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Best Exercise Bike

When it comes to cardio equipment, you won’t find anything more versatile than an exercise bike. These machines are great for use by able-bodied people, individuals with disabilities, or those recovering from an injury. These bikes are created to mimic the genuine feel of cycling while providing technological enhancements for more efficient training and workouts. They’re available in a range of models and resistance types so finding one is fairly reasonable if you know what you’re looking for. To learn more about how to choose the perfect bike for your needs, check out our buyer’s guide listed below.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Most people would associate the Schwinn name with a big ticket price and high quality; thankfully with this bike, you still get the high quality without the high price. The bike is built solid and can easily support 300 pounds without breaking a sweat. The bike is designed to be very comfortable with a perforated back helps to keep you cool during your workout. It offers 25 levels of Eddy Current magnetic resistance which is not only smooth, but it’s super quiet during your workout.

As with most cardio machines the console is really the brains of the operation here and the brains are indeed big. The screens are large and backlit nicely to easily read your key metrics and you will also find it easy to navigate and change between the 29 preset workouts. This bike is packed with extra features as well, like a USB connector/charger for MP3 players, a three speed fan, a pair of decent speakers, a full adjustable seat, and ergonomically designed handles complete with grip heart rate monitors.

Schwinn A25 Recumbant Excercise Bike

This selection is a double win because you get Schwinn quality at budget price. The base is nice and stable with no wobbling during mounting or dismounting and it can support weight up to 275 pounds. The seat is pretty comfortable but fairly firm, and like the bikes pedals, it’s adjustable to meet your comfort needs. The A25 uses an Eddy Current Brake system which offers a smooth and nearly silent magnetic resistance system. This machine features a large backlit console featuring multiple screens to easily keep track of your key metrics as well as accessing any of the A25’s seven built-in workout programs. This bike also goes above and beyond with an USB port for MP3 players, water bottle holder, media tray, and two separate hand grips for heart rate monitoring.

Stamina 7100c Recumbant Excercise Bike

Though it may not look like much, the 7100c by Stamina is a solid budget machine from a company which fitness enthusiasts have trusted for years. It offers eight levels of smooth, quiet magnetic resistance which range from super simple to quite challenging. The bike is designed to be ergonomically correct and aids in proper posture while remaining comfortable. The seat is fully adjustable for maximum comfort and fit and this machine easily holds up to 300 pounds.

The console of this device is pretty simple which can be a benefit in some cases. It is easy to read and easy to navigate through the seven preset workouts which come on this device. This recumbent bike doesn’t just stop at the necessities either as it also comes with sweet side handle heart rate grips and convenient water bottle holder.

Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike

The Exerpeutic 2000 is surprisingly advanced for how inexpensive it is. The step through design and fully adjustable seat ensure comfort for individuals of most sizes while the innovative “Air Soft” seat is designed to efficiently disperse heat and keep your back feeling cool. This machine can support users up to 300 pounds but remains is relatively compact, a nice bonus for individuals with space concerns.

Eight levels of smooth and quiet magnetic resistance can be paired with six preset workouts for multiple cardiovascular challenges. While the control screen is small, it’s easy to read and navigate through your key metrics, resistance levels, and preprogrammed  workouts. It doesn’t come with a lot of extras but it does have easy to reach side handle grip heart rate monitors and a tablet holder so you can watch videos, listen to music, or browse the web while you work out.

Marcy NS-4052R Recumbant Exercise Bike

Marcy is a go to company when you are looking for quality products at a decent price and this recumbent bike is no exception. The body is extremely solid and can withstand weights up to 300 pounds with no movement. It offers a fair amount of comfort with an adjustable foam padded chair and ergonomically designed handles. Resistance is offered through eight levels of smooth and quiet magnetic resistance which are especially important in this bike because it does not come with any preset workouts. The screen is large, easy to read, and especially easy to navigate considering it is only there to display your key metrics. This bike is pretty bare-boned when it comes to extra features which isn’t all bad since it keeps the cost down.

