a finger guard that protects your hand in case of an accidental slip. Clean up is a snap, since this sharpener, unlike most others, is dishwasher safe. The AccuSharp is also much smaller than many of its competitors, making it easy to store the device between uses.

Global MinoSharp Plus Hand Held Sharpener

Color-coded sharpening wheels help take the guesswork out of using the Global MinoSharp Plus Hand Held Sharpener. The two-stage sharpening process begins with the white wheel, which is made from a strong ceramic that coarsely re-edges a dull knife. After the edge is reground the knife can be moved to the pink wheel, which is made of a softer ceramic that polishes the blade and makes it razor sharp. One thing to keep in mind when using this knife sharpener is that it requires the use of water. The water rinses the ceramic wheels as you’re using the device, keeping them clear of metal debris, and lowering the temperature so that the knife blade doesn’t overheat.

Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker

If you’re looking for a sharpener that can sharpen everything from knives to axes to scissors to fish hooks, the Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker is a great choice. This device makes it easy to select the angle that you want to sharpen to, making it possible to use it for either European or Asian style knives, as well as scissors, which require a 12.5 degree angle and can’t be sharpened with most knife sharpeners. The design of this device makes it stand out from the competition, as it makes use of vertical sharpening stones that are held in place by a solid base. Handy guides make it easy to choose the angle you want to sharpen to, even though this sharpener doesn’t hold the blade in place while you use it. This gives you greater freedom when sharpening, and makes the Sharpmaker a great alternative to traditional whetstones and sharpeners.

Chef's Choice M1520 Diamond Hone AngleSelect Knife Sharpener

When it comes to electric knife sharpeners, the best of the best is the Chef's Choice M1520 Diamond Hone AngleSelect Knife Sharpener. This foolproof machine can sharpen any type of knife, including serrated and Asian style knives. By making use of the three different stages of this sharpener, cooks can get an incredibly sharp edge on their knives. The first stage uses diamond abrasives to coarsely grind the edge of the knife. The second stage works like a sharpening stone, fine-tuning the rough edge that the diamond abrasives left behind. The final stage polishes the blade through the use of a flexible strap. Regular use of the M1520 Diamond Hone AngleSelect Knife Sharpener will keep knives like new for decades. This sharpener may be on the pricy side, but it will pay for itself over time by keeping all your knives as sharp as the day you bought them.

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

One of the best features of the Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener is that its adjustable for thick, medium, and thin blades. This makes it ideal for use on any European style knife, including cleavers, chefs knives, and filet knives. This sharpening station is divided into three stages, with a coarse grinding wheel that creates a proper cutting angle, a medium grinding wheel that cleans up the cutting edge, and a ceramic wheel that polishes the blade, making it incredibly sharp. Since it uses Sapphirite instead of diamond on its coarse wheel, its not as pricy as many other sharpeners.

Wusthof 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener

A collaborative effort between Chefs Choice, the top name in electric knife sharpeners, and Wusthof, one of the leading crafters of high-quality knives, the Wusthof Chef's Choice Electric Sharpener is one of the best on the market. This is a three-stage sharpener that makes use of a coarse diamond abrasive, a fine diamond abrasive, and a flexible stropping disk that polishes knife blades until theyre perfectly sharp. Each of the three stages holds knives in place, ensuring that the perfect 20 degree angle is achieved. While this sharpener is ideal for European style blades of all shapes and sizes, it shouldnt be used with serrated knives or with Asian style knives, which are sharpened at a different angle.

McGowan DiamondStone Electric Sharpener

Theres no electric knife sharpener as quick and easy to use as the McGowan DiamondStone Electric Sharpener. This sharpener has only one stage, and while that means it doesnt hone blades with the precision of three-stage models, it does make sharpening knives fast and fool proof. Simply pass the blade through the slot as two diamond-enhanced ceramic wheels whirl to life along both edges of the knife. This sharpener was designed to create a 20 degree angle, which is ideal for European-style knives. After sharpening, the knives can be used as-is or polished up with a hand-held polishing strap.

Chef’s Choice 120 Hybrid Angle Select Knife Sharpener

If youre looking for incredible quality for a price thats not through the roof, the Chefs Choice Hybrid Angle Select Knife Sharpener is a great choice. This knife sharpener is a hybrid in that in includes electric and manual components. The first stage, which makes use of a diamond abrasive, uses an electric wheel to grind knives to the proper angle, 20 degrees for European style knives, and 15 degrees for Asian style knives. The second stage, which is also electric, refines the 20 or 15 degree blade into a sharp edge. The final stage on this sharpener is manual, with a slot that all knives, regardless of angle, can be pulled through to polish the blade.

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