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Best French Press

The french press is a manual coffee making system where you add the coffee grounds into a container then pour pre-heated hot water over the top. You then let the grounds brew for as long as you desire, understanding that the longer the brew,  the stronger the coffee. Finally, you’ll strain the grounds from the liquid resulting in freshly brewed coffee that some consider the best that can be made.

The following best  French press makers will have a press strainer which is tightly sealed along the edges. Lesser presses may make good coffee, but if the seal isn't tight you’ll have bits and piece of grounds escaping into the coffee brew. Each of our picks will also be capable of making at least eight cups of coffee, making them as versatile as a drip or percolator coffee machine. If you’re like to use fine ground coffee, then consider those types with multiple strainers.

All of the strainer mediums will be made of metal as well; while plastic or nylon strainers will keep the grounds out as effectively as metal, their overall durability is in question. Honestly, do you really want bits and pieces of degraded plastic (or strings of nylon) infesting your coffee and spoiling the brew? Although every plastic French Press maker on this list will be BPH free, we’ve offered all-metal options if you’re concerned about plastic chemicals leaching into the brew. Lastly, each of these picks will come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise stated in the description.

LINKYO Stainless Steel French Press

The LINKYO Stainless Steel French Press has all the outward beauty and inward performance necessary to land it on the top of this list. Made of dishwasher safe stainless steel, this french press  come with two bonus filter screens which will last the life of the pot, and you can double them up to brew finer grounds without bleeding into the finished pot. Shaped like a regular coffee pot so it will look good on any counter or table, it also features double wall construction which keeps your coffee hotter longer. Although of the more expensive units on this list, its visual aesthetics and consistent function can’t be beat. It also comes covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment.

Best Coffee Press Pot with Stainless Steel & Heat Resistant Glass

If you’re new to French Press and you want a complete set including the scoop, measuring spoon, and extra mesh filters, check out the Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee & Tea Maker. Made of heat resistant glass and stainless steel, this french press comes with four filters which can be used to accommodate the finest grounds without worrying about them getting into your brew. Although this is a sturdy unit, you'll still have to be a bit more careful handling this pick because of the glass container composition. Because of this the Kitchen Supreme French Press is best washed and rinsed by hand. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, this picks offers the consumer a full replacement warranty.

BonJour Coffee Unbreakable Plastic French Press

If you’re worried about breakage (or want an on-the-go french press) then the BonJour Coffee Unbreakable Plastic French Press, 33.8-Ounce coffee maker may be just what you’ve been looking for. Although it is the least expensive coffee maker here, that doesn't mean it won't produce quality french press coffee. You'll only be able to use coarse grounds with the stainless steel filter mesh, but it will do a credible job of keeping them out of the final pot of brew. Dishwasher safe, this french press comes in several different colors to suit your individual preferences. This picks durable construction is unmatched and perfect for households with kids or individuals prone to slips and fumbles.

Kuissential 8-Cup Stainless Steel French Press

For a more contemporary designed coffee pot, the Kuissential 8-Cup Stainless Steel French Press will look great on your modern counter top. The double stainless steel design keeps coffee hot longer although you'll need to use coarse grounds since there’s only one mesh filter supplied; finer grounds will get through the mesh if used, resulting in a gritty cup of coffee. Due to the stainless construction this is a very durable pick and would make an excellent choice for the home or travel alike. Although the unit body is considered dishwasher safe, the cover should be washed and dried by hand. Elegant and functional, this pick simply makes great coffee and cleans up easily once you’re done.

Presse Cafe' French Press Coffee Maker Set

If you’re looking for a french press which delivers the best best bang for the buck value, the Presse Cafe' French Press Coffee Maker Set has your name on it. Made of heat resistant glass, it comes bundled with a built-in spoon, scoop, and bag clip, making this pick a great choice if you’re just getting into french press coffee. Multiple filters are also provided which you can combine to filter out grounds on some finer blends of coffee; however the finest blends may see a few grounds get through. This pick comes covered by a lifetime buy-back warranty; if you don't love this unit, the company will buy the unit back from you. This unit is a proven performer in the Presse Cafe restaurant kitchens, where it’s used exclusively to prepare their French Press coffee.

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