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Best Fireproof Safe

You’ve bucked the trend. You’ve defied the odds. You’ve avoided the radar and the box of cash underneath your mattress is overflowing. You need a fireproof safe, but which one? Oh my, wouldn’t we all like to have those kinds of problems. Well maybe it isn’t a box load of cash you are trying to protect just some important papers, keepsakes, electronic and the like, a fireproof safe is just what you are going to need. These safes should be evaluated first on UL rating which will tell you how much heat a particular unit can take and for how long. Secondly you will probably want a waterproof model because, if there was a fire they would put it out with water and what good would your stuff be if it didn’t burn but it was irreparably water damaged. And thirdly, you may want to consider buying a safe for fire, water and theft protection so it’s strength, weight and durability should be factored in. So sit back and enjoy the peace of mind you’ll have knowing all of your valuables are safe and secure.

Honeywell Waterproof Fire Safe 2092D

The best fireproof safe for most homeowner and consumer needs is the Honeywell 2092D Waterproof Fire Safe. It is UL rated for one hour of fire resistance for flames up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit outside while keeping the internal temperature to less than 350 degrees. At 1.3 cubic feet of internal storage space, if you need more storage than this you will be able to afford a much bigger safe. Besides protection against the water that would be used to fight a fire, this safe will actually float making it easy to find in the event of a flood. This Honeywell safe comes with 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. At 91 pounds it is difficult to move and would be a challenge to carry off in a hurry.

LockState Dial Fireproof Safe LS-30J

For the needs of the average homeowner, the LockState LS-30J Dial Fireproof Safe is the number two best fireproof safe. It is UL rated for one hour at 1800 degrees, which will withstand in time and temperature most fires that could occur in the home. It is made of thick walled, powder-coated steel. It has a four-dial combination lock and comes with two override keys. Weighing in at less than 70 pounds, this unit is movable for the homeowner but can be bolted to a wall or the floor, which is highly recommended if you are thinking of theft protection. Moderately priced for excellent fire protection but be prepared to pay a little more if you want a safe with water protection as well.

SentrySafe Fire-Safe Waterproof Data Storage Chest QA0121

A technologically significant addition to the best fireproof safe list is the SentrySafe QA0121 Fire-Safe Waterproof Data Storage Chest. This has a powered USB port that will connect directly to your home or laptop computer. It will then connect to a user supplied outside storage device that will be housed in the safe and protected from fire and water damage. In terms that we can all understand, this unit will protect an external computer storage device from fire and water damage. It is also designed to protect your important CD and DVD’s. SentrySafe also gets high marks for consistency and superior customer service.

First Alert Fire and Water File Chest 2037F

If it’s hanging files you are trying to protect, the First Alert 2037F Fire and Water File Chest, 0.62 Cubic Foot is for you. This unit provides one half hour of fire protection for your important 8 1/2 x 11 documents at 1550 degrees Fahrenheit. It will also protect valuable papers and photographs from water damage and the company claims that it will stay waterproof even when fully submerged. Nothing fancy here just safe and secure file storage. Comes with a five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and a full lifetime replacement plan in the event of fire damage.

SentrySafe Fire-Safe Water-Resistant Safe with USB-Powered Connectivity QE4531

Last on the list of best fireproof safes is SentrySafe QE4531 Fire-Safe Water-Resistant Safe with USB-Powered Connectivity. By far the most expensive safe reviewed here, it is also the one with the most diverse storage capacity, perhaps more than the average user will ever need. This safe is UL rated for two hours of fire protection and a 30-foot drop test and at well over 130 pounds it would be a fairly large load for thieves to just drag away. Equipped with USB connectivity for your external storage devices, it can also accommodate CD’s, DVD’s and your important papers. A bit overpriced and over featured for the average homeowner, this safe is better suited for home office or small business use.

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