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Best Field Hockey Stick

To be the best field hockey player you can be, it is important to choose the correct field hockey stick. There are several factors that should be considered when selecting a field hockey stick. It is essential that you get the right size stick based on your height, size, strength, and ability. Some players prefer longer sticks while others feel that they have more maneuverability with a shorter one. You can determine the proper stick length by placing your right hand index finger on your right hip bone. Then place your middle and ringer fingers next to your index finger; the top of the stick should reach the side of your ring finger. This is merely a guide to selecting the right length stick; make sure you get the stick that you feel most comfortable using.

Stick weight is another important factor when purchasing a field hockey stick. The weight of the stick is often determined by the position you play. Backs usually use a heavier stick so they can hit with distance. Midfielders use an average weight stick that works for both defense and offense. Forwards tend to prefer a lightweight stick that works best for faster movement and quick shots. There are also different toe designs: shorti, midi, maxi, and hook. Toe designs differ depending on the way a player needs to strike the ball.

Now, it’s time to get out on the field and play some field hockey! Here are the five best selections for field hockey sticks.

Gryphon Tour Composite Field Hockey Stick

Gryphon Tour Composite Field Hockey Stick

The Gryphon Tour Composite Field Hockey stick is made from premium materials and incorporates 24.5mm of curve into its bow. The bow has been moved down the shaft nearer to the toe; this allows for better control, easier lifts, and better drag flicking. This stick comes with a silicone-sleeved handle for softer touch and better feel. Gryphon has also increased the handle diameter on the Tour to allow for better control. While increasing the handle diameter, they decreased the overall head thickness which makes it easier to life the ball on both backhanded and forehanded shots. It comes in 36.5 and 37.5 lengths. The stick is in the higher price range, but for those serious players, its power and handling can be beat!

Mazon Fusion Black Magic 360 Composite Stick

Mazon Fusion Black Magic 360 Composite Stick

The Mazon Fusion Black Magic 360 is the flagship stick of the Fusion line. It offers the best in response and hitting power due to its graphite/glass shaft that includes twin Kevlar core inserts. The Black Magic has a semi-hook head shape with a 360-degree Spin Zone and a traction control face finish. It comes in 36.5 and 37.5 sizes and is considered a light to medium weight stick. It also includes RVS+ (Reduction Vibration System Plus) for a better feel on hits and the latest Kevlar anti-shock zone technology. The Black Magic has a torsion stability rating of 9.

Grays O Tech 8000 Megabow Field Hockey Stick

The Grays O Tech 8000 Megabow field hockey stick offers outstanding new technology for the serious player. It features a unique three-dimensional O-port design that increases aerodynamic qualities of the stick. This O-port design includes actual holes, or O-ports, that allow air to flow freely through the stick making it more aerodynamic. This improves energy efficiency, reduces drag, and increases the swing speed when you hit the ball. The greater the swing speed, the harder the shot. The O-Tech 8000 includes a maxi head shape, and extra-stiff power rating and comes in 36.5 and 37.5 sizes.

Voodoo Unlimited Composite Field Hockey Stick

Whether you are smacking balls out of the defensive end or shooting hard shots on goal, this stick has the perfect balance of weight and power. It’s a regular head 24.5mm bow. It comes in 36.5 and 37.5 sizes. Its international ratings are: 10+/10 for power and 10+/10 for feel. Double Kevlar in the head of this stick gives it incredible durability. The Voodoo Unlimited has the highest real carbon content of any stick available today; this is what gives your shots amazing speed and power. It has a curved maxi head shape and an extremely light feel. It is an all-around powerful stick with a great feel.

OBO Fatboy Composite Goalie Stick

This stick is for goalies only. The CranBarry OBO Fatboy Goalie stick gives the goalie as much of an advantage as possible. It is thicker to provide more mass and perfectly balanced to help the goalie maneuver the stick when blocking shots. The hook toe length is 36.5 inches. Goalie sticks generally have a different shape than field sticks because they need the increased surface area to make stopping shots easier. They also tend to be lighter and easier to move around. Many of them are designed so that a ball shot on goal deflects off the stick surface, rather than stopping dead. The Fatboy gives you all that and more.

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