ProForm 8.0 EX Exercise Bike

Proform is one of the best cardio machine manufacturers in the world so a budget machine from them is a pretty big deal. It offers silent magnetic resistance which offers a powerful workout and realistic “road-like” feel with 25 varying levels of resistance. The screen is pretty advanced for a budget model and not only displays your key metrics, but all kinds of information concerning your workout. This machine is also iFit compatible which means that you will literally never run out of preset workouts to perform.

This machine isn’t lacking in features either, offering a tablet mount, water bottle holder, adjustable seat, hand grip heart rate monitors, a comfortable over-sized seat, and large pedals for easy pedaling. Proform doesn’t mess around when it comes to their warranty either with a lifetime frame warranty, two years on parts, and one year on labor.

Stamina Airgometer Exercise Bike

The Airgometer upright bike from Stamina provides you with a gym quality machine at a budget home price. This bike relies on wind resistance which can get a little loud during a workout, but the fan system provides smooth, unlimited resistance while keeping you cool during your workout. The console is super easy to navigate with only a few buttons and the large screen can display either a single key metric or scroll through them all.

This machines does come with a few nice features like an over-sized, over-padded seat with 10 height adjustments, large comfortable pedals to which are easy to slip in and out of, and a water bottle holder. Unfortunately this machine doesn’t have any built in workouts, but that’s not uncommon for air resistance machines. However, you will have peace of mind that this bike will not fall apart right out of the box as it’s backed by three year warranty on the frame along with a three month warranty on parts.

Schwinn 170 Upright Exercise Bike

Schwinn has come a long way since their days of just being a bike manufacture, as they now manufacture quality exercise machines offered at prices which makes their competitors look twice. The 170 is the top of the Schwinn budget line which makes it the perfect marriage of technology and price. Like most bikes in its class, it has a small footprint but retains has a solid, sturdy base. 25 levels of Eddy Current Resistance offer the perfect level of smooth, quiet magnetic resistance for any user.

The bike is programmed with 29 preset workouts and while the console itself looks a little intimidating at first (considering how many buttons it has) it’s pretty easy to navigate once you know what all of the buttons mean. Of course this machine shows all of your key metrics and offers a backlit screen, but it has a ton of extra features which will make you feel like you are actually at the gym.

There’s a USB charging port, a set of decent speakers, a three speed fan, a set of hand grip heart rate monitors, and a water bottle holder. On top of that it has over-sized pedals for easy pedaling and a surprisingly comfortable seat. This bike has one of our lists best warranties for a budget bike, with a 10 year warranty on the frame and two years on parts. As a nice bonus, Schwinn even offers a 90 day labor warranty.

Exerpeutic 2000 High Capacity Programmable Magnetic Recumbent Bike

The Exerpeutic 2000 is surprisingly advanced for how inexpensive it is. The step through design and fully adjustable seat ensure comfort for individuals of most sizes while the innovative “Air Soft” seat is designed to efficiently disperse heat and keep your back feeling cool. This machine can support users up to 300 pounds but remains is relatively compact, a nice bonus for individuals with space concerns.

Eight levels of smooth and quiet magnetic resistance can be paired with six preset workouts for multiple cardiovascular challenges. While the control screen is small, it’s easy to read and navigate through your key metrics, resistance levels, and preprogrammed  workouts. It doesn’t come with a lot of extras but it does have easy to reach side handle grip heart rate monitors and a tablet holder so you can watch videos, listen to music, or browse the web while you work out.

Marcy Magnetic Upright Exercise Cycle

The ME-708 from Marcy is a great budget upright bike offering a super small footprint capable of supporting users up to 300 pounds. It offers eight levels of smooth, quiet magnetic resistance which is easy to change using a conveniently located dial on the machine. The console is large which makes it easy to read your key metrics during a workout but unfortunately there aren’t pre-programmed workouts offered.

