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Best Engine Air Filter

A clean engine air filter helps to maximize efficient engine performance. When choosing a replacement air filter, it is important to first determine your needs. If you simply want to maintain a vehicle, an economical air filter is usually perfectly adequate. If you’re looking to improve air flow with the goal of boosting the efficiency and power output of the engine, more expensive filters suit this purpose.

We've focused on good all-around filters that will be suited to most typical driving needs, with good air flow and excellent filtration. With the exception of our high-performance pick, the K&N High-Flow air filter, all of the following picks are quite affordable to purchase and easy to find at most major retailers. With regular maintenance, these quality air filters can improve the performance and extend the life of your engine.

Fram Extra Guard Panel Air Filter

Well-known for their high-quality and low-cost products, Fram’s Extra Guard Panel Air Filter is no different. Readily available at most major retailers and offering excellent value overall, this air filter effectively filters and prevents particles from entering your engine.  A new air filter can increase your car's performance by improving airflow, since dirty filters restrict airflow and can become prone to allowing damaging particles into the engine. Fram recommends changing your air filter roughly every 12,000 miles.

Note: Product shown is CA9073. Be sure to select the right part number based on your car's make and model.

K&N Air Filter

K&N is one of the most popular brands of air filters amongst both driving enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike, a reputation earned by their high-quality products. The K&N High-Flow air filter is a good choice for enthusiasts, having been designed to boost performance. Users have reported noticeable differences in overall performance, including everything from throttle response to fuel economy.

K&N claims their air filters are also washable and reusable. Although some may choose to take advantage of this, it's not always worth the hassle over simply purchasing a new one. Despite being on the pricier side, the K&N High-Flow air filter is an excellent choice.

Note: Product shown is 332304. Be sure to select the right part number based on your car's make and model.

Mann Air Filter

Replacing an old, clogged air filter can drastically improve fuel economy and overall performance, such as horsepower and throttle response.Mann air filters maintain good air flow while efficiently filtering out particles that could harm your vehicle's engine, improving performance and extending engine life. With solid overall performance and affordable pricing, Mann air filters are easy to find and simple to install, making them a good all-around option for a replacement air filter.

Note: Product shown is C 25 114/1. Be sure to select the right part number based on your car's make and model.

Wix Air Filter

Wix is known for producing solid, affordable air filters for those who want a step-up from their vehicles factory air filter. The Wix air filter does a good job of not restricting air flow, leading to better performance overall from your engine while providing good filtration to keep potentially damaging particles from entering the engine. As with any filters, it is a good idea to replace your air filter regularly but with a soft sealing gasket for a better fit and easier installation, this model filter offers good value for money.

Note: Product shown is 46116. Be sure to select the right part number based on your car's make and model.

ACDelco Professional Air Filter

The AC Delco Professional air filter maximizes air flow while effectively filtering out the particles that may harm your vehicle's engine. Its air flow management optimizes performance, allowing your car to get better horsepower and fuel economy. The air filter seals tightly in place to keep unfiltered air from making its way into the engine, thereby extending its working life. This air filter from AC Delco offers good overall value, with solid performance and quality for a reasonable price.

Note: Product shown is A3141C. Be sure to select the right part number based on your car's make and model.

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