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Best Foam Roller

Foam rollers are still overlooked in the fitness industry because people either think they’re a gimmick, or simply don’t understand how they work. The truth is foam rollers may be one of the more important pieces of exercise equipment ever invented. Foam rollers can be used for exercise, but they’re really made to help you stretch and work out tight muscles; it’s like giving yourself your own deep tissue massage.

These foam rollers were chosen as best because of their different textures which make them more versatile to use, solid construction so they don’t fall apart the second you purchase them, and convenient, on-the-go size for use anywhere on your body without being awkward to maneuver.

Trigger Point Performance GRID X Foam Roller

The Grid X by Trigger Point is an unbeatable masterpiece of foam roller technology that is unbeatable in any way. Easy to use horizontally or vertically, this roller features multiple textures around the roller which allow you to reach any spot you need with the amount of pressure for relief. The Grid X is about as durable as they come, supporting a max weight of 550 pounds which is unbelievable for a hollow roller. Measuring just 13 by 5.5 inches, it’s short and light for easy packing in a bag to take with you anywhere. This rollers sweat-proof foam exterior allows for easy cleaning, making it perfect to use indoors and out.

Gaiam Restore Textured Foam Roller Kit

Known for their reliable products, Gaiam started off as a small yoga products company has grown to be one of the largest fitness merchandise sellers in the world. At just 12 inches, this lightweight roller is short in stature which makes it easy to maneuver during your stretching and cool down. The Restore is a great roller for smaller bodies, but its durable foam construction can hold its own. Although a softer foam roller, the Restore is still firm enough to work out your tight muscles. The knobs surrounding the roller are excellent for working deep into your muscles without being too harsh.

TriggerPoint Performance GRID STK Handheld Foam Roller

The Grid STK by Trigger Point is one of the most innovative products to hit the fitness industry in quite a while. The compact size and unique shape makes it easy to travel with and allows you to use it in ways no other foam roller can thanks to a design which feels like a massage therapists hands. It also features the multiple textures of a traditional grid roller making it the most multipurpose roller around.

The STK’s compact and durable design includes an easy-clean, plastic/foam exterior which makes this roller impervious to sweat and other outside forces that wear on other products. It measures just 21 inches long and less than 2.5 Inches wide making it one of the smallest and most effective foam rollers available.

SPRI EVA Round Foam Roller

SPRI is a fitness industry leader with a reputation for high quality products like their EVA Foam Roller. Unlike other fancy foam rollers, this model doesn’t have any bumps or textures which may be exactly what you’re looking for. This roller is made with the densest EVA foam possible which makes it extremely durable. It will always keep its shape and is also designed to be moisture resistant which keeps out odor-causing bacteria while making the roller easy to clean. SPRI offers the EVA roller in 12 and 36 inch lengths, but I would stick with the 12 inch because it’s easier to travel with and maneuver during use.

Rumble Roller Compact Original

The Rumble Roller has been around for a while and the good thing is it hasn’t changed a bit. In fact, the only change Rumble Roller has made is offering a compact version measuring only 12 inches by 5 inches making it lighter and easier to travel with. The knobs on the Rumble Roller offer the deepest tissue massage out there and may even be too much for some people. This device is constructed with only the finest quality materials to ensure that it will last a long time and always keep its shape. Just like other rollers, its foam construction is moisture resistant, easy to clean, and perfect for use indoors and outdoors.

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