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Best Guitar Capo

If guitarists are super heroes (and let’s be honest, they all are, to some varying degree), then the capo most definitely belongs in the utility belt that carries the tools and tricks they need to get the job done. A capo essentially changes the key of a guitar, allowing players to voice more intricate barre chords using open chord finger positions. But beyond that, the capo is also a great songwriting accessory, giving players a new perspective on how they write and what chords they play, as well as quickly transposing the instrument to fit the key of a song. Here are the best guitar capos we've chosen, with each one listed here designed to easily attach and detach from your guitar using just one hand, provides a low amount of tension so as not to create any damage or buzzing to your strings when applied, and can easily be stored on the headstock of the guitar when not in use.

G7th G7C-P2BLK Performance 2 Guitar Capo

G7th’s G7 Performance 2 guitar capo is designed with the performer in mind. It’s easy to attach to your guitar, thanks to its patented clutch mechanism that won’t leave you fumbling to put on your fretboard. This capo also gives your guitar’s strings and neck room to breathe, so you don’t have to worry about negatively affecting the sustain or surface of your instrument. The Performance 2 is also small enough to easily fit on your headstock, making it ideal for players who are using the capo live and need to effortlessly stow it away when not in use. The capo’s lightweight design also ensures that it won’t pull on your strings, which typically can throw your guitar out of tune. It can also be easily taken off by simply squeezing the capo; you can literally take it off using only one hand which is again ideal for guitarists who use a capo in their live performances.

SpiderCapo Standard Tuning Capo

One quick glance at the Creative Tunings Spider Capo definitely shows that it’s unlike any other guitar capo out there; it definitely doesn’t look like your average capo. Individual lever-triggered pads for each string allow players to easily switch between standard tuning, open tunings, and more. Each string can be fine tuned to its own note, which gives you a huge range of tuning possibilities. You can also make any of these changes mid-performance; while that’s not necessarily a feature that may excite everybody, the fact that it’s possible definitely opens up new trains of thought in terms of performance and even the way songs can be written. The Spider Capo works with both electric and acoustic guitars.

Dunlop 83C Trigger Acoustic Curved Guitar Capo

Acoustic guitars with curved fretboards definitely deserve a capo that’s designed to best suit their shape. Enter the Dunlop 83CB Trigger Acoustic Capo. This tool is made from aircraft aluminum, and has a low-profile shape that is ideal for curved fretboards. The low-profile design also stays out of your fingers’ way. It’s reliable and lightweight, and is easy to quickly apply and remove.

Planet Waves PW-CP-12 NS Ukulele Capo Pro

When you’re taking a capo on or off your guitar, you want it to be a seamless process. Unfortunately, so many capos on the market today are far from a quick thing and there’s nothing worse than fumbling around with one when you’re on stage. The Planet Waves PW-CP-02 capo circumvents a lot of the frustrating aspects of capo usage with its sleek design. It’s ultra-light, made from aerospace grade aluminum and can be put on and off with just one hand. Its fast micrometer screw also promises a buzz-free performance from your guitar, and it won’t pull on your strings to make them go out of tune, either. The design of this capo also allows it to work for both six and twelve string guitars.

Kyser Quick-Change Capo - Electric

While most people tend to think of the acoustic guitar when they think of using a capo, it still can definitely find its place on the fretboard of an electric. Kyser’s Quick-Change capo is designed specifically to fit the lower action on the neck of the electric guitar. It has a slightly smaller body and provides less tension than most other capos. It’s also able to be quickly applied with just one hand. It can also easily be attached to the headstock of your guitar for when it’s not in use. Kyser also offers a 30-day full refund on their product, so you really don’t have anything to lose by trying it out.

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