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Best Garbage Disposal

Having a garbage disposal serves several purposes in the family kitchen. Having a good one, serves even more. By grinding your food waste instead of taking it out to the trash, you are not only saving a trip or two, but you are helping to keep nocturnal animals away from your neighborhood living spaces. In addition to this, sending liquefied food waste to the county water treatment plant will allow them to process it, so it can be recycled into bio-solids, and used for fertilizer or methane energy. When you consider how little disposals cost to own and operate, it just makes no sense not to have one. They come in two styles — continuous feed and batch feed. Continuous feed is the most common that allows you to continue placing items in while it is running, and the batch feed model require you to fill the chamber, put a lid on, and press a button to finish. Some of the other features to watch out for include anti-vibration technology and sound buffering. All of the model listed here will include both, so if you choose one from this list, you are safe and sound. Lastly, if you live with a septic tank, then make sure your chosen model will liquify the waste, to help keep your tank in good working order. Only one listed here has a lifetime warranty, and the others will have anywhere from two to seven year warranties.

Waste King Legend Series Garbage Disposal Model 8000 1 HP

If you are like me, you don’t want to ever think about your plumbing. You just want it to work, and that’s all. When you purchase a Waste King L-8000 garbage disposal, you can rest assured that you won’t have to ever deal with it again. On the rare chance that something goes wrong, all you have to do is call the manufacturer, and they will provide you with a lifetime warranty on parts and service. They are that confident about this product. Their grinding chamber is a glass filled, nylon case that helps to reduce noise and vibration significantly, making this new member at the dinner table one of the most user friendly. Designed to grind food fine enough to be sent to a septic tank, the L-8000 caters to those on a septic system, so if that’s you, don’t worry about creating more waste than you can handle.

InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer

The Pro Essential is simply another great addition to the InSinkErator family that brings a new level of service to the industry. This one runs a two-stage, 3/4-horsepower motor that is sure to grind everything from chicken bones, to stringy celery, and even eggshells won’t get to hang around inside the chamber causing an unpleasant odor. The water usage is a little more conservative with this model, making it more energy efficient, helping to reduce your overall costs through the year. Like all top of the line InSinkErator products, the grinding chamber is made from stainless steel to help prevent rust and corrosion, and this one has a 40-ounce capacity so that you won’t have to wait on it while it does its job. The Sound Seal noise reduction feature will reduce noise by up to 30-percent, making this model one of the most desirable to have in your kitchen. The Quiet Collar Sink Baffle is made from an anti-bacterial material that will resist any mold and bacterial growth down in the chamber, which translates to less cleaning for you. This model is also equipped with the two-stage grinding feature to ensure that your septic tank will not be over-run with waste that will slow it down. The now famous Sound Seal technology of InSinkErator makes this one 40 percent quieter that other standard models in the market, making the Pro-Essential an outstanding unit to have in your kitchen.

InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposer

The most outstanding feature about this InSinkErator model is that it is Made in America. I didn't know that was still available anymore, but here it is. InSinkErator leads the way in garbage disposals, and their Evolution model is simply one more in a long line of professional and residential models available to everyone. Using a 3/4-horsepower motor, it will easily grind corncobs, pork chops, whatever you can throw at it. If you live on a septic system, this two-stage grinding unit will be able to take care of your waste without slowing down the decomposition process. For you do-it-yourselfer’s, this model also comes with or without a power cord, in case you have an extra one in the garage. Like all their disposals, the Evolution comes with their own Sound Seal® technology to help reduce sound and vibration by as much as 30 percent, and the Collar® Sink Baffle provides their own additional soundproofing as well.

In-Sink-Erator Badger V 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal

Even though this model is only 1/2-horsepower motor, you can still grind up chicken bones, lemon rinds, and just about any other food with the Badger 5 by InSinkErator. Unlike other models, this one has a galvanized steel construction to help prevent rust and corrosion. While not as pretty as stainless steel, it is certainly as long lasting. Equipped with a 'lock in place' installation mechanism, it is easy to install by the most basic apprentice. Grinding more food in the disposal means taking less food out to the trash, and less chance of animal intrusion. The odors are eliminated and your meal is done when you have the right tools to finish the job.

Kenmore 3/4 hp Food Waste Disposer

Made from stainless steel, the Kenmore Food Disposal will look great as well as perform as well or better than any other model in the market. With a full 50-ounce grinding chamber, it will not back up or require you to wait for it as it grinds food after a meal. Even though it has such a large chamber, it is still only 12 inches tall so it will still leave you plenty of room under the sink. There is also an overload protection feature that will help prevent you from unknowingly adding too much at one time. Approved for use with a septic system, your waste will not be any problem once it is run through this Kenmore model. The sound insulation and ant-vibration features are second to none, even though it is operating a 3/4-horsepower motor.

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