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Best Game Call

Hunters know that choosing the right calls can make a big difference when you are out in the wild trying to attract game closer to your location. Common calls include deer, goose and elk. There is also a range of predator calls that can be effective with common predators like coyotes. Many calls are based on the fairly straightforward bugle design that hunters can learn to use without a lot of training. There are also more elaborate electronic devices for the more gadget minded sportsman. If you think you are going to need help producing vocalizations you can get products that include instructional DVDs to help you make the most of them.

Commando Combo Glass and Slate Call

Commando Combo Glass and Slate Call

The Commando Combo Glass and Slate Call offers durable construction that will stand up to heavy use. Its toughness and the waterproof striker means you can use it reliably in all weather conditions. The interchangeable glass & slate lids and the metallic echo chamber allow you to imitate a variety of turkey vocalizations. This is a versatile call that can be adjusted to fit the specific circumstances you encounter during a hunt. It gives you the tools you need for a more successful hunt.

Primos Power Crow Turkey Call

The Primos Power Crow is an easy to use bugle type call. It makes realistic crow sounds to help root out spring Turkeys for you. The turkeys will be drawn closer to your position so you can take some quality shots. The Power Crow can also be used to hunt crows. This versatility is a good reason to carry it with you on your next hunt. It has a simple, sturdy design that will hold up under frequent use.

Zinc Wicked Lady Turkey Call

The double-reed inverted-V design makes Zink's Wicked Lady Turkey Call an effective tool to carry with you. Its W-shaped twin reeds are stretched to medium tension. These twin reeds produce a range of vocalization to help you lure turkeys to your position. Depending on the situation, you can produce yelps, whines, clucks and purrs. The Wicked Lady is a versatile turkey call that will help you bring in more birds.

Primos The Gobbler Shaker Call

The Gobbler Shaker Call from Primos is an easy call to use effectively for experts as well as novices. It is a loud call, so it can lure turkeys from considerable differences. However, the silencer cap makes sure it will not make any noise when you are carrying it around. One hand operation makes calls directed at Jakes while two-handed operations makes calls directed at Toms. This dual call feature gives you a lot of flexibility so you can adjust to the conditions.

Knight and Hale "Hale Fire" Turkey Gobble Call

You can make realistic gobble sounds with Knight and Hale's "Hale Fire" without any special training. The single reed design is simple and durable, so you know you can rely on it when you need it. It features a molded body with an aluminum centerpiece. The "Hale Fire" offers a trademarked Threadlock design for quick disassembly and cleaning. This is a dependable call that produces quality sounds.

Kwakman's Mallard Duck Call

Kwakman's Mallard Duck Call

Kwakman's Mallard Duck call uses a simple, single reed design for ease of use. It has an interesting feature called a spit channeling system that removes excess moisture from the mouthpiece so it will not interfere with the proper functioning. The solid acrylic construction gives Kwakman's call durability in the field so it will hold up to frequent use over many hunting seasons.

Bill Saunders Gravity Duck Call

Bill Saunders Gravity Duck Call

The double reed design of the Bill Saunders Gravity Mallard call makes it easy even for a novice to produce good sounds. This call is hand tuned by the manufacturer for the most realistic sounds. You can lure more hens with this compact and durable call.

Buck Gardner Firecracker II Duck Call

Buck Gardner Firecracker II Duck Call

The short cocobola barrel gives you better control over the sound than longer barrels. Buck Gardner's Firecracker II has a double reed design and is tuned by a professional staff for optimal performance. This is a good choice for novice hunters who need an effective and reliable call.

Duck Commander Wood 1972 Series Duck Call

The Duck Commander Wood 1972 Series call uses the extra hard diamond wood for extra performance and ruggedness. It offers a single reed design and a polycarbonate insert to allow you to make consistently realistic duck calls. This is a fashionable looking and functional duck call for novices and experienced hunters alike.

RNT Daisy Cutter Duck Call

The Rich-in-Tone Daisy Cutter has a wide bore and a single reed for reliability and ease of use when you are out in the field. RNT's design makes for a more aggressive calling style than some calls. This is nothing fancy, but it is a well put together product that will work when you need it to.

