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Best Fishfinder

In a lake, river or even in the sea, its not always possible to see below the surface, and that is why a fishfinder is a necessary item among serious anglers. What is the Best Fishfinder? These are pricey, so you will want to make sure you purchase the right one the first time. If you want to catch more fish while in a boat you need to know where the fish are. You'll want to figure out the underwater terrain in your favorite fishing spot so you can avoid the debris under the surface and get to the big fish.

Humminbird 345C Color Fishfinder

If you are looking to get your first fishfinder or want an reasonably priced upgrade to enjoy new technologies the Humminbird 345c Color Fishfinder is the model for you. You get a narrow view and a larger view of the water, that can be viewed individually or together on a split screen.
A little more complex than a simple fish finder, but one that isn't so complex you can't figure out how it works. The ability to see underneath with 20 degree and 60 degree angles, allows you to see fish an older model fishfinder couldn't.

Garmin Fishfinder 90 Dual-Beam Transducer

The Garmin Fishfinder 90 is perfect for the casual inland angler. If you want great shallow water performance and don't want a huge locator, or an expensive one in your boat, you have found the best fish finder for you. This basic fish finder gives fish alarms along with shallow water alarms on a black and white screen. If you just need the basics because you know how to catch fish on your favorite lake, the budget friendly Garmin Fishfinder 90 is your best bet.

Humminbird 1157C Combo Color Fishfinder

If you have a big boat that you use on large areas of open water, the Humminbird 1157c Combo fishfinder is the best fish finder for you. This model is standard with a ten inch plus wide screen and all the bells and whistles you could want. You have the performance and technology at your finger tips to find big fish in the ocean or a deep inland lake. With a split screen option, GPS technology, and a built in mapping system, all you will need to worry about is catching fish.

Lowrance HDS-10 Multifunction Fishfinder

The Lowrance HDS_10 Multifunction Fishfinder is the next generation of fish locators. The high-def screen gives unparalleled viewing quality. Some features include charting sonar that makes the water bottom 3D, plenty of maps for every body of water. Also included are the Sirius Satellite Radio & Weather capabilities for your safety. You can be safe on big water with either an inland, coastal or offshore with the weather service package for added safety. IThe Lowrance HDS High-Def fishfinder is the new age of fish finders.

Lowrance Elite-5 DSI GPS

Lowrance Elite 5 Base US Fishfinder and Chartplotter gives you everything the modern angler could want in a fish finder. Its features make this a great choice for our list. This model is a 480 by 480 pixel color screen. The split screens allows you to see where you are located using GPS and also see what is below the surface to a depth of 1000 feet where you are fishing. This one is for deep sea fishing or fishing in a very deep inland lake.

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