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Best Football Helmet

All the talk of concussions in the sport of football has helped bring to light just how critical the right football helmet can be.  Regardless of age, speed or skill level, every player on the field needs to have a helmet that fits properly in order to stay healthy.

Before you jump on the field this fall make sure you review our lists below to find the best and most appropriate football helmet for you.

Schutt Youth ION 4D Football Helmet

Schutt is a company that is at the top of the heap when it comes to football safety equipment. Its efforts like the ION 4D football helmet that will certainly help to keep them there. This high quality helmet features TPU cushioning in place of the customary foam padding that has been used in football helmets for years. TPU is much more effective in absorbing impact than the foam traditionally used in helmets and it creates a more comfortable and healthier environment for the player wearing it. TPU manages heat more effectively than traditional foam padding and fights the development of fungus, mold and bacteria. This rock solid effort is head and shoulders above the competition, which is exactly where you want to be when it comes to a helmet.

Riddell Revolution Speed Youth Football Helmet with Face Guard

Riddell has made an effort to reduce on field concussions with the technology in their Revolution series of helmets. In addition to the impact resistant cushioning this helmet features extra protection around the jaw to minimize the potential damage from impact on the field. The Revolution series helmets feature an adjustable liner that ensures an appropriate fit to keep each player as safe as possible on the field. Riddell has also taken hygiene into consideration with their Revolution helmets with their anti-microbial liner. If you are looking for a safe and comfortable piece of equipment you can’t go wrong with the Riddell Revolution helmets.

Schutt DNA Pro Youth Football Helmet

The DNA is another incredible piece of protective equipment from Schutt. This helmet features the same TPU cushioning to provide the ultimate in impact protection for all players on the field. Another great feature of the DNA Pro Plus is the inflatable air liner that helps to ensure the best possible fit. This SUREFIT liner is anti-microbial and allows for a custom fit feel at a very affordable price. This is a top quality helmet in every sense of the word but should fit into the budgets of teams/parents who can’t afford to spend what most “pro quality” helmets cost.

Rawlings NRG Quantum Youth Football Helmet

The Rawlings NRG Quantum allows for a customized fit to make it an ideal helmet for youth players of all ages. This helmet is designed to deliver the necessary protection by dissipating force at the point of impact keeping the player as safe as possible during play. Rawlings has rounded out this top notch effort with stainless steel hardware, a durable outer shell and a rugged face mask. This helmet is designed to protect players during the roughest hits on the field while keeping them as comfortable as possible above the shoulder pads.

All-Star Youth Catalyst Football Helmet

The Youth Catalyst helmet is ultra light and has great vision making it one of the most comfortable helmets on the market. The positive here is that the decrease in the weight of the equipment doesn’t diminish the protection you get on the field. This high quality helmet also features removable liners that can be replaced and mixed and match to provide the best possible fit for any youth player. The padding in the Youth Catalyst is designed with comfort in mind as well and the material is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial for the cleanest environment for the player. This helmet is loaded with all of the safety and comfort features your players need but not priced so highly that it will break the bank.

Riddell Revolution Adult Football Helmet w/G2B Facemask

Riddell Revolution Adult Football Helmet w/G2B Facemask

Riddell has been at the top of the heap when it comes to producing safety equipment for football players of all ages. Their Revolution helmet is a piece of high tech equipment that will help keep them there for the foreseeable future. In addition to the rugged exterior and high quality protective padding, Riddell has also added a unique inflatable jaw pad to their Revolution helmet. This provides additional protection where other helmet manufacturers have overlooked and further decreases the risk for concussions during play. The Revolution also features an adjustable liner to customize the fit to each individual player. This helmet is high tech, highly protective and very comfortable – the perfect combination for a good adult football helmet.

Schutt AiR XP Elite Adult Football Helmet

Schutt AiR XP Elite Adult Football Helmet

Schutt may not be as common a name as Riddell but just about everyone who has stepped on a field knows what kind of equipment they produce. The Schutt Air XP Elite is an upgraded version of a helmet that was already one of the best pieces of protective that you could buy. The Air XP Elite features the same rugged shell and quality face guards that Schutt has become known for but this model has a few additional features that make this helmet even more attractive. Like the Riddell Revolution the Air XP Elite has put additional focus on jaw pads making this both a safer and more comfortable helmet than many others on the market. Another feature that Schutt brings to the table is a two piece, inflatable liner that creates a custom fit feeling without the outrageous price tag. This high quality liner also helps with hygiene – it is anti-microbial and resistant to mold and mildew.

Rawlings Quantum Adult Football Helmet with Unattached Facemask

Rawlings may not be the first name you think of when it comes to football protective gear but they do have a long standing reputation for producing top quality sports gear. While Riddell and Schutt may be the first manufacturers people think of when it comes to football helmets, the Rawlings Quantum is certainly a worthy consideration. The Quantum features an inflatable liner to create a super comfortable and customized fit for any player. This helmet also has features designed to optimize temperature control to create the highest level of comfort regardless of the weather conditions you are playing or practicing in. In addition to maximum comfort, Rawlings also stepped up their efforts to keep players well protected. The Quantum is designed to dissipate force during even the heaviest of impacts to keep players at every position as safe as possible.

Rawlings Adult NRG Football Helmet

Rawlings Adult NRG Football Helmet

Rawlings has stepped up their game enough to crack the top five with two of their professional quality adult football helmets. The Adult NRG helmet may only come in at number five on our list, but this helmet has features that truly make it stand out against the multitude of helmets available from other manufacturers today. The Adult NRG features incredible impact absorption due to high tech XRD foam and dual air bags. This multi level protection system keeps players at all positions safe from injury stemming from heavy impact. Like the Quantum, the NRG also features Rawlings unique air exchange system to help keep players comfortable no matter what the temperature or weather conditions happen to be. This is a top quality helmet in every sense of the word and an excellent choice when looking to protect yourself on the field.

Schutt Vengeance DCT Adult Football Helmet

The Vengeance is another incredible piece of safety equipment from a company well known for its high quality efforts. Schutt has retooled this effort to create a safer, more comfortable helmet that is perfect for players at any position. The helmet is designed to absorb more of the impact from the heavy collisions that occur regularly on the football field. Both the liner and the jaw pads feature TPU cushioning to minimize the risk of concussion and keep you as safe as possible while playing at full speed. If you are looking for a helmet that was built with both safety and comfort in mind, you can’t go wrong with this effort from Schutt.

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