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Best Garden Shed

For many people who have their own property, a garden shed is a do-all small building that is perfect for storing gardening tools, all manner of power tools from weed whackers, lawn mowers, tillers and everything in between. With a little do it yourself building experience, they can be turned into all manner of serviceable little buildings. They can be converted into workshops, office space, greenhouses and a host of other types of shelters that can be custom made for virtually any usage.

The garden sheds on this list were chosen because they come complete with everything needed to set up and build, assembly is required, and they are functional for a variety of situations, price was also taken into consideration, and the shed that tops this list is able to house virtually all necessary lawn and garden tools under one roof. Although the classic garden shed looks like a little peak-roofed house type of outbuilding, there are so many functional designs on the market right now, choosing one will always be subjective to your specific garden and utility space needs.

Lifetime 8 Ft. X 10 Ft. Outdoor Storage Shed 6405

The best shed for virtually any lawn and garden need is the Lifetime 6405 8-by-10-Foot Outdoor Storage Shed with Window. It's large enough to house a riding lawn mower yet small enough to fit into virtually any suburban yard. All of your lawn and garden tools, like weed whackers, hoes, rakes, hoses, and the like, will fit neatly inside. It comes with two corner shelves, one 90-inch shelf, two 32-inch shelves and a nearly 2-foot by 2-foot pegboard strip with hooks for hanging tools and implements. It even comes with a polyethylene floor that is waterproof, although it must be laid onto a prepared surface like wood chips, sand or concrete. There may be smaller or larger garden sheds than this, but none are as practical or as useful.

Suncast BMS6550 6 ft x 5 ft 5 in Blow Molded Storage Shed

If you want the best bang for the buck shed on this list, check out the Suncast BMS6550 6 ft x 5 ft 5-inch Blow Molded Storage Shed. Although it's not quite as large as the best shed here, it will still hold most, if not all of your lawn and garden tools, including a riding lawn mower. It's a blow molded poly-composition material, which means it will virtually never deteriorate, and it is 1/3 less expensive than the top rated shed. It comes with a floor that features reinforced tractor wheel areas, lockable handled doors, and a design that will fit readily into most suburban and country home settings.

Arrow Woodlake 6 x 5 ft. Shed

If you like DIY projects, and you like the idea of an inexpensive steel shed for all of your lawn and garden needs, than the Arrow Woodlake 6 x 5 ft. Shed is the one for you. Although relatively inexpensive, it will take some do-it-yourself moxie to get this shed up and functional. The steel panels have a woodgrain pattern which makes it a good looking shed, to be sure. It will fit a riding lawn mower and most of your needed garden tools at a price that is easy to afford. However, it does not come with a floor, and you may need a slight ramp to get wheels over the center flooring frame piece. It is lightweight and is best anchored into the ground so it doesn't blow away. But for the price, this one is hard to beat.

YardStash II: Outdoor Bike Storage, Garden Storage and Pool Storage

For all of you apartment, condominium or small yard dwellers, the YardStash II: Outdoor Bike Storage, Garden Storage and Pool Storage shed may be the perfect garden shed for you. This unique garden shed goes up in less than 30 minutes, it can be set onto a concrete slab as a portable shed, or anchored to the ground and made into a permanent shed. It is 6-feet wide by 3-feet deep, so it is large enough to hold a smaller riding lawn mower, if need be. It is made of waterproof heavy-duty polyester tent material and it even comes with a waterproof polyester floor. You might say that this shed is the jack-of-all-trades, because it can do-it-all in a lightweight and easy to put up configuration that takes the cake as a unique idea for a variety of uses.

Rubbermaid Large Horizontal Storage Shed

If you are looking for a shed that will primarily store lawn and garden tools, and possibly a push lawn mower, than the Rubbermaid Large Horizontal Storage Shed may be the only garden shed you'll need. At about 4 1/2-feet wide, 2-feet deep and 3 1/2-feet high, you'll get lockable doors and a poly-plastic blow molded design that won't deteriorate over time. This may be perfect for smaller yards, and best of all, not only do the doors fully open, but so does the roof. This feature gives you the easiest access shed of any on this list, which makes putting tools away, or taking them out for use, easy and simple every time you need them. It comes with a grid-like floor that will support tool handles, and it should be anchored to keep it from blowing away.

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