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Best Gutter Guard

There are several gutter guards available in the market, and they all claim to have the best anti-clog solution. The truth is only the micro-meshed gutter guard suppliers will provide an unconditional, money back, lifetime guarantee for their products. The reverse water systems were a good idea, but they will eventually catch small debris, and will eventually need to be cleaned out. What this means to the homeowner is that they will have to remove the gutter cover and reinstall it. This defeats the whole purpose of having one in the first place.

Micro-mesh shields will filter the water so well; the resulting rain water can actually be harvested for use elsewhere. Some of the other features to look for will include the ease of installation, whether or not the system will be enclosed, so that it will keep out all insects and animals, and what kind of guarantees the company offers. Below you will find a nice selection of some of these providers.

MasterShield Gutter Guard

MasterShield Gutter Guard

MasterShield is one of the leading gutter guard manufacturers in the business. Their patented micro-mesh screens will filter out everything from debris to sand coming off the shingles. These mesh screens are placed on top of strong support ridges that are designed to duplicate the pitch of the roof, allowing wind and water to wash away anything that ends up sitting on top of the guard.

Since this guard is installed with the back of it under the first row of shingles and the front of it sitting over the top of the gutter, there is nowhere for debris to get caught and start trapping other debris, as is often the case with other types of guards. The support ridges under the mesh will also aerate the draining water, making it some of the cleanest water around. The result is that you will end up with rain water that is actually available for other uses. This design will also facilitate the siphoning away of water so that it can handle large volumes of water falling quickly.

This gutter system is also enclosed, so there will be no mosquitoes, birds, or anything else that will be able to contaminate this water once it enters the gutters. Their unconditional money back guarantee makes this product one of the best options on the market today.

LeafFilter Gutter Protection System

LeafFilter Gutter Protection System

The Leaf Filter System is a leading manufacturer, supplying many smaller national companies across the States with reputable gutter covers. They claim that their gutter will absolutely never clog under any conditions, and back it up with an unconditional, lifetime, money back guarantee that is hard to beat.

Their corrosion proof micro-meshed screens are so small that they will not allow even a grain of sand to penetrate it, leaving the draining water almost potable. These covers are installed with the back edge placed under the first row of shingles, and the front edge placed on top of the gutter, so there are no edges that will allow debris to get trapped. They fit any existing gutter, and will not need any special tools or skills to install them. Their profile is also very low, making them invisible from the street.

These gutter covers come in a variety of colors and are sure to meet the needs of any homeowner.

Gutterglove Gutter Guard

Gutterglove Gutterguard

Like most micro-meshed gutter covers, Gutterglove offers all of the main features that you are looking for. Their screens will filter out even the granular run-off from asphalt shingles, promising that your gutter water will be debris free - an important feature if you are harvesting water.

This is an enclosed system, so there will not be any animals or insects invading your precious supply, and they guarantee it. There are no gaps anywhere as with the reverse guard systems, and this system will fit any standard-sized gutter in place. They come in 5-foot sections, and can easily be installed by anyone that has a ladder tall enough to reach the gutters. These covers lock into place with clips and end caps, making this closed system ready for business.

LeafBlaster Micro Mesh Rain Gutter Guard

LeafBlaster Micro Mesh Rain Gutter Guard

LeafBlaster gutter guards promise that their product will filter out any and all debris, leaving your rainwater ready for use elsewhere around the house. Easy to install, their high quality stainless steel mesh will not corrode or rust over the years or even be effected by UV rays, as it is designed for saltwater applications. Their product will fit any existing gutter, and is invisible from the ground. Their system is self-enclosed to keep the bugs and small animals out. Like all decent gutter guards, it can be installed by any unskilled labor, and is shipped in 24-foot or 100-foot lengths, for both commercial and residential applications.

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