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Best Flat Iron Spray

High-tech flat Irons have become a staple in the vast majority of women's beauty routines. The typical flat iron heats up between 175 to 350 degrees. Although they produce super-sleek, polished results, that kind of heat can severely damage the hair. By using a flat iron spray, you can not only protect your strands, but infuse them with moisture. It is imperative that you use a protective spray each and every time you straighten your hair. I chose the following sprays based on effectiveness, cost and how much each particular spray decreased damage. I love how well they protected my hair as well as the shine they produced. The following products are amazing and sure to impress anyone that subjects their hair to the heat of a flat iron on a regular basis.

Organix Ever-Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray

Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray is an amazing product. Not only does it do a wonderful job, it's inexpensive. The formula utilizes moisturizing extracts of avocado, cocoa butter, coconut and aloe to infuse hair with moisture and shine. This formula also contains keratin, which helps to fill-in damaged areas and strengthen hair. A lot of flat iron sprays can get greasy if you use too much. Organix Ever Straight soaks in and leaves no build up on the hair. I am able to use a liberal amount with out having to worry about product over load.

TIGI S-Factor Flat Iron Spray

TIGI S-Factor Flat Iron Spray is a high-end thermal protectant that not only shields hair from the abuse of heat tools, it also protects strands against the suns damaging UV rays. S-Factor Flat Iron Spray is the most recent thermal protectors that I have used. I always thought that the oil/serum/hair cream I had been using was enough to protect when I used heated styling tools. I always ended up with fried ends, which made it difficult to grow out my hair. After using this product for a few weeks, I noticed that my hair was much smoother after blow-drying and I didn't have to cut as much off. If I wear my hair curly, I always finish off my style with this spray, as it drastically reduces frizz and fly-away hair. This product makes a world of difference as it infuses hair with vitamins and anti-oxidants, which leaves hair super-polished and sleek.

Aquage Beyond Shine Spray

Aquage Beyond Shine is an amazing spray that is the ultimate in shine and thermal protection. Rich emollients and silicon not only protect, they act as straightening catalysts. The fine-mist suspension is designed to be sprayed on top of each section of hair as well as underneath the hair, allowing it to penetrate and smooth the cuticle from all directions. The formula is heat-stable, which means it can withstand high temperatures. Not only does it protect, it leaves the hair glossy and polished. This multi-tasking spray can also be used on curly hair to define tendrils and maintain shape and shine.

CHI Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray

CHI Farouk Systems USA Cationic Hydration Interlink 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Sprayis the pioneer of hair protecting mists. CHI, known for their slammin' flat irons, has made this spray specifically for ceramic tools. Farouk Systems formulates their products with a blend of silk, one of the strongest natural proteins known to man. What makes this spray unique is that it creates hydrogen bonds within the hair follicle that allows strands to be styled in a variety of ways. Translation: you can straighten your hair in the morning and curl it in the evening.

Redkin Iron Silk 07 Ultra-Straightening Spray

Redkin Iron Silk 07 Ultra-Straightening Spray works as a deep conditioner as well as a heat protectant. It infuses dry hair with moisture, leaving it bouncy and manageable. This mist is light-weight and does not build up. Some heat protecting sprays (including the expensive ones) leave hair crispy, almost like you have applied hair spray. This product can be applied liberally and leaves hair glossy and conditioned.

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