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Best Football

Of all of the pieces of equipment used to play and trained for the game of football, the ball itself may be the most critical. While choosing a football may seem like a relatively easy task there are a number of features that may help one ball stand out above the rest.

Whether you are in high school, college or you are just starting out with the game see our detailed lists below to find the perfect football for your level of play.

Spalding Pop Warner Leather Mitey Mite Football

With the Pop Warner Mitey Mite Spalding has created a ball that looks, feels and plays like a traditional pro “pigskin” but that is actually made from a highly durable composite. That composite coating results in improved grip, which means better passes, more exciting catches and fewer fumbles during the big game. The Mitey Might also features a water resistant liner and a tough 4-ply TPU bladder for maximum air retention and durability. This ball will hold up well during game after game after game, regardless of field or weather conditions. If you want a better, more exciting game on the field you want the Spalding Pop Warner Mitey Mite in your player’s hands.

Wilson K2 PeeWee Game Football

Super easy grip and a durable coating and stitch structure are the primary features that help this youth football stand out from the crowd. The Wilson K2 PeeWee Game Football’s rugged composite leather covering and easy grip stripes and pebbled laces make it an absolute dream for quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers. This ball also boasts a tough butyl bladder for maximum air retention and durability. This certainly isn’t a ball that you will need to pump up after every few sets of downs. This ball is affordable, durable, easy to control and perfect for any game day condition.

Under Armour 595 Youth Football

Under Armour has been making high quality football equipment for adults and youths for years and their 595 series youth football continues the tradition. This is an upgrade to earlier versions of their youth football, which were excellent efforts themselves. The Under Armour 595 starts out with improved grip in mind. This incredible ball features an ultra high quality composite leather covering and laces that were crafted to improve both grip for throwing and ball control. The 595 also features a rugged liner to prevent air loss and to ensure that it will hold shape play after play during the roughest of games.

Wilson TDJ Junior Leather Game Football

The Wilson TDJ is constructed from Wilson leather which resonates the feel of traditional game play – only better. This superior quality youth football has a super deep pebble grain and Wilson’s own Accurate Control Lacing System which both work to dramatically improve grip and ball control. The Wilson TDJ also features the added advantage of Grip Stripes which help players to hang onto the ball better in any game condition. Wilson has also worked to improve the overall texture of the ball which increase comfort during runs from scrimmage or runs after the catch. In short, the TDJ has an exceptional feel which translates into improved play on the field.

Nike Spiral Tech 1000 Youth Football

Nike is one of the most popular names in just about every facet of sports because they produce quality products. The Spiral Tech 1000 Youth Football is a perfect example of everything that Nike does well. This solid youth football is designed to allow for stronger, farther and more accurate throws. Quarterbacks can easily target receivers downfield with this ball and the enhanced grip of the high quality composite leather cover make for easier catches. The Spiral Tech 1000 is durable, holds air and shape well and makes for improved play in all weather conditions.

Wilson F1100 Official NFL Leather Football

You can’t get much closer to what the pros actually use on the field than the Wilson F1100 – probably because this happens to be the official ball of the NFL. This ultra high quality effort from Wilson is produced with the perfect texture for improved grip making it easier to throw and catch – even if you weren’t drafted by your favorite club coming out of college. The Wilson F1100 is built to last with a 3-ply bladder to all but eliminate the possibility of leaks or pops under normal playing conditions. This beautifully crafted ball also features a durable leather cover with double lacing to ensure that it will last for seasons to come. If you want to put together a game of flag, rough touch or tackle on the weekends you might want to make the Wilson F1100 your official game ball as well.

Spalding J5V Advance Composite Leather Ball

Spalding made every effort to give the Wilson F1100 a run for their money at the top spot with this high quality football. The Spalding J5V starts with a highly durable 4-ply TPU bladder that ensures the best air retention. This is not a ball that you will have to re-fill at half time, no matter how hard you play. Follow up that rugged bladder with a 2-ply liner and an ultra high quality composite leather cover and you’ve got a ball that plays well on any surface and in any weather condition. The J5V also features excellent grip with make throwing and passing a breeze, even if gloves and stickum aren’t part of your repertoire.

Wilson GST Composite Game Football

Looking for a professional quality football, without the professional sized price tag? The GST from Wilson has all of the features you want in a football – great grip, durable cover, heavy duty bladder, without the cost associated with a pro level ball. An added feature I really liked from the Wilson GST was the textured, pebbled composite laces. This really improves the already solid grip to allow for easier passing and tighter spirals. The GST works well on all surfaces and in all playing conditions while managing to fit well into some tighter budgets.

Spalding Never Flat Football

The Spalding Never Flat aims to eliminate one of the most aggravating things for the sports equipment owner. The new pressure tension technology that goes into the Never Flat’s new membrane ensures that this ball will stay inflated up to 10 times longer than other balls on the market. This means that you’ll have more time to play while other armchair quarterbacks are frantically hunting for pumps and needles to refill their footballs. In addition to the incredible air retention, the Never Flat also has good grip and high durability. This ball performs well in just about any condition and will always be ready to play when you are.

Nike Spiral Tech Composite Football NFHS

High school football is a serious competitive sport that paves the way for the athletes who will ultimately become NFL stars. It should come as no surprise that the official ball of high school football, the Nike Spiral, would end up on our list of best footballs. The Nike Spiral has undergone a few changes over the years and all seem to be for the best. This new incarnation features excellent grip to improve both passing and catching. This ball helps you throw a tighter spiral for improved accuracy and better game play. This ball is easy to control, highly durable and a real pleasure to use in all conditions.

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