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Best Hair Ties

Hair ties are convenient, versatile accessories for keeping hair secure and out of your face. While they are commonly worn at the gym and for casual activities, they can also be useful for creating updos. Hair ties come in a variety of colors and styles, but these simple bands are not created equal. Poorly-made hair ties are flimsy and tend to lose their elasticity quickly or break when stretched. The hair ties featured below were chosen because they retain their elasticity well, are long-lasting, and won’t damage your hair.

Conair Scunci No Damage Thick Hair Elastics

Designed for thick hair, these metal-free hair elastics provide an all-day hold. They keep your ponytail tight throughout the day and won't allow your hair to slip out. These soft elastic hair ties come in a wide assortment of colors, ranging from neutrals to bright shades. Users insist these elastics don't pull your hair or damage it at all. Instead, these hair ties are thick and retain their shape and elasticity incredibly well.

Vidal Sassoon Medium No Crimper Elastics

Metal crimps on hair ties can feel uncomfortable and snag hair. Vidal Sassoon Medium No Crimper Elastics protect your hair from breakage and tangles by not containing metal crimps. These elastics are medium in thickness, so they hold your hair in place without feeling bulky. Users claim these hair ties are slender, yet strong, and hold their shape for a considerable amount of time. They won't snag on your hair or damage it in any way.

Scunci Effortless Beauty Large No Damage Multi-Color Elastics

These soft hair ties by Scunci are designed to hold your ponytail tightly without damaging your hair. They don't contain metal parts, so you can comfortably go about your daily activities. These hair elastics also come in vibrant spa shades to complement any style. Users state these coated elastics work great with thick, long hair and they don't require much adjusting. These hair ties stretch to the perfect size and are very long-lasting.

Scunci Effortless Beauty Mini Waffle Twisters

Hair trends come and go, but these super-comfortable hair ties by Scunci are here to stay. They are perfect to wear while lounging around the house due to their soft texture. These mini twisters are designed for chin-length hair or longer, and you can wear them in a high or low ponytail. Users appreciate the size of these hair ties and claim they aren't bulky or contain too much fabric. You can expect these hair "twisters" to secure your hair well.

Goody Slide-Proof Black Elastics

Goody Slice-Proof Black Elastics are designed for the ultimate hold. These hair ties are made with Slide-Proof technology to secure your hair in a stylish fashion. Your hair will never slide out of these hair ties, and they won't roll out! Instead, expect your ponytail to stay in place all day. Users insist these black elastics are very durable and they grip hair exceptionally well. If you want elastic hair ties that hold thick hair without the need for adjustment, these slide-proof are worth trying.

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