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Best Hair Clippers

Hair clippers that you can use at home are perfect for creating styles that you can do yourself. These home hair clippers give you a wide range of options. Many come in kits with different settings to create a variety of haircuts. Whether you want the convenience of a cordless hair clipper or the dependability of a corded one, there are many things to know about which one to choose. Motor size, blades, guard sizes and more are just a few of the things to consider before buying one. No matter which hair clipper you choose, you can freshen up your haircut at home and save money.

Philips Norelco 7100 Hair Clipper

Philips' Hairclipper 7100 cuts up to two times faster than any other clipper on the market. It can be used without a cord for up to 120 minutes, only requiring a one hour charge. Titanium blades offer a sharp cut that leaves behind a fresh, even look. This product comes with 24 length settings with a precision measurement of 1mm. The blades can be easily washed after use, helping to ensure the product's longevity.

Remington HC5350 Precision Power Beard and Hair Clipper

Remington's HC5350 Precision Power Beard and Hair Clipper comes with top quality blades that are titanium-coated for the best possible performance. With a forty minute runtime, this razor allows enough time for a quick, precise shave. Its blades are self-sharpening and the product is made to reduce vibration while in use, allowing for a close buzz every time. The cordless razor comes with innovative USB charging technology and an indicator light to let you know when it is powered up and ready to use. With 15 different length settings, you're sure to get the exact look you want with this product.

Conair HC1100AM I-Pro Professional Super Clipper

Conair's 20-Piece Lithium Ion Haircut Kit is a clipper set that comes with everything you need for making the perfect haircut simple and attainable. The cordless clipper can last for up to 75 minutes on battery life and is easily rechargeable with a power cord instead of batteries. Its high-power motor makes for smooth shave that doesn't leave behind a single hair. Made with taper control, this cordless razor can easily be customized for the exact shave you're going for. The entire kit comes with 10 guide combs to ensure you're getting the look you want.

Panasonic Professional Hair Clipper ER1611

Panasonic's Professional Hair Clipper ER1611 is widely used by professionals but still easy enough to use at home. Made with high-precision blades and a linear motor, these clippers cut hair quickly, only requiring one swoop to shave any area. It comes with 6 different cutting lengths via 3 easy to install attachments. A simple to use dial helps to select the exact length you want with precision. With a battery life of 50 minutes, this product only takes one hour to charge and then provides enough time to complete an entire buzz before needing to be plugged in again.

Wahl 9307-1301 Cordless MiniPro Clipper

Wahl's Cordless MiniPro Clipper is a battery operated tool that is easy to use and precise in its cutting. This product comes with 6 guide combs, ranging from 1/8 of an inch to 1/2 inch. It also comes with a left ear and right ear taper, helping you to achieve a perfectly clipped look on all sides of your head. This product runs on one AA battery and comes with a small storage pouch, making it perfect for traveling. Its blade guard keeps the product in excellent condition so that you do not need to worry about it getting damaged.

Wahl 8483 Pilot Professional Corded Hair Clipper

The Wahl Pilot is a professional hair clipper so easy to maneuver, anyone can use it! Though it's small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, this product does not fall short on abilities. It still utilizes full-size blades and has a standard taper level to ensure a quick, easy cut. This clipper also has built-in notches to help ensure exact placement of the lever when in use. Made in America, this amazing clipper offers a smooth, even trim every time.

Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper

Oster's Model 10 Heavy Duty Detachable Blade Clipper is loved by professionals, and it's no surprise as to why! Its powerful motor is of universal caliber, allowing for heavy-duty use on even the thickest hair. A detachable 000 blade can easily be replaced using any Classic 76 blade, allowing for a precise cut no matter what length you're looking for. An included blade guard helps to keep your product in top condition while its 10 foot power cord makes it easy to use anywhere. As an added bonus, this clipper comes with lubricating oil and cleansing brush.

Conair The Chopper 2-in-1 Custom Styler Trimmer

Conair's 2-in-1 Custom Styler Clipper/Trimmer offers the power of a heavy-duty clipper with the precision of a detailed trimmer. Sold in a kit comprised of 24 pieces, this product comes with two blades for cutting hair and trimming down facial hair. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Additionally, a 5-detent taper control and 9 comb attachments allow for a precise cut the exact length you're looking for. Its powerful DC motor works on all types of hair from straight and average to curly and thick.
A 5-position comb attachment lets you customize your style and create a unique look all your own.

Conair HCT300RGB Combo Cut 20-Piece Deluxe Haircut Kit

The Conair HCT300RGB Clipper Combo Cut 20 Piece Haircut Kit is as impressive as its name. Made for multi-purpose use, this clipper offers a perfect cut every time with the use of taper control and long-lasting stainless steel blades. This product has a powerful, lightweight motor which is easy to utilize. 8 comb attachments accompany this clipper, along with 3 styling clips, barber scissors and styling combs. A hard storage case protects the product while a blade guard keeps the tip covered and safe.

Wahl Color Pro 20 Piece Hair Clipper

Wahl's Color Pro clipper comes in a 26 piece set color-coded for ease of use. Innovative and unique, this clipper has 8 clipper guide combs, both a left and right ear taper and a detailed trimmer. The product's power-drive motor provides a heavy-duty cut while its taper control adjusts to glide over every curve. Also suitable for a trim, the Wahl Color Pro comes with a cleaning brush, blade oils, scissors and three separate styling combs. Made to offer endless possibilities, this clipper is perfect for those looking for a specific cut.

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