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Best Hair Bleach

When it comes to bleaching your hair, it can be a daunting process. The good news though, is that it doesn't have to be. Finding a safe bleach that is easy to use at home will save you tons of money and make it easy to lighten your hair whenever you want. Available with plastic caps, narrow combs and highlighting brushes, it's easy to get a perfect, natural look when you're doing it yourself. These bleaches were selected for their ease of use, powerful formulas and supplemental supplies that assist in providing the perfect highlighting experience. Whether you're a dirty blonde or a dark brunette, these bleach products will leave your hair looking bright and beautiful.

Beyond The Zone On/Off Scalp Radical Bleach Kit

Beyond The Zone's On/Off Scalp Radical Bleach Kit offers high power lightening in a small, easy to use kit. Including a thin, narrow brush, this product is excellent for tipping or streaking hair, as well as providing a full-coverage bleach job. The product also comes with a frosting cap that allows you to add precise highlights if desired. This product prevails in its versatility, making it easy to try out any number of highlighting designs if desired. It comes with enough bleach formula to coat even the longest of hair.

Garnier Nutrisse Intense Bleach

Garnier Nutrisse Intense Bleach

Garnier Nutrisse's Instense Bleach offers a strong formula that lightens even the darkest of hair. Its bleach cream is made to act more as a gel, gripping onto your hair for all-around coverage. Made as a non-drip product, bleaching your hair is an easy and clean process. A vitamin enhanced conditioner comes with the bleach to help hydrate your hair for weeks after use, keeping it healthy and safe from drying out. Simple to use with a quick-acting formula, this bleach is easy for at home use.

Manic Panic Flash Lightening Hair Bleach Kit 40 Volume

Manic Panic's Flash Lightening Hair Bleach Kit 40 Volume contains everything you need to have the perfect hair lightening experience. With the included disposable tub for mixing, you can quickly mix the bleach formula from bleach powder and developer. The kit also comes with a brush to help apply the bleach. The formula coats on easily to dry hair and lightens it in minutes. This bleach won't fade or dull, leaving you with a bright blonde hair color. Afterwards, you can easily throw away all of the product's supplies.

Clairol Born Blond by Nice N' Easy

Clairol's Born Blond by Nice N' Easy is blonde at its best. It is safe to use on dark blonde to black hair, having a flexible range and powerful formula. Even someone with dark black hair can achieve a golden blonde hue after properly applying this product to the hair. Enough bleach formula is included in the box to cover longer lengths of hair. Simple to apply and safe to use, this bleach offers a quick highlighting process for any type of hair.

L'Oreal Paris La Petite FrostH75 Chardonnay

L'Oreal Paris' La Petite FrostH75 Chardonnay is a simple to use bleaching kit that offers precise highlight placement. Though this product works best on shorter hair than longer hair, it comes with a plastic cap that allows you to pull through only pieces of your hair where you want highlights. Designed with an even pattern, this product leaves you with precise, natural-looking highlights. The formula is strong but safe, never turning into a brass or orange color. It is an effective but simple to use product for women who need to touch up their highlights or put in new ones.

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