Marcy does make sure that the pedals are large enough for a comfortable fit and the seat is surprisingly comfortable for a bike of this price. While bike doesn’t have a lot of extra features beyond height adjustment, that’s what helps make this option budget friendly.  It also comes with a strong limited lifetime warranty which guarantees this bike will last you a very long time.

Sole B94 Upright Bike

Sole always delivers and the B94 is built with the quality parts that you would expect from this manufacturer, This excercise bike uses magnetic resistance to offer whisper quiet operation through an Eddy Current brake system which causes resistance by moving magnetic plates closer and further away from each other. Much like any other cardio machine, the dashboard is what really makes it different than other cardio machines. The LCD screen measures 9 inches and is brightly lit so it's easy to read. The large buttons underneath and on the side of screen make navigating the operating system a cinch as well as the 10 workout programs which include two heart rate programs and two custom programs.

The b94 also has all the extra features that one would want from an exercise machine including an USB port for MP3 connection, a water bottle holder, fans, and grip and chest strap, monitors. These are a lot of features that make the B94 special but the comfort of the vertically adjustable seat has to be on the top of the list.The metal frame is covered by a lifetime warranty while the plastic/polymer parts along with the electronics are covered for three years as long as you don’t try to put the cycle in your pool!

Diamondback Fitness 910Ub Upright Exercise Bike

Diamond Back takes home fitness to another level with the 910 UB upright bike. It looks like it belongs in a gym with its steel frame and heavy duty plastic which are all backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The magnetic Eddy Current brake system which works by moving magnetic plates further away and closer together to change resistance which also comes covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The easy to read console is a little intimidating to use at first but it is actually pretty easy to navigate which is good because the 910 UB offers 35 different workout programs.

This bike is nowhere near short on features with a fold out magazine rack, wireless and grip heart rate sensors, water bottle holder, fans, USB MP3 compatibility, and adjustable seat, console, and handle bars. Diamond back doesn’t skimp on comfort either, because nearly everything on this bike is adjustable and the spring supported seat feels more like a traditional bike seat.

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike

The Airdyne is one of my favorite exercise bikes and has been for a while now because of its excellent construction and comfort. It uses air resistance which has the downside of being noisy but also offers the benefits of keeping you cool and having infinite resistance. While it is impossible to make an air resistance bike completely quiet, Schwinn does a great job of keeping the AD6 as muted as possible. The frame is made from high quality plastic, steel, and aluminum parts that offer great support without making the bike too bulky.

The AD6 6 has always been a great exercise bike but this newest model is what fitness fanatics dream of. It offers some sweet new accessories like a wind screen, magazine rack, and rev meter for interval training. They even improved their console layout to make it more user friendly with constantly displayed user metrics and an easy three button navigation. The AD6 is awesome but it is not perfect; the frame is only warrantied for 15 years and the parts for three. On top of that, it doesn't offer any workout programs either but aside from these few small flaws the Schwinn AD6 is pretty close to perfect.

Diamond Back Fitness Assault Bike

Diamond Back Fitness Assault Bike

The Diamondback Fitness Assault Bike uses a giant fan for resistance which is an old school throw back with some new aged technology. Fan resistance comes with its own sets of pros and cons which makes it pretty polarizing among exercise bike users. The large fan offers unlimited resistance and a natural cooling element, but on the other hand it can be uncomfortably noisy. The Assault Bike carries the same features as other air resistance bikes, but what makes it special is what sets it apart from other air resistance bikes. It offers thick-gauge, chro-moly steel, sealed cartridge bearings and oversized pivots which basically ensure this bike is nearly indestructible.

The Assault Bike also offers a simple to read, yet entirely advanced console which you can navigate with only a few buttons. It offers seven different workout programs including six preset workouts and one custom interval workout. Other features that make this bike special include an adjustable seat, both vertical and horizontal, and moving handle bars which get your arms in on the action. The warranty on the Assault Bike is a little questionable with a maximum of five years on the entire bike, but once you touch the bike you can tell it's so well made it doesn’t really need one.

Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

Nautilus is a well-known name in the fitness industry, and here they give you is a reliable exercise bike unit loaded with options. It's made with gym-quality parts including heavy duty plastics and thick gauge powder coated steel which is why the frame is warrantied for 10 years. It uses an Eddy Current Brake system which creates resistance by moving magnetic plates closer and further away from each other and happens to be the quietest form of resistance available.

Where the U616 really shines is with its control console which is super easy to navigate and loaded with features. It features 29 programs to keep your workout fresh along with Nautilus’s unique performance tracking software. The U616 comes with an impressive amount of additional features including Bluetooth connectivity, a three speed fan, water bottle holder, media tray, and a fully adjustable seat. What this bike lacks in style it makes up for by being a really great all around exercise bike.

Sole Fitness LCR Light Commercial Recumbent Bike

Sole, as a company, can only be described as one of the best. No matter what you purchase you are sure to get a quality product but the Sole LCR is definitely one of the best. This bike’s solid frame supports up to 350 pounds. It is sturdy and functional with a great design. Unlike most other recumbent bikes which place the water bottle holder as far away as possible this design offers two holders conveniently on either side of the seat. The seat is comfortably padded and even contoured for long lasting comfort. The screen is large and bright to easily read all of your important data in one place. It is easy to navigate and quickly control all of the settings. There is a built in speaker at the top which works great and having it at the top helps the music to rise above some of the other ambient noises in the room. The one major downside to the LCR is that there are only 10 programs total available. On the other hand this is one of the most durable bikes that you will find suitable for home use and the fact that it is self-generating means that you don’t have to worry about tripping over wires or running up your electricity bill.

Sole Fitness R92 Exercise Bike

The Sole R92 has all of the benefits of the other bikes, but at a price that is accessible to more people. It is a solid bike that supports up to 300 pounds. Like its brother, the LCR, the R92 has a perfect design that places the water bottle holders conveniently at your side versus on the body where you have to reach for it. The seat is extra thick and contoured for comfort that lasts for your entire ride. The nine inch screen is bright and easy to read so you can keep track of your entire workout easily. It is equipped with a small speaker on the top of the console to jam out during your workout. Unfortunately this bike does have a few minor downsides like only ten programs and the fact that it has to be plugged in to work. While these may be minor drawbacks the R92 is still one of the best on the market.

Kettler RE7 Recumbent Ergometer

You really don’t see Kettler as much as you should. Every single Kettler machine that I have ever seen has been magnificent. The RE7 has a wide step through design and an incredibly stable base. The bottom of the seat is padded and the back is mesh which combine to offer the best of both worlds for comfort. As soon as you turn the pedal you can just tell that this bike is a high quality machine. It does not shake or wobble at all and even with a heavy fly wheel it is virtually silent. The console is tilts up and down to accommodate users of all heights. The split screens on the console give you ever piece of information that you could possibly need and with 48 programs you will always be challenged during your workout. There is so much thought put into this bike that the pedals are even weighted to stay upright when entering the machine. The only less than desirable quality about this machine is that you have to purchase the water bottle holder separately.

Diamondback Fitness 910Sr Recumbent Exercise Bike

If someone told you that this recumbent bike is relatively inexpensive you wouldn’t believe it. This bike offers a whole lot for one low price. It has some smaller features which may not be great for larger riders, but works perfectly in enclosed spaces. The seat is one of those features, and while comfortable may not be long enough for larger people. The back is made from a breathable mesh which is so you feel cooler longer. The water bottle holder is especially inconvenient on this machine because of where it is placed and how it is designed, but the console on the 910 Sr more than makes up for the flaws in this bike. At first this console seems pretty intimidating, but it is easy to get used to. It has multiple windows to track all of your key metrics and tons of buttons to navigate through over 30 resistance levels and a comparable amount of programs. The console allows for quickset technology that allows you to save your favorite programs for one touch starts. Aside from that this bike has a decent speaker and multilevel fans for a cool workout. The console is also moveable to have all of these functions right where you want them.

