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Best Flea Fogger

A flea fogger is essentially another name for a fumigation device. It releases a massive amount of insecticide into a room that saturates the air completely. By this action, virtually every nook, cranny and crevice becomes inundated with pesticide particles, turning the entire fogged area into a toxic unlivable space.

In general terms, using a flea fogger should really only be applied as a last ditch method when flea infestation is so severe that other methods of control don't work. Extreme caution must be used when fogging, such as, all pilot lights and open flames must be extinguished, the entire room and/or household must be evacuated for up to 4 hours, and the entire premises must be aired out after returning.

All flea foggers on this list will be effective, when used according to their label directions. Price will be no object, since effectiveness is the prime reason for using one, and the best flea fogger will work be effective immediately and have strong residual results to keep on killing long after the fogger has been employed.

Precor Plus IGR Fogger Flea Control Flea Bomb

Nothing is more effective than the Precor Plus Fogger "Flea Bomb." It uses a synthetic pyrethrin-based insecticide that effectively disrupts a flea's neurological function to kill it. Then, it distributes a residual chemical called methoprene isopropyl that regulates a flea growth cycle, never allowing a larvae to turn into an adult biting flea. One application will effectively treat 750 square feet, so in some cases, you will be able to treat either a room or an entire residence with one can. With a name like "flea bomb," its got to be good.

Enforcer Flea Fogger

If you want a flea fogger that uses natural pyrethrins, than Enforcer Flea Fogger will fit the bill. Natural pyrethrins, made from the chrysanthemum plant, are a bit more environmentally friendly than synthetic made pyrethrins. They are mixed with NYLAR, or pyriproxyfen, which is a growth regulator that keeps flea larvae from growing into biting adults. Each fogger covers approximately 500 square feet, and the residual effect will last up to 7 months.

Adams 3-Pack Plus Flea Indoor Fogger

This is probably the best flea fogger you have never heard of, but the Adams 3-Pack Plus Flea Indoor Fogger, 3-Ounce uses the same chemicals as the top rated fogger, so there is no question that it will work. It gives immediate kill with a synthetic pyrethrin ingredient, and keeps on killing for up to 7 months with a methoprene growth regulator. The main difference is in the size of the can, which equates to a smaller room or area size that can be effectively treated, roughly about 300 square feet.

Virbac Knockout Room Fogger

If you have an extremely large room, warehouse, basement area, and want the most coverage, use Virbac Knockout Room Fogger. This spray will treat an approximate 1500 square feet of space, but since it is the most expensive fogger on the list, you'll pay a premium for that. It is made of two synthetic pyrethrin active ingredients, and uses NYLAR as a growth regulator that lasts up to 7 months. According to the EPA, large cans of fogger should not be used in smaller rooms due to a possible explosive situation. Heed that advice when using this bad boy.

Hartz UltraGuard Plus Home Fogger

From a name you know and trust for all of your pet needs, the Hartz UltraGuard Plus Home Fogger may be the fogger for you. Made of natural pyrethrins, for a more environmentally friendly flea fogging ingredient, it uses NYLAR for up to 7 month residual effectiveness. It will fog roughly 300 square feet, which makes it a good choice as a room sized fogger. This is one of the least expensive foggers available, which makes it the best bang for the buck deal on this list.

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