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Best Guitar Pedal Board

Having a collection of guitar effects pedals is cool; having to transport and power them all individually, not so much. Enter the guitar pedal board, a piece of gear that not only houses the array of pedals that the average gigging/recording guitarist may use, but will also often supply power for them without having to worry about individual battery lives or connecting each pedal to a wall outlet. These are the best guitar pedal boards, with each product here featuring a protective exterior to keep your pedals safe from impact, each can fit at least five effects pedals, and they're all built to allow guitarists to customize their chain and configuration to fit their playing needs.

Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board Case

Although BOSS certainly has a lock on a great number of guitar effects pedals on the market, their BCB-60 pedal board is compatible with pedals of all kinds. Up to seven devices can be powered via the unit’s onboard AC adaptor and the customizable design of the board allows you to set up your rig in any way you choose. Three foam inserts are pre-cut to hold BOSS pedals, but there’s also a spare insert that can be cut to fit almost any pedal, regardless of manufacturer. And this pedal board is surprisingly light, especially when you consider that its exterior is built to really protect. A tough, molded case was made to handle any heavy impact that you may encounter while on the road.

SKB 1SKB-PS-8PRO Power 8-Port Powered Pedalboard with Soft Case

The SKB PS-8 pedal board is an ideal product for both entry-level guitarists who are seeking to accommodate their growing pedal collection, as well as for those whose pedal count is still at a lower number but could increase. This item holds and powers up to eight pedals while using the 36-inch by 2-inch wide hook strip to position the pedals securely on the surface. If you feel like moving them around, they can easily be repositioned without damaging the pedals or the pedal board. Though built firm and steady, this unit is also easy to transport due to its light weight. The PS-8 also comes equipped with a gang of pedals that are compatible with most popular pedals currently available on the market. The rig is also easy to transport thanks to a heavy-duty ballistic nylon carry bag that also features an adjustable shoulder strap. An exterior zipper pocket is ideal for carrying additional cables or gig/recording accessories.

Behringer PB1000 Pedalboard with Power Supply

If you’re looking for a protective and handy pedal board to store up to 12 effects pedals, the Behringer PB1000 is definitely worth checking out. The integrated power supply keeps the lights on with one simple plug, while the included patch cables allows you to chain your rig together even when you’re just traveling with the case which making setup and play easy and quick. “From Effects” jacks in the upper left corner of the unit allow you to route in stereo effects while two 1/4-inch “Output to Amp” jacks can send your pedal board’s stereo signal out to up to two amplifiers. The PB1000’s removable cover also comes with the option to be locked, which provides your pedal collection an even greater sense of security. And speaking of security, this product comes with Behringer’s three year warranty, so you can rest assured that your pedal board is covered when it comes to any potential damages.

Road Runner Effects Pedalboard Silver Large

The solid aluminum casing of the Road Runner effects pedal board instantly speaks to the level of durability and security that the unit provides for any guitarist’s prized pedal collection. The product is available in two different configurations; a small case holds 4-5 pedals while the large case holds 6-8. A Velcro surface interacts with included self-adhesive Velcro tape, allowing players to position their pedals in the order and position that works best for the set-up; this is also ideal because it allows for changes to be made later down the line without doing damage to the pedal board or pedals themselves. Although this unit is not powered (you’ll have to run power individually to the pedals or use the batteries), this product is primarily built to protect and serve. The nickel-plated steel spring handle, heavy duty hinges, and chrome-plated butterfly locks ensure that you won’t ever worry about any damage when you’re on the road.

Pedaltrain PT MINI SC Mini Pedalboard

Sure, nationally touring guitarists rely on heavy-duty pedal boards to transport their rigs from one city to the next on a nightly basis, but what about the guitarist whose gigging schedule is much more casual? For those players, Pedaltrain’s MINI pedal board offers a compact and easy-to-move option. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, this unit is certainly sturdy, but takes up a fraction of the space (and weight) that its more bulky peers do. The thick padding on the case provides protection for when you’re traveling, while a bonus storage pocket gives you the ability to hold extra gig necessities in one compact case. And like all units produced by Pedaltrain, the MINI also comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning you’ll never have to fear about being out of luck should disaster strike.

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