SportsArt C572r Commercial Series Recumbent Cycle

SportsArt C572r Commercial Series Recumbent Cycle

The C572r is a beautiful recumbent bike that puts most other bikes to shame. It is meant to be a commercial recumbent bike, but is not priced so high that you would have to own a gym to own one. Since it is built for gyms it will have no problem standing up to heavy daily use by the whole family and supports a maximum user weight of 500 pounds. The frame is solid with extra support to ensure there is no movement. The seat is easily adjustable and has water bottle holders on either side. The bottom of the seat is padded and contoured for a longer, more comfortable ride. The back of the seat is made to be extra breathable and keep you dry, while remaining comfortable. The console looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it is actually fairly easy to use. It does not have that many programs, which is somewhat beneficial because every program is available at the touch of a button. The console displays everything you need to know about your workout and more without having to scroll through a bunch of screens. This bike does not come with an integrated MP3 player, but there is an option to add an entertainment bracket. The console does have a 3 speed fan and the entire thing is self-generated which save energy and keeps you from tripping over cords in your weight room.

ProForm Tour De France Centennial Bike

The ProForm Tour De France has been the Cadillac of indoor cycles since its inception. The Centennial version is their newest and best version of the bike. It is built with classic ProForm quality that means it will last a lifetime. The unique design puts the flywheel in the back and out of the way. The road cycle like seat and handle bars are adjustable and offer the real feel of a road bike. The console is unlike anything you will see on another indoor cycle. It goes far beyond a normal LCD screen with a full color 7-inch screen. It does display all of your key metrics, but beyond that it is also pumped full with preset workout programs, resistance level controls, and actual video of Tour De France routes. Another great feature of this bike is a dual water bottle holder for even longer rides.

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle

The M3 is widely thought of as one of the best if not the best indoor cycle out there. This spinner is about as durable as they come. The base is sturdy and it is made with corrosion resistant material to prevent wear from sweat and water. The resistance system is non-wearing as well making this bike not only maintenance free, but also super quite. The seat is similar to what you would find on a normal cycle and comfortable enough for an entire workout. The eddy current resistance system offers more resistance the faster you go for nearly infinite resistance. The M3 comes with a built in water bottle holder and an option of a computer to track your key metrics.

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

Sole manufactures tons of exercise equipment and the one thing that they have in common is quality. The SB700 is designed to be perfect for both the cycling enthusiast and the spinning champion. This cycle is meant to be used in small gyms so it is incredibly durable and comes with a surprisingly heavy fly wheel. It runs smoothly and is quiet enough to hear a pin drop next to it. This indoor cycle is also fully adjustable so it fits a whole host of users up to 300 pounds. Everything on this cycle from the seat to the handle bars feels a lot like a road bike. It also comes with a built in console that keeps track of all of your key metrics.

Diamondback Fitness 910Ic Indoor Cycle Trainer

Diamond Back Fitness is a growing company that has consistently shown quality in the products that they put on the market. The 910lc is their top of the line indoor cycle that combines the best features of a road cycle and exercise bike. It is fully adjustable and completely comfortable for long rides. It constructed solidly and the heavy flywheel keeps it in place. The features that make it more like a traditional exercise bike are 32 resistance levels controlled by the built in console. The console displays allows you to keep track of all of your key metrics and comes with 18 preset workout programs. It also comes with a convenient water bottle holder and a media tray which is uncommon on cycles like this one.

Bladez Fitness Jet GS Indoor Bike

The Bladez JetBike GS is a thing of beauty. The bike is built as solid as it possible could be and could probably withstand an earth quake. It runs smoothly and quietly while the 40 pound flywheel supplies all the resistance you need. The resistance levels are adjustable with a thumb switch right off the handles. The seat and handle bars also adjust to the comfort of each user. The console is small and simple, but works to track your vital numbers. It also comes complete with a built in water bottle holder.

