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Best Hamster Cage

When choosing a hamster cage, you have to make sure to understand what you are looking for. For one thing, hamsters like to chew. You will often see a hamster chewing on the wires of their cage after a short time in their new home. There are some important things to think about when looking for a hamster cage. Hamsters need ventilation and free air flow but need to be away from drafts also. Hamsters are known as escape artists, so you need to make sure that he is not able to get his head through the bars or he is liable to take an unwanted journey. They also need exercise or they will lay around, sleep and get to be a tubby hamster. So they need a wheel or other ways for them to climb and roam around to get exercise. You as an owner will appreciate it if the cage is easy to clean. A bottom tray that is deep will help keep the litter in the cage and not everywhere else. Here is a list of my top five hamster cages for your consideration.

Super Pet CritterTrail Primary Habitat

If you are looking for a well constructed hamster cage that is easy to clean and provides your hamster with room to roam safely, the Super Pet CritterTrail Primary Habitat is the cage for you and your hamster. I have chosen it as the best hamster cage because of the quality and safety features that it provides for your pet. The dimensions are 10 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 11 inches high, and it is constructed of chew proof wire and plastic with a large protected area at the bottom to keep the litter inside the cage. This bottom portion of the cage is high and constructed with plastic so the litter does not escape easily. This cage is also well ventilated, and the wires that are used are chew proof and also close together so that your pet cannot get out. It comes with instructions and is easy to put together.

This hamster cage is very easy to clean. Just use soap and water and then thoroughly dry before placing your pet back in the cage. The cage is all one level but can be expanded at several portals in the cage. It can also be connected with other similar cage systems such as Habitrail and Critter Universe in regards to the tubes and levels. This hamster cage includes accessories such as an exercise wheel, food dish and water bottle, and is very bright and colorful. It additionally has super protect technology manufactured into all inside areas of the habitat in order to give your pet a healthier environment to live in. All of these features and qualities are why I have chosen the Super Pet CritterTrail Primary Habitat as the best hamster cage.

Ware Critter Universe Expanded Cage

The Ware Manufacturing Critter Universe Expanded Cage by Ware Manufacturing is the second best hamster cage on the market. This hamster cage offers an expanded cage concept that has plenty of room for your hamster to roam safely. The dimensions are estimated to be 16 inches x 9.5 inches x 22.5 inches, and it has two complete levels. Since the cage has numerous portal holes, it is totally expandable to whatever level you desire for your hamster. This hamster cage is also constructed with smooth wire and plastic and is very colorful. The bottom level has a high side to it so that the litter will stay in the cage and not everywhere out of it. With the construction being both wires and plastic, this allows proper ventilation for your pet. It is also very easy to clean with soap and water.

This hamster cage comes with full instructions and photos and is very easy to put together and assemble. The unit comes complete with water bottle, food bowl, exercise wheel and cage top carrier/transporter. This hamster cage is capable of connecting to other systems like it, for example, Habitrail and Super Pet tubes, wall units and levels. The only problem I saw was that the top sleeping compartment at the very top of the cage does not attach to the cage in any way. There is a possibility that a hamster could escape that way. There is no way that you can carry the cage from the top. You have to put your hands on both sides of the cage and move it that way. However, this might be on purpose so that the cage does not accidentally come apart when carrying it. All in all, I believe this is a very highly crafted and well designed hamster cage.

Super Pet Critter Trail Double Decker Habitat

The Super Pet Critter Trail Double Decker Habitat by Super Pet is my choice for the third best hamster cage. This cage has two complete floors for your hamster to run around in, plus a nesting nook at the very top of the cage. The dimensions are 17 inches long by 11 inches wide by 15 1/2 inches high, and it is built with very colorful plastic. It is also constructed with wires that have a narrow gap so that your hamster will have little chance of getting out of the cage. This cage offers proper ventilation with the wire and plastic concept and comes complete with a drip-resistant water bottle, tip proof food dish and exercise comfort wheel. The habitat also includes funnel like tubes that allow the hamster to gain access to all areas of his home.

This hamster cage can be expanded by attaching tubes, levels and wall units from other manufacturers of these type of habitats like Habitrail and Critter Universe. This makes it easy to increase the size of the habitat to as large as you would like. The construction makes the hamster cage very easy to clean with soap and water since both the top and bottom sections of the cage come off to give easy access to clean it. You do need to be careful when you take the cage apart to clean, as there is a tendency for the little tabs that the tubes utilize to lock to the main cage to break off if forced. The manufacturer of the hamster cage, Super Pet, utilizes an antimicrobial technology that is set into all the surfaces that are plastic in order to give your pet a cleaner and healthier home. Considering all the features, I believe this would make a very good starter hamster cage.

Penn-Plax Here & There & Everywhere Hamster Home & Traveler Cage

For my fourth choice, I have chosen the Penn-Plax Here & There & Everywhere Hamster Home & Traveler Cage. This hamster cage has dimensions of 16.6 inches x 11.1 inches x 6.4 inches and is constructed with multi-colored bright plastic and wire. This cage has one floor but has tubing that runs to the top of the cage that lead your pet into a small traveler cage. The traveler cage can then be removed and taken with you, however, the traveler is very small, and I would not recommend that your hamster be left in it for very long. This hamster cage includes a locking front door, the removable traveler, funnel tube, small water bottle and non-tipping food dish. The package also provides a hide out, bed fluff, hamster chews, salt lick and a soft tip brush. The wire bars are set close together so your pet will not escape and is easy to clean and maintain. This hamster cage can be snapped and unsnapped and then be easily washed with soap and water. The sides on the bottom of the cage appear high so that the litter will stay in the cage. The only downside I see is that after putting the accessories in the cage, like the exercise wheel, there is not much room left for the hamster. Also, there is no way to expand this hamster cage to make it more roomy. Still, this would work as a hamster cage for one hamster as a starter habitat.

Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper

My final choice for a hamster cage is quite different from the others. It is the Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper by Super Pet. With this habitat, you would need to buy a ten gallon tank, and then this topper fits on top of the aquarium. You can usually purchase the ten gallon tank at a very reasonable price at Wal-Mart. By using the tank, you can convert it into a three story hamster cage. The dimensions of the topper is 10.8 inches x 20 inches x 10.1 inches and is constructed of chew-proof coated wire and stain-resistant plastic parts. The topper can easily be snapped together in no time and no tools are required. This hamster cage comes with safety ramps, comfort shelves, a pet nameplate, a little plastic brick house hideout, water bottle and food dish.

The topper is available in two color combinations.  Since the bottom of the cage uses an aquarium tank, there is no risk of the litter being spit out of the cage. It is very well contained. However, since the topper is made of wire, this allows for proper ventilation for your hamster. This hamster cage with the aquarium is very easy to clean and maintain since the topper just lifts off so you can get to the litter quite easily. The negative items were that possibly the wires might not be close enough for a dwarf hamster, but it should work okay for Syrian hamsters. Also, the ramp is very steep and the hamster may have a hard time getting up the ramp. Additionally, the food bowl is designed to be on the top level, but to avoid the food from spewing out everywhere, you might put the food dish on the bottom floor in the aquarium. Considering all the facts, this is great idea that should work well for most people.

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