Johnny Stewart Attractor Calls

This device comes with 5 pre-programmed, 16 bit sounds. Each sound lasts for 30 seconds. The 180 degree pivoting speakers provide quality sounds ranging from coyote pups to baby bird calls. The convenient remote and holster allows you to use the attractor from a discreet distance. A belt clip and loop arrangement allows you to hang the speaker from a tree.

Buck Gardner Ultimate Coaxer Distress Call

The Buck Gardner Ultimate Coaxer provides a mix of bird distress calls and rodent noises. This bugle style product lacks batteries, cords, remotes and the issues that can come along with them. It is a low-tech device that offers reliability and ease of use when you are out on the hunt.

Extreme Dimension Mini Phantom Wireless

The Extreme Dimension Mini Phantom offers wireless operation up to 150 yards away from the speaker. There are interchangeable sound sticks and the Mini Phantom holds 2 at a time for a total of ten sounds. The volume can go as high as 120 decibels so you can cast your net pretty wide. The hand-held transmitter has an LCD display so you can make adjustments with ease.

Foxpro Scorpion Electronic Predator Call

This is a high-tech product with plenty of features for the gadget loving hunter. The small transmitter has a power amplifier for increasing the volume and 2 extra speaker jacks. It comes preloaded with fifty sounds to give you plenty of options and holds up to two-hundred. The Scorpion includes a TX-9 remote for easy operation.

Verminator Predator Calls Alienator

Verminator Predator Calls Alienator

Verminator's Alienator gives you a variety of distress calls such as young coyotes and howl noises. A simple, straight forward design that is simple to use. The Alienator has no fancy features that could break down out in the woods, but produces effective sounds reliably.

Hunter's Specialties Bull Hooker Cow Elk Call

Hunter's Specialties Bull Hooker Cow Elk Call offers a simple, sleek design that looks similar to a rifle scope. It is a lightweight choice with an internal reed design. The molded membrane allows you to manipulate the shape and change the tone of the calls you make, depending on the particular situation. This a reliable elk call that will stand up to rough use in the woods.

Primos Bull Horn Elk Bugle

The Primos Bull Horn uses a small bugle tube to produce male elk sounds. The tube can extend from 7" to 24" to produce a range of different tones. It includes a trade marked Snap on Reed System for easy use. You can carry it on your hunts in the camouflage bag that is included.

Point Blank Calls Persuader II

This Point Blank Bugle's name says it - it persuades elk to investigate the sounds your bugle makes. They will come closer to your position and give you a chance to take aim. The large diameter diaphragm means you can produce deeper tones. The point Blank Grunt Tube is capable of producing cow and calf calls.

Carlton's Calls Cow Elk Estrus Whine with Baffle

Carlton's Calls offers a nice feature called the coaxer baffle. This attachment muffles the sound of the call for close range use. It is a single reed design for ease of use by novices and experienced hunters. This call has tone slots to produce a full range of sounds, including high pitched tones and nasal tones. All the vocalizations give you an edge when hunting elk in the woods.

Berry Thunder Bugle Elk Call

The Thunder Bugle will work using your upper lip or your lower lip to produce a series of realistic elk calls. You can even use your tongue with the single, replaceable reed so you can experiment and decide which method works best for you. The protective cap and camouflage cover keep the bugle in good shape while you are carrying it around. The Thunder Bugle is durable and will be ready to use when you need it.

Foxpro Spitfire Predator Caller

The FOXPRO Spitfire offers a lot of high-tech features to help you lure coyotes and other predators to you. The compact speaker, external speaker jack and amplifier allow you to cover a large area to increase your chances of success. It comes with 24 reprogrammable sounds including prairie dogs, crows and woodpeckers in addition to various coyote vocalizations. This is an effective piece of equipment that is sturdy enough to survive with you on your hunts.

Knight & Hale's Heckl'n Howler Predator Call

Knight and Hale's Heckl'n Howler Coyote Call uses a blasting chamber design that makes it easy to blow. You still get quality yelps, howls and yips that are very realistic. The calls are extra loud so they can be heard over a considerable range on your hunts.

Primos Predator Call Master Pack

The Primos Predator Master Pack is a 3 item set that addresses many of your hunting needs. The coyote call produces a series of sounds including barks, howls and whoops. It also comes with a distress call that makes vocalizations of animals such as deer and jack rabbits. The instructional DVD guides you thorough lessons on how to make the most of both of the calls.

