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Best Hand Gripper

There are many reasons to use hand grippers because a strong grip not only prevents injury, but it can actually help you lift more; plus a firm handshake can get your places in life. Even though many people choose to forgo grip strengthening there are still a fair amount of grip strengtheners on the market and not every single one of them can be relied on.

These best hand grippers were chosen because of their ergonomic and comfortable design which lets you focus on the squeeze and not the position of your hand, the quality of the parts which makes the gripper durable and long lasting, and most importantly the level and type of resistance offered.

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Heavy Tension

Gripmaster has turned grip strengthening into a science with their highly advance hand strengthener. Unlike other grip strengtheners which take a whole hand approach, Grip Master gives you the option to work each digit individually which adds a whole other aspect to what is generally a pretty simple device. It uses a mixture of plastic for the molding and finger pieces, aluminum and steel for the spring loaded piston resistance and a rubber bottom for comfort.

This device is definitely the most comfortable hand strengthener on the market because of its size and shape but the new rubber palm pad enhances its comfort tenfold so you really only need to focus on the squeezing motion. Grip Master offers their product in seven different resistance levels from beginner to pro extra heavy with all being color coded for easy selection.

Ironmind Captains of Crush Hand Grippers

The Captains of Crush gripper is considered the gold standard of grip strengtheners by their own admission. This may look like a simple device but there are many intricacies to take into account like the knurling on the handles which help to maintain a solid grip even with sweaty hands. The knurling can be a little rough on the palms but it is nothing that a few calluses won't take care of.

The combination of knurling and the size of the handles work your grip without putting too much stress on the wrist or joints. The handles are made from high grade aluminum for strength and weight while the spring is made from durable alloy steel for longevity. The Captains of Crush hand strengtheners is offered in 11 different circular spring resistance levels to perfectly match your needs.

IVANKO Super Hand Grip Gripper Strength

This device may look like a vice but it is actually one of the best grip strengtheners on the market today. Made of die cast metal and heavy duty coil springs, it’s nearly indestructible and very few parts means less to break. The thin design makes it easy to grip and won’t cut into your palm as you squeeze. It’s pretty big too and with the trigger style gripper, there’s plenty of room for your fingers no matter the size of your hand. The Ivanko gripper comes with two springs for beginner resistance but additional stronger springs can be added to give this device up to 40 different levels of resistance.

Robert Baraban Black Adjustable Hand Gripper 50/500lbs Resistance

This hand strengthener is definitely made for the pros with heavy duty parts and major resistance. The entire device is made out of high quality steel which means that it will last long after you have reached the maximum resistance level. As far as resistance goes, it’s going to take you a long time to reach the maximum resistance because it offers resistance between 50 and 500 pounds.

The resistance relies on the position of two springs on the device which is perfect because you do not need to buy replacement springs every time you need to advance a level. The handles are nicely sized and the knurling around the handles offers a nice grip without tearing up your hands with repeated use.

Grip Pro Trainer Resistance for Forearm Hand and Finger Strength

The Grip pro trainer is unlike most of the top grip trainers out there because of its shape and materials. Most top grip trainers are made mostly of metal while others that are constructed from softer material, (like the Grip Pro Trainer), are usually written off as nothing more than a stress ball. Well, this is no stress ball.

The round, mostly rubber, hand strengthener offers a lot of resistance with color coded 30, 40, and 50 pound models. Its soft material and doughnut shape make it easier on the palm and wrists so you can focus purely on grip strength and no moving parts combined with the durable material means that this product will last indefinitely.

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