Buyer's Guide

Exercise Bike Buyer's Guide

Exercise bikes can be utilized by nearly anyone looking for a solid cardio workout as well as having specific rehabilitation functions for disabled individuals or those coming back from an injury. Choosing the right exercise bike can be a little confusing, partly because you have to consider features like the models size, the type of resistance, and any extra features to ensure overall comfort while you’re using one. This buyer’s guide will provide you with all the information you’ll need to set you on the right path towards choosing the perfect exercise bike.

Exercise Bike Types

The upright bike is probably what pops into most people’s heads when you say exercise bike. They usually have the seat, handles, and general form of a normal bicycle but with a much bulkier body to hold all of the extra mechanical components.

Recumbent bikes allow you to exercise in a seated position which takes almost all of the pressure off the joints while giving you all the cardiovascular benefits associated with upright models. These exercise bikes are obviously well-suited for individuals suffering from chronic joint pain or recovering from surgeries.

Cycling or “spinning” bikes are typically by avid cyclists who live in regions where biking year round is not an option. These bikes often look and feel more like a traditional bike while their compact size means a smaller amount of space is taken up than an upright or recumbent bike.

Resistance Types

Direct Contact Resistance
Direct contact uses friction to create a smooth riding resistance via a brake and pad system similar to what you’d find in a car. While this system is effective, it ultimately leads to premature wear on the mechanical components involved. This kind of resistance is rarely used anymore, but still found sometimes on less expensive exercise bikes.

Fan Resistance
Featured almost exclusively in upright bikes, fan resistance is created through the friction of wind blowing over the fan blades as the bike is pedaled, making this type of resistance smooth and infinite. Although this resistance type can grow unbearably loud, it does offer the user a conveniently built-in method to stay cool during a workout.

Magnetic Resistance
Magnetic resistance is the most popular option among exercise bike enthusiasts because it’s always smooth and offers reliable, consistent resistance. A series of magnets situated along the flywheel are activated and de-activated in order to increase or decrease resistance accordingly.

Physical Considerations

If you’re planning on any kind of workout lasting longer than 15 minutes, you want to make sure you’re going to be comfortably seated.There are all kinds of seating options including gel, hard contour, extra wide, the therapeutic Easy Seat, and even traditional bicycle seats. Some exercise bikes even offer interchangeable seats to match the demands of your current workout.

Foot Pedal
Most bikes offer ergonomically-shaped foot pedals with an oversized surface space and supportive curves. There are also different strap types such as nylon and leather to keep your feet in place while pedaling.

Unit Footprint
The “footprint”, or amount of space an exercise bike occupies, can vary greatly depending on the type you’re interested in. Always measure the amount of available space in your dwelling and compare against the measurements of the bike you’re considering to avoid crowding your workout space.

Dashboard and Controls
A budget-minded exercise bike may feature just a few simple buttons for controlling speed and incline while more upscale options feature touch-sensitive tablet interfaces built right into the dashboard. These tablets serve as a traditional information display as well as for access to the internet, streaming media, movies, telelvision shows, and more. However, you’ll want to go with an option within your comfort level as something too technologically in-depth may scare you away from ever using your new bike.

Speaker Systems
Dual speaker systems are now a fairly common feature found on exercise bikes and usually offer a USB port to plug in almost any MP3 player or smartphone. More expensive options include Bluetooth technology for wirelessly connecting an MP3 player or smartphone to the speakers so your device never leaves your pocket.

Unit Footprint
The “footprint”, or amount of space an exercise bike occupies, can vary greatly depending on the type you’re interested in. Always measure the amount of available space in your dwelling and compare against the measurements of the bike you’re considering to avoid crowding your workout space.


With so many moving parts, an exercise bike is only as good as its manufacturer’s warranty. Often exercise bikes will have separate warranties for electronics, the frame, and of course the basic mechanical components which make up the whole of the bike itself.

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