Hunting Foxpro Skynote Predator Call

The compact and rugged construction of the FOXPRO Skynote features an open reed design. There are also raised ridges on the tone board to prevent it from freezing up in cold temperatures. It reliably produces ki-yis and prey-in-distress calls with realistic tones.

Preston's Coyote Call Howler

Preston's Coyote Call Howler

Preston's Coyote Howler is a simple and effective Coyote caller. it does not have a lot of features, but it offers loud volume for producing long distance vocalizations in the woods. This is a reliable piece of equipment that will hold up under tough conditions.

Quaker Boy Brawler Buck Call

Quaker's Boy Brawler Buck call is designed to look and function like a Buck's windpipe and mouth. This gives you a reliable accurate call you can depend on to attract deer to you. The Brawler is made from durable plastics so it can stand up to the wear and tear of your hunts. It comes with an instructional DVD to help you perfect your calls.

Knight and Hale EZ Doe Bleat Plus

Knight and Hale's EZ Doe Bleat Plus produces a sound that exploits the parental instincts and natural curiosity of Whitetail deer. The EZ Doe Bleat simulates the distress call of a young deer to attract fawns and mature bucks. It is easy to use and produces quality sounds reliably on your hunts. Made from durable plastic, the EZ Doe Bleat will stand up well to difficult weather conditions.

Hunter's Specialties EZEE Wheeze

The EZEE Wheeze by Hunter's Specialties is designed to be used when young bucks are shedding the velvet. This cartilage-like tissue that covers new antler growth is easy to spot and you can sometimes see deer scraping their antlers on trees. This call can be used all the way through the late breeding period so you will have plenty of chances to use it. The EZEE Wheeze comes with an instructional DVD to help you make the most of it.

Flextone Bone Collector Magnum Bone Box

The Flextone Bone Collector Magnum Bone Box uses a square box design so it will not roll around like the cylinder shaped can types. It accurately mimics doe estrus calls. This product can attract bucks to come closer to investigate the sound. The lightweight Bone Box can be carried easily on the hunt and be ready to use whenever you need it.

Primos Big Bucks Rattle Bag

The Primos Big Bucks Rattle simulates a number of antler noises such as 2 bucks fighting over a doe. The rattle comes in an easy to carry camouflage draw-string bag so you can keep it clean and ready to use at a moment's notice. Power tines are a series of slender prongs that control the volume of the calls so you can adjust it for calling close or far away.

Big River Game Calls Long Honker Goose Flute

Big River's Long Honker Goose Flute produces realistic tones of Canadian Geese. This is a simple to use call that both novices and experienced hunters can use. It is a reliable tool that effectively lures geese. The camouflage paint job on the Goose Flute fits this rugged call nicely. This call is a good mix between form and function that hunters will enjoy using.

Zink Power Clucker Short Reed Goose Call

Zink uses a short reed design for its Power Clucker. It is fairly easy to use without a lot of training. However, the Power Clucker comes with a thirty minute instructional DVD to help put you on the right track. You will be able to produce effective goose calls with confidence and increase your chances of a successful hunt.

Rich-in-Tone Quackhead Goozilla Goose Call

Rich-in-Tone's Goozillais a short reed design to make it easy for beginners to use to produce good goose calls. The rugged construction means it will hold up well out in the elements. You can expect to get good use out of it for many duck seasons. The Goozilla produces a selection of realistic goose calls to lure them closer to you during your hunts.

Kwakman Short Reed Goose Call

Kwakman Short Reed Goose Call

Kwakman's Short Reed Goose Call is a reliable product that can produce a wide range of notes. The machined tone board and wedge gives quality tones on a consistent basis. You can count on it to perform reliably in real world conditions. This goose call is hand tuned by the manufacture to ensure optimal performance.

Haydel's Goose Calls Canada Honker

The Canada Honker is a durable and consistent call that works well for experienced hunters as well as people new to the sport. The easy to use design produces deep tones for a variety of situations. For example, it makes crying and comeback vocalizations that simulate Canadian Geese. These calls are effective in luring more geese to your position.

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