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Best Guitar Strap

Any guitarist will tell you that having a quality guitar strap is crucial to performance, whether it’s in the studio or onstage. We all like to treat our guitars like they are our babies, so having a strap that is sturdy and stable is essential because there’s nothing worse than watching your guitar fall to the floor. At the same time, a great strap can also offer something on an aesthetic level because while looks aren’t everything, but there’s nothing wrong with looking cool with your axe, either. After all, if you didn’t want to look cool, you’d have taken up the clarinet instead. Here are the best guitar straps, with each one we've chosen being adjustable to fit your body and guitar type, they're manufactured with materials designed to provide extra comfort when worn across your body, and they're also available in a range of flattering colors so that you can coordinate a strap to match your axe and/or outfit.

Gibson Fatboy Leather Strap with Memory Foam Pad

The Gibson Fatboy leather guitar strap has a name that may bring to mind pure plushiness, and quite frankly, that image is not far off. This strap is padded with a half-inch of memory foam; combined with its leather build, this is a strap that you might find yourself falling asleep in due to how soft it feels. It’s wide and thick, which gives you more support for you and your axe. If you’re playing long gigs or using heavier instruments, this is definitely a great strap to use, as it prevents against the kind of typical aches and pains that come from wearing the guitar around your neck for too long. Being fat sometimes has its perks.

DiMarzio Luxury Leather ClipLock Strap

Made from fine calf skin, DiMarzio’s Luxury Leather ClipLock guitar strap is soft unlike most guitar straps in its class. Before being stitched, the sides are first rounded, resulting in a feel that is extremely comfortable. A High tech foam filler also serves to pad this strap out to make sure it doesn’t feel abrasive against your shoulders after extended use. The strap itself is adjustable from 41.5 to 60.5 inches. The ends are made from Italian leather, and they feature the company’s logo on the end – this is some serious high-class stuff.

Ball 2 Poly Guitar Strap

Ball 2 Poly Guitar Strap

Ernie Ball has been making guitar-related accessories since the 1960s. They first broke into the game with their guitar strings (which are still utilized by players all over the world today), before moving into the world of straps. Their Poly Strap provides a two inch width that makes wearing it very comfortable. It’s adjustable, so you can change the length from 38 to 68-inches. It’s also very durable, so you can take this guitar strap out on the road and not have to worry about detrimental wear-and-tear when you’re at your most rocking.

DiMarzio Nylon ClipLock Guitar Strap

Steve Vai, John Petrucci, and Steven Morse are just some of the guitar gods who have used the clip lock system that DiMarzio provides in their 2” Nylon ClipLock guitar straps. This secure yet quick to change system allows you to easily switch between multiple guitars without having to get in and out of wearing the strap, which can sometimes lead to a tangled mess, especially in the heat of the moment when you’re onstage in the middle of a performance. The strap’s nylon build conforms easily to your body, making it a comfortable wear. Despite its smooth and accommodating feel, the strap itself is no pushover as it's capable of supporting up to 150 pounds.

Planet Waves Joe Satriani Leather Guitar Strap

Planet Waves and Joe Satriani teamed together to present his signature leather guitar strap. The strap itself is premium leather, and features artwork both from Satriani himself as well as artwork inspired by his famous guitars. The strap is adjustable in length from 35 to 59.5-inches long and made exactly to Satriani’s exacting specifications. Comfortable and durable, you really can’t ask for much else in a guitar strap when you’re looking for something to reliably support your guitar. Hey, if this strap is good enough for Satriani, it’s more than likely going to work wonders for you.

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