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Best Golf Shoes

Golf shoes have evolved a lot over the years with many shoes offer very different performance enhancements, giving players countless options to choose from. However, there are certain things that are important to every golf shoe and this list has narrowed down the best options available. The best golf shoes for men we’ve chosen for this list all feature exceptional balance, traction, and support thanks to their lightweight materials around the ankle. Second, these shoes offers great breathability, through either some form of mesh upper or lightweight leather upper that will allow the foot of the player to breathe throughout their round. Third, these shoes feature quality, durable build to ensure the player makes a good shoe investment which won’t start coming apart after a few rounds on the course. The durability is achieved through the utilization of mesh or more lightweight materials in some places, but utilizing various leathers in the high-stress regions of the golf shoe.

Nike Men's Lunar Control 3 Golf Shoe

Nike Men's Lunar Control 3 Golf Shoe

The Nike Lunar Control 3 is a third-generation golf shoe that really delivers in every way. It features the Lunarion cushioning and dynamic Flywire build, which provides a lot of bump (or spring) in the sole of the shoe. These are incredibly lightweight, too, and that goes a long way to building support for the golfer and getting them through their round comfortably.

At its heart, this golf shoes focus is on stability evidenced by the inclusion of the Nike Control Platform along with a really strong spike build. Combine this with the fact they’re slightly less expensive than some of the other top-tier footwear options in the golf world and you’re left with a really solid choice for the best overall golf shoe on the market.

Nike FI Impact 2

Nike FI Impact 2

The Nike FI Impact 2 golf shoe is really impressive and innovative for a lot of reasons. It is absolutely a great shoe in structure of course, but it really separates itself from the competition through its unique structure and design. This golf shoes features a rubber integrated traction for stability and excellent surface grip on the golf course. There’s also the inclusion of Nikes exclusive Flywire Cables that allow the shoe to really wrap comfortably across the foot and keep the fit exceptionally still throughout the motion of a swing. The bottom surface of this golf shoe actually acts like a suction cup to the ground as it bends and flex to grab the grass and dirt versus the sole simply tacking into the turf.

FootJoy DryJoys Casual Men's Golf Shoe

The FootJoy DryJoy Casual is a great golf shoe that delivers for the casual golfer. This shoe features more stability than your average men’s golf shoe due to its wider build. It has a more casual style but the styling is really secondary to the great technology packed into this golf shoe. FootJoy worked in conjunction with industry leaders to develop Extreme Comfort Leather which ensures players get the best in weatherproofing. This highly durable leather is also quite comfortable and contributes to the shoes overall playability. With all these key factors this shoe brings to the table, it’s hard to argue against it.

Adidas Climacool Golf Shoe

The Adidas Climacool golf shoe is one that makes the list because of its extreme ability to make the golfer feel like they’re playing in the clouds. It’s an incredibly lightweight golf shoe, delivering a world of comfort like few others can. This shoe features a molded TPU saddle and a lightweight upper which allows for greater stability throughout the foot. Typically, when a player has a very lightweight shoe, they sacrifice some comfort. However, the lightweight Cloudfoam Sockliner makes the shoe really comfortable for those golfers out there playing longer rounds. That said, this shoe manages integrate all the essentials which make for a great shoe, perfect for every golfer.

Callaway Footwear Men's X Nitro Golf Shoe

The Callaway X Nitro might be the last golf shoe one would think of when they're out considering a purchase. However, these golf shoes are sneaky good. They deliver in a multitude of ways, many of which are similar to the ways that the other golf shoes on this list deliver. Callaway bills this particular pair of shoes as a lightweight, super soft and ultra-comfortable shoe with tour level power traction. The shoe is comfortable and can withstand a lot of use so the player will never feel like they're floating around on the golf course. Pro Flex PINS performance spikes, which are exclusive to Callaway make this one of the best shoes on the market for keeping connected to the turf, making it a great selection for anyone who wants to improve their game.

FootJoy Women's Empower Spikeless Mesh Golf Shoe

The FootJoy emPower golf shoe is the best shoe on the market today for women for several reasons. This shoe delivers an athletic yet traditional feel which allows the player to really get the most out of the shoe. The emPower golf shoe features MaxGrip Traction, which allows the player to grasp the ground on every shot, even when they find an unfavorable lie. It does this by expanding and clamping down onto the turf as pressure is increased and released at varying points of the golf swing. This shoe also features Every-Step Comfort which is exclusive to FootJoy. This feature puts additional padding under the foot which gives the player long-lasting comfort while out on the course.

FootJoy Women's DNA Golf Shoe

The FootJoy DNA golf shoe is a classic in the making. For those who aren’t looking for an immensely athletic shoe and more of a traditional style, the DNA is the perfect choice. It brings incredible waterproofing, as well as technology like the NitroThin outsole, as well as the ChromoSkin leather. These features work together to ensure footing is maintained throughout the golf course, and also provides comfort that will last the life of the shoe. For those who are looking for a shoe that will support them and provide a ton of longevity this is the right choice for them. It combines classic styling with technology and comfort which makes it hard to beat.

Nike Women's Lunar Control Golf Shoes

The Nike Lunar Control golf shoe for women is by far one of the best on the market. While this particular shoe is a great seller on the men’s side of golf, the women’s version really delivers from start to finish. Nike’s Flywire technology makes this one of the lightest and most-effective golf shoes out there, especially for individuals who walk a lot of their rounds instead of riding. The integrated Flywire cables also provide great stability during the golf swing as the players swing speeds increase. Beyond this shoes obvious comfort, it’s been manufactured with exceptional durability in mind given its emphasis on an athletic fit. The shoe features the Zarma Tour Spike as well as the Slim LOK system on the bottom, meaning this shoes traction and stability are emphasized.

Ladies Golf FI Impact Women's Golf Shoe

Ladies Golf FI Impact Women's Golf Shoe

The Nike FI Impact 2 for women is a golf shoe that delivers in a wealth of ways to make the golfing experience better for the player. This shoe puts stability at a premium, and while it might be a little heavier, that doesn't detract from the overall experience in the slightest. This shoe uses Nikes exclusive Flywire technology which goes a long way to ensure the player’s foot maintains a stable and motion-free range throughout the swing. The shoe also features a gripping pattern at the bottom of the sole which allows the rubber to expand and contract as the golfers foot moves. This spineless design allows for greater grip which is important for golfers who get a little more active when they swing the club. The wide sole on the bottom also makes for a greater surface area which translates to better traction on the ground as well.

Adidas Men's Adipower s Boost Women's Golf Shoe

The durable Adidas Adipower sport boost golf shoe features BOOST cushioning technology, making this shoe supremely comfortable while the balance in this shoe remain unaffected given how cushioned it is. Typically more cushioning  in a golf shoe affects the stability but the BOOST cushioning doesn't kill the control of the shoe whatsoever. This shoe also includes EVA foam which works with the mass amount of cushioning in the shoe to provide additional support for the player. The life of this shoe will be spent giving the player a soft walk and great stability throughout the season, no matter the conditions.

Josh Durso
Previously employed by Nike, Adidas, and Puma I am constantly testing the newest, and most popular golf equipment on the market. I've been playing for 21 years, but use my connection to the brands, as well as the industry to learn about new technology, new products, and new methods.
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