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Best Garment Bag

Garment bags don't have to weigh you down to be effective. While some people equate heavy leather or polyester with quality, that doesn't have to be the case. In today's market, thin nylon or fabric garment bags do a fine job of protecting suits and other fine clothes from wrinkling, and they don't cost nearly as much. These lightweight pieces of luggage have come a long way from the glorified dry-cleaning bags of the past. Most good, lightweight garment bags are just as durable as regular luggage, but easier to handle. The bags below have been chosen for their balance of price, practicality and quality.

Wally Bags 45" Mid Length Garment Bag

This garment bag is a standout because of its superior design, which you can recognize immediately. Made of ballistic nylon and featuring clean, simple lines, this garment bag is a great choice for those who don't want to sacrifice style when choosing a lightweight piece. Although the Wally Bags Mid-Length appears smaller than similar pieces, it can store up to six garments without bulging or wrinkling. It features a patented hanger clamping system called Wally Lock, which makes it nearly impossible for clothes to fall from the hangers or get mangled by usual travel stress. This is a great choice for business travelers.

Baggallini Garment Bagg-in-a-Pouch

t makes sense for a regular business traveler to treat a garment bag as an investment. But what about those who just need to keep a suit protected, in a no-frills way, once or twice in a year? The Bagg-in-a-Pouch is surprisingly useful. Made of thin nylon that can be stuffed into a pocket-sized pouch, it will protect your clothes from the elements and will even hold some shoes and accessories. Owners of this bag like using it for short trips or casual use.

Cinda B The Garment Bag

People don't usually think about the fashion statement they're making when they select a garment bag. After all, most bags are in neutral colors, made of staid nylon or polyester. The Cinda B Garment Bag is the exception to this rule. Made of quilted pack cloth and lined with bold fabric, this bag is reminiscent of a Vera Bradley handbag. Women especially will appreciate a garment bag with a more feminine styling that looks more like an accessory than luggage. People who have purchased this garment bag write about its uniqueness and the fact that it's surprisingly durable.

Piel Executive Expandable Garment Bag

It's telling that this item is described as a cover, not a bag. It's less structured than many garment bags, even lightweight ones, but owners claim that it is no less durable or protective than more substantial bags. In addition to its lightweight structure, the bag also features a shoulder strap that allows you to carry it as you would a messenger bag. For a nylon bag, this piece is also quite sturdy. Owners claim to have used this model for extensive travel, and praise its quality and durability.

Wally Bags 66" Gown Length Destination Bag

Most garment bags are long enough to hold suits, but not formal gowns. For women traveling with a longer dress or formal wear, a 66" bag like this keeps the bottom of the dress from bunching up at the bottom. It also features a broadened bottom section to accommodate the extra volume of formal gowns. Like all Wally Bags, this piece also features the Wally Lock system, which clamps hangers in place. In addition to the ample room, owners enjoy all the pouches for shoes and accessories. If the bag becomes too heavy, it can also be attached to the trolley of most standard luggage.

Tumi Wheeled Carry-On Garment Bag 22"

The Alpha Wheeled Carry-On stores a lot more than just suits. In addition to the main garment section, there are multiple, roomy pockets for storing accessories of all kinds. With smooth-gliding wheels and a telescoping handle, it's just as easy to move around as any roller board luggage. This piece's best feature is that it allows for other small bags to be stacked on top to make a compact package for traveling. Owners of this bag like the fact that it is so roomy for a smaller product. They also appreciate the durability, which is characteristic of most Tumi bags.

Delsey Helium Breeze 2.0 Trolley Garment Bag

While the Helium Breeze may lack some of the features of higher end garment bags, its solid construction and portability still make it a great choice. Its exterior is made of tough nylon, which makes it resistant to crushing and travel damage. The bag features five interior pockets and a detachable strap that lets you attach other small pieces of luggage. Suits are securely held in place by interior straps that prevent garments from falling off hangers or becoming wrinkled. The wheels on the Helium Breeze are inline, as are most garment bag wheels, but they also feature a curb guard that protects them from bumps. This bag may not be a flashy standout, but it does its job well for a relatively small price.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Ricardo Capistrano Light 2.0 42" Rolling Garment Bag

Like the Helium Breeze, this is another economic choice. Don't let the simplicity of this bag's design fool you, though. It's solidly constructed, but without a lot of unnecessary frills. The nano-treated fabric will hold up well in all kinds of weather and travel conditions. The bag also features the Wally Lock hanger system, which will ensure that your suits stay put. Some garment bags are actually hybrids of suit luggage and carry-all. The Beverly Hills Capistrano only handles garments, but it handles that task very well.

Calvin Klein Luggage Manhattan Wheeled Garment Bag

You'd expect a stylish garment bag from Calvin Klein, and this piece is no exception. With a handsome nylon and polyester exterior, along with polished accents, this garment bag is a great addition to your travel ensemble. The interior is roomy enough to hold multiple suits, yet it doesn't seem bulky or cumbersome when locked and loaded. It features multiple pockets for shoes and accessories, but doesn't go overboard with hidden pockets and zippers. The inline wheels mean you can zip through the airport in no time.

Briggs & Riley Carry-On Wheeled Garment Bag

The Baseline is another example of a garment bag that holds a lot more than just garments. With zippered pouches and places to store dirty laundry, this bag is all you need for an overnight trip. It also features a removable extension that allows you to store even more garments and foam panels that protect your valuables. This isn't the kind of bag that should be chosen for an extensive trip that requires many suits or formal garments. It's small enough to be used as a carry-on, so one or two suits is the maximum than can be store. Owners of the bag say that it is excellent for short trips.

Samsonite X'ion 2 Spinner Garment Bag

You never want your luggage to weigh you down, so a wheeled garment bag is ideal for a trip longer than 2 days. Samsonite’s X’ion 2 Spinner Garment Bag is a compact piece of luggage that carries a big load - enough for a 4 day trip. The best part of this bag is that it expands to a locked upright position for effortless packing and unpacking. Interior pockets leave room for any extra items you may need and a top carry handle allows for an easy switch when rolling is not possible.

Tumi Alpha Frequent Traveler 22" Framed Expandable Carry On

Tumi’s Frequent Traveler is an industry favorite. Practical and thoughtful design make this upright wheeled option a top pick for multi-day travel. A hard frame provides extra protection against wrinkles and damage, while a removable garment sleeve offers continued protection once you’ve arrived at your destination. Worried that you’re bringing more home than you brought in the first place? No problem. At the push of a button, the Frequent Traveler expands 2.5 inches to reveal extra room.

Briggs and Riley Wheeled Wardrobe

Packing for a week-long business trip used to be a multi-bag, extra airline fee, nightmare. Luckily, times have changed and now you can take your closet to-go, using just 1 bag. Briggs and Riley’s Wheeled Wardrobe fits an impressive 4-8 suits comfortably, leaving you with a variety of options for a longer trip. Other nice features include small pockets for shirts and ties, water-repellant fabric and an incredible lifetime guarantee that covers most anything, even airline damage.

Samsonite Pro-DLX 5 Tri-Fold Garment Bag

Samsonite’s Pro-DLX 2 Tri-Fold Garment bag is a perfect over-the-shoulder option for a weekend or overnight business trip. Not only is it lightweight, it also pulls double duty with an outside laptop pocket that eliminates the need for an extra laptop case. This is a long-lasting bag, made of durable nylon, reinforced with leather corners which add protection against wrinkles and damage. Other features include TSA lock, multiple inside pockets for small goods and removable comfortable shoulder strap.

L.L. Bean Sportsman's Carry-On Rolling Garment Bag

L.L. Bean Sportsman's Carry-On Rolling Garment Bag

This sporty rolling garment bag from outdoor and travel authority L.L. Bean is a great pick for a multi-day trip. Fitting most airline carry on requirements, this bag is sure to keep your suit and clothing fresh during your travels. Details such as mesh shoe pockets, leather ID tag, smooth-glide wheels make this wheeling garment bag a great choice. For just a few dollars extra, L.L. Bean will add an embroidered monogram. You’ll never pick up the wrong bag again.

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