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Best Guitar Strap Locks

Rocking out in the moment on stage with your guitar leaves very little room for caution or consideration. You can’t be worried about potentially dropping your guitar or having it fly into the audience. Having a solid set of guitar strap locks allows you to play with full aplomb, with the security of knowing that your axe will be held in place and kept safe. Here are the best guitar strap locks, with each item here available in a variety of finishes to match the appearance of your guitar, have been engineered to make it easy for you attach (or detach) your strap from the instrument, and can safely sustain more than 200 lbs of pressure/tension.

Hennessey Metallic Strap Locks

Hennessey’s Metallics guitar strap locks vow to keep your guitar solidly in place, regardless of how crazy you may move around on-stage. Getting your strap on and off is no problem at all, thanks to compress and release action system. Part of the appeal of this guitar strap lock is its visual flair as well. The Metallics series comes in a variety of not just finishes but also colors to compliment whatever guitar you attach them to. Keeping it all together and looking good while doing so sometimes you really can have the best of both worlds.

Loxx Strap Lock System

Much as been said of the efficient tendencies that one associates with German design. Loxx follows that format to a tee with their guitar strap locks. Inner spring and high-grade materials make this accessory durable and secure, no matter how much tension your guitar and strap may be subjected to. More than 220 pounds of pull-out force can be applied to this lock. This lock is also rust proof, and comes with a three year warranty to protect your investment.

Dunlop Straplok System Dual Design Nickel Guitar Accessory

As a company, Dunlop’s reputation already speaks for itself. Their Straplok Dual Design Strap Retainer System already comes installed as a standard in many prominent top guitars and basses, and artists such as Eric Gales and Mumford & Sons have endorsed the guitar strap lock system. These locks have an added level of security thanks to their wider flange buttons; speaking of buttons, this product is available in four different button styles as well as four different finishes, giving players options to pick the one that best suits their comfort level and style of guitar. Add in the fact that this strap is able to handle up to 800 pounds of tension, and there’s no reason to ever question the reliability of the Dunlop Dual Design Straplok.

Ernie Ball Super Locks Nickel

Ernie Ball understands that as a guitarist, your focus needs to be on playing your instrument and not being worried about it potentially falling or coming loose from the strap. That’s why they’ve taken such care and effort into designing their Super Lock guitar strap lock. The 360 degree secure connection is built to withstand pressure or tugging from all directions, and can fit electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, and more. No modifications are needed when installing which makes the process of getting started even easier than some other products. Available in a variety of finishes, this item can be customized to best compliment the look of your axe.

Schaller Guitar Strap Locks and Buttons (Pair)

The Schaller guitar strap lock is built to provide stability that guitarists can rely on when playing their instrument. You can quickly and easily attach your guitar strap – or detach – thanks to the spring-action mechanism on the lock. Your guitar will remain secure when these locks are used, meaning you’ll never have to worry about the instrument accidentally slipping free during a performance. Choose from four different finishes so that you can accessorize with the item that compliments the look and style of your guitar. Simple and effective, the Schaller guitar strap lock is the gold standard of its kind.

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