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Best Goalie Pants

The first thing that I look for in top goalie pants is their ability to cover any vulnerable body parts, while working comfortably to mesh with leg and chest pads. Additionally, these pants were selected for their ability to take many high impacts without suffering major damage, and for their ability to bend with the increasingly flexible goaltenders of today.

Warrior Ritual Pro Goalie Pants

One of the nicest things about these pads is that the knees are made to actually work with the leg pads, instead of working against them and wearing out. They also feature a very solid and quick drying ventilation system to help keep them dry during the course of a game. The molded thigh pads also help them to live up to Warrior’s reputation as some of the toughest pads on the market. The inner belt system can be customized to keep you naturally bending forward so you’ll be ready for that next shot at all times.

Brians G-Netik Pro Goalie Pants

The first thing you’ll notice about these pads is the removable thigh pad; which gives you the nice option of playing more protected at a higher competition level, or playing with a better range of motion for pickup games and practice. It also features removable five-hole foams. These pants work best with longer chest protectors, due to the fact that the padding is a little thin at the waist. And it’s also worth noting that the stitching is noticeably heavier than most other pants, so these will really last while others start to fall apart.

Bauer Pro Goalie Pants

These pants are a little bulkier than the others on this list. But that’s because Bauer did not want to sacrifice protection for anything else. So if you’re looking for the toughest pants for the highest level of play, these may be for you. The square thigh design will help you square up to your shooter with ease, and the quick drying liner will keep them dry. They also feature the increasingly popular inner and outer lace up system, giving you the option of how you want the pants to sit around your waist.

Reebok 20K Goalie Pants

Reebok’s latest goalie pants are made to work with any kind of leg pads to make squaring up to the shooter and sealing up the goal post easier than ever. But don’t be fooled, the thigh section isn’t overly stiff and will still bend and move fairly freely with your movements. There’s a hidden zipper that allows you to have full control over length, as well as an inner belt and an outer lace system so you can tighten them up whichever way is more comfortable for you.

Vaughn Velocity V5 7800 Goalie Pants

Vaughn Velocity V5 7800 Goalie Pants

The best pants Vaughn has to offer are all about keeping a goalie confident and protected so he can keep his head in the game. It features a fully adjustable diameter belt and frontal lace up system to get the perfect feeling of support for your midsection. There’s also maximum thigh coverage that is bendable and a little higher than most pants. The front side groin pads allow goalie’s to square up to shots perfectly, even as they’re bending and twisting. The inner leg padding is also made to stretch so a player can utilize their flexibility to make that quick kick save. Vaughn knows how to make well rounded pants for goaltenders at a high level, and these